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Privacy Policy

Emertxe Information Technologies Private Limited recognizes that our customers value their right to privacy and want to be assured that any personal information that they provide to us will be used in accordance with their wishes. Emertxe is committed to ensuring that you are fully informed as to how your personal information will be used and that it will be kept secure.

What information do we collect?

Emertxe may collect personal information from you relating both to your identity and personal preferences as well as our products. Emertxe will endeavor only to collect such information as is necessary for the stated purpose for which we are collecting the information. For example if you purchase a Emertxe product, we will require your name and address so that we can send the product to you. Wherever possible Emertxe will provide you with clear information as to the type of information, we wish to collect and how we want to use it. You will be given a clear option to agree or not agree to usage of such information being collected by Emertxe. If we require further information, we will clearly set out the information we wish to collect and the purposes for which we are collecting it.

Communications from you

You may email or write to us providing your name and contact details and any other personal information contained in your message.

Email/Direct mail campaigns

From time to time we may contact you directly by mail, email or telephone informing you about new products , events, promotions or special offers that you may be interested in.

Registration of Products

Upon registration of a Emertxe product you will be asked to provide certain information so that we can record you as an owner of Emertxe product to help us in providing you with service and information. We require that you provide certain contact information but any other information is optional.


If you wish to purchase Emertxe Self-Learning Kits, we will require sufficient information to complete the purchase including your credit card details, your contact details and an address for shipping.


Career opportunities within Emertxe may be posted on our website to allow you apply directly online and submit your resume.


From time to time we may conduct surveys in respect of our products and services. Participation is completely optional.

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