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Linux User Internals Programming Course Materials

Linux Internals and Network Programming Course Materials and reference books are provided to gain complete knowledge about this module. You can also make use of the slides on Linux Internals course.

Course Objectives:
  • Builds deeper knowledge of Linux Kernel subsystems.
  • Write Linux system programs and applications by making use of system calls.
  • Develop networking applications by understanding Linux networking interfaces.
Target Audience:
  • Engineers with exposure to Linux environment.
  • Working professionals who want to get hands-on expertise in Linux programming.
  • Good C programming skills
  • Exposure to Linux commands environment
  • OS – Any Linux distribution, Ubuntu preferred
  • Kernel version – 3.x / 4.x

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Reference materials / Downloads:

The list below contains Linux Internals and Network Programming Course Materials. You can download it from the links provided.

Detailed syllabus – Linux Internals & Networking
Introduction to Linux commands – Slides
Introduction to Real Time Operating Systems
Linux Kernel – A case study
Tracing the evolution of Open Source – Understand how Open source is changing the world
TCP/IP – Pocket reference guide


Reference books:
TitleAuthorPurchase link
Unix Network Programming: Inter Process CommunicationsRichard StevensFlipkart   |  Amazon
Unix Network Programming – The Sockets And Networking APIRichard StevensFlipkart   |  Amazon
The UNIX Programming EnvironmentBrian W KernighanFlipkart   | Amazon
Linux System Programming: System and Library Calls Every Programmer Needs to KnowRobert LoveFlipkart   |  Amazon
Advanced Programming in the UNIX EnvironmentRichard StevensFlipkart   |  Amazon


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