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Feel free to reach us, we will be glad to assist you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before signing up for our embedded systems course, we are sure you will have a lot of questions. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference.
In case you still have anything specific write to us at

Placements - FAQs

You can target the following job profiles by taking our Online Web Application course:


  • Back End Web Developer
  • FullStack Web Developer
  • Front End Web Designer

Depending on your profile, you will be designing, developing, and maintaining necessary components. These opportunities are accessible in a variety of industries, including SaaS, E-Commerce, FinTech, EdTech, Healthcare, and Consumer.

So your role would be a hybrid of domains (for example, FinTech) and profile (Ex: Front End Developer). For additional information, please see our WSA – Career Guide Document.

Typically, our Online Web Application Course placements Students begin after finishing the core modules (ex: React.js). Depending on the course, this usually occurs around the third or fourth month. Please keep in mind that students must meet placement eligibility criteria before beginning placements. This means you need to complete the required number of assignments and projects before applying for placements. This criteria is in place to guarantee that our students have the requisite skill levels before beginning placements.


All WSA students will receive placement assistance for up to two years after completing the course. This ensures that you have enough time to apply for and be selected for the best firm.

a plethora of placement opportunities. Every student receives a written commitment at the time of admission. It would explicitly state about the placement chances for freshers in the Web Application Development domain, mostly with Software Product Companies. This itself is more than enough to make it a job.

Every student receives intensive hands-on training in all Web Development Modules (Front End & Back End), as well as ongoing assessment. Students that regularly attend online classes, assignments, and mini-projects will get placed with ease.The rest of the work will be done by our placement department. According to our data, every student who has finished their course assignments and allocated projects is placed by their third to fourth interview.

Every qualifying student is entitled to unlimited placement opportunities for up to two years after course completion. For additional information, please see our WSA – Placements Page.

Companies looking for Web Application Developers (Full Stack / Front End / Back End jobs) expect three things from candidates:


  1. Hands-on Programming Skills: In one or two different programming languages (In our case it is JavaScript both for Front End and Back End). They would expect you to understand all of the programming language’s features and to apply them correctly while solving real-world situations.
  2. Strong Computer Science (CS) Foundations: In Web Application Development, having solid Computer Science (CS) Foundations such as Algorithm Design, Data Structures, Design Patterns (such as MVC), Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Database Management (DBMS) are essential. This, paired with hands-on programming abilities, will ensure that you can easily master any new technology in the future. Given the rate at which new technologies are released in Web Application Development, solid CS foundations are required.
  3. Excellent problem-solving abilities: Given a problem, you should be able to turn it into a workable solution. Companies also want a positive approach toward learning new things. Because technology and project nature are always changing, a learning attitude is essential.

WSA – Career Guide can help you understand how you will master these skills as part of WSA Courses. Having such talents would place you miles ahead of the competition in the job market.

Salary levels for students who are placed are completely defined by the recruiting company. WSA has placed students in the range of INR 5 LPA to INR 8 LPA CTC, according to our statistics.


As a mentoring team, we highly recommend our students not to choose a company just based on salary levels, but rather on the nature of the job, the exposure you will get, and the types of projects that they are working on. This will ensure that you are always on a continual learning path and that you become an important contributing team member of the company. With skill sets, your salary levels rise at a rapid pace, sometimes above market standards.

Please see our WSA – Placements page for information on recent placement companies hiring our students. We strongly advise you to follow us on any of our Social Media Channels (Instagram or LinkedIn) to receive regular updates on placements companies visited and much more information about the Web Application Careers.

As a mentoring team, we highly recommend our students not to choose a company just based on salary levels, but rather on the nature of the job, the exposure you will get, and the types of projects that they are working on. This will ensure that you are always on a continual learning path and that you become an important contributing team member of the company. With skill sets, your salary levels rise at a rapid pace, sometimes above market standards.

WSA has 300+ placement companies hiring our students. They all focus on developing Web Applications targeting different industries like E-commerce, FinTech, Health Care, Consumer etc. These businesses can be divided into three categories.

