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Projects are the testimonials that you have learned a technology well. In Emertxe we have a hand-picked set of projects which will ensure you apply all your learnings of C programming. Added to that these projects will also expose you to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) so that you will get a hands-on feel of building real-time industry projects. Here goes the list of projects for our Advanced C programming course.



As time passes there an increasing demand of electricity, leading to many environmental issues like Increase in carbon footprint, climate changes, light pollution and also its over usage lead to increase in energy tariff due to demand and supply issues.


One possibility is reduce the power usage in all the sectors like Housing, Industrial and corporate which seems to be bit difficult because of our life style. This requires some awareness programs within us.


The other possibility is to identify various area in public sectors, where we can conserve energy to solve the above concerns. One such this is to avoid the wastage of power in street lights. Well this could be done manually, but the efficiency matters!!


The idea of this IoT cloud project is to fix a device on every pole which would monitor the lighting activity and send it to the cloud for analytic purpose. There should be a option to control the lights as needed from the cloud.


  • Embedded C, Python programming
  • Understanding of Wifi Modes
  • Working knowledge on Raspberry PI boards
  • AWS functions from IoT Core like Lambda, Dynamo DB, API Gateway