MNCs and Big Indian Companies – Companies with tens of thousands of employees in India (ex: IBM, Lenovo, Rakuten, Tech Mahindra, Robert Bosch, etc..)

Mid Sized Companies – Companies with a few hundreds of employees (ex: Bluebird, Evobi Automation, Alethea, Tarigrade etc..)

Start-ups – They are entrepreneurial ventures that specialize in niche and innovative new age Application Development (ex: Pratilipi, Epicor, Getcongo etc.)

Visit our WSA – Placement page for the most up-to-date information about placement company schedules.

As a mentoring team, we highly recommend our students not to choose a company just based on salary levels, but rather on the nature of the job, the exposure you will get, and the types of projects that they are working on. This will ensure that you are always on a continual learning path and that you become an important contributing team member of the company. With skill sets, your salary levels rise at a rapid pace, sometimes above market standards.

WSA has direct relationships with over 300 companies. These companies are looking for Web Application Developers in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. We have organizations of all types in our placement portfolio (MNCs, Mid-size organizations, Start-ups). Companies are aware of WSA’s course syllabus, training methods, and mentors’ industry expertise as we are in the EdTech segment for more than 18 years. Companies that hire our educated candidates benefit from faster deployment, lower costs, and higher hiring conversion. As a result, WSA is one of the most sought-after IT finishing schools for companies. Every month, at least 30+ placement organizations compete to hire our students. WSA students are eligible for unlimited placement opportunities for up to two years after completing the programme.

WSA training programmes are rigorous and practical in terms of technical delivery. Students participate in an intense, hands-on learning experience. This means that every session and every day are learning days. Students are always working on improving and expanding their practical skills in Web Application Development and programming. As evidence of output, students will have completed an average of 30 assignments per module and 7 to 8 industry grade projects by the end of the course.

Every year, about 15 lakh engineering graduates graduate from colleges in India. However, the employability ratio is decreasing year after year. For example, it was approximately 15% a few years ago and has recently dropped to the single digits. Here are some research findings from industry bodies: NASSCOM – Reports on Employability. WSA’s up-skilling method bridges the industry-academia gap by preparing young graduates for Web Application Developer positions in Bangalore or any other major city in India.

Our skilled students face placement companies and easily pass the screening process. This has resulted in a win-win situation for both students and companies. In WSA, Emertxe has assisted thousands of newcomers by improving their skill levels and making them employable. We do this every day, and you may be the next success story. If you want any additional information, please contact our WSA – Admission Team.

From WSA’s perspective, you will receive full support from our placement department to secure job opportunities. However, the final outcome of securing a job offer depends on your performance during the selection process. 


Our past 18+ years of experience shows that students who regularly attend classes, complete assignments and projects on time have a higher chance of successfully passing the selection process and receiving job offers. The challenge is not in finding companies to participate in our placements, but rather in the student’s ability to pass the selection process. 


Our team is dedicated to providing you with placement opportunities and preparing you for them, but the ultimate success depends on your hard work and dedication.

This scenario, while rare at WSA, always raises concerns among freshers. This problem is solvable if a skill-based strategy is used. We equip our students with the complete skill-set required for a new age Web Application Developer, which is in sync with what our placement companies expect. Placement opportunities are available for up to two years after the completion of the course. If you follow the skill-based strategy indicated by our mentors, you will more than likely get placed.


In order to achieve skill transition, our courseware delivers in-depth study of a variety of topics. These are the exact skill-sets that any leading company is looking for. If a student encounters this situation (not being placed) after completing the course, they are assigned further projects. This will allow them to keep working and improving their talents. As a new engineer, this will provide real-world project experience and boost your chances of landing a position in the future.

Soft Skills & Interview Prep - FAQs

Disha (which means “direction”) is a career path component of the Web Application Development Courses in WSA. Along with technical skills, students must be trained in a variety of other areas (ex: facing interviews, basic soft skills). Disha is a WSA initiative to train our students in this field as well. This includes the following elements:


  1. Workshop on resume preparation: How to construct an impressive resume for placement companies?
  2. Interview preparation workshops and Mock Interviews: How to properly prepare for technical and HR interviews? What are the best practices to adhere to? How can you avoid typical blunders?
  3. Master Class Webinars: Interaction with industry professionals on experience sharing, soft skills development, and career advancement related topics. You will get live opportunity to interact and learn from their experience. 
  4. Counseling: Career advice / Interview suggestions / Higher education help (ex: LOR) to students

In short, with our years of industry expertise, we provide practical, implementable components via the DISHA component to help students reach their placement goals.

Creating an eye-catching resume is a must during placements. Before shortlisting candidates for Web Application Developer roles, placement companies search for certain skill sets and their proper representation. As part of Disha, we hold workshops to create it by highlighting skill sets in an impressive manner. By the end of the workshops, students will have a professional-looking CV that they can use while applying for WSA placements.


Another benefit of Web Applications is the possibility to display your skills and projects by creating an online portfolio for yourself. Along with a résumé, creating an online portfolio and putting it in popular code repositories like GIT will greatly increase your chances of getting placed faster. In addition to the resume preparation class, we will focus on developing an online portfolio for yourself.

Yes. Regular weekly objective examinations are conducted as part of our course to continuously prepare you for interviews with our placement clients. Technically, these tests are of exceptionally high quality, and will prepare you to pass any company’s written exam. To provide, we have an online test ecosystem that you can access at any time and from any location. Along with weekly assessments, students are provided an abundance of practice tests to help them pass written exams with ease.


Companies, on the other hand, expect students to excel in General Aptitude (ex: Quantitative), which we expect them to prepare for on their own. We can supply required materials (for example, question banks) for students to practice before taking a company’s written test.

After the resume is shortlisted and the written test is passed by a student, the next stage is to attend technical and HR interviews. Interviewers expect candidates to display certain key characteristics (technical capability, problem solving abilities, representing ability, team player, and so on), which play a vital part in making a job offer. Regular workshops and Mock Interviews are held at WSA to help you feel confident in approaching interviews by addressing all areas of interviews.

We invite industry experts (senior professionals, directors, and CEOs of firms) to connect with our WSA students through Master Class Webinars as part of Disha. They will provide specific experience based on their professional achievement, which will assist you in developing a long-term perspective of career building. Students have benefited greatly by communicating with experts online in order to achieve tremendous job success.

Absolutely yes. Career guidance and counseling is part of DISHA. It is quite understandable that students will be in confused state, some of them are mentioned as follows:


  • Should I go for higher studies or get into a job now?
  • What type of placement companies should I target given that 30+ companies visit WSA / month?
  • If I go for higher studies can I get my Letter-Of-Recommendation (LOR) from WSA mentors?
  • Should I join a start-up or a big company?
  • Developer or tester? – Which one is good to start a career with?

In such an occasion our senior counselors will be available for your support. By having 1:1 discussions with them they will share their recommendations based on years of experience. Students immensely benefit from such interactions, thereby making right choices in their careers.

Resumes play a very important role in getting a profile shortlisted. It should demonstrate necessary technical skill-sets and project output to showcase an individual’s capability. Based on our experience we observed students won’t spend much time in building a quality resume and tend to copy/paste from their friends/colleagues. Added to that, today’s fresh graduates don’t have much to write in their resume by the end of their degree.


With a skill-based training approach from WSA, students will be able to build a stack of Web Application Development skills with a set of impressive projects. It is equally important to showcase it well by creating a professionally looking resume. As a part of DISHA, a resume building workshop is conducted where students are given WSA Resume Template and Resume preparation best practices so that they create a very good resume that impresses the employers.


In summary, an impressive resume is an integral part of our training and placement process. With workshops we bring in necessary awareness and hands-on tools to ensure you are ahead in the job market and convert given placement opportunities into offer letters.

This is integrated with our WSA Courses, and happens as a parallel track. There is no extra charge for this.

It is suggested that you take advantage of the virtual online selection process that many companies are now offering due to the ongoing pandemic and likely continuation of remote working in the future. This will allow you to participate in the placement process from the comfort of your own home, rather than having to travel to Bangalore where many of the placement companies are located.


However, if a placement company requires an in-person selection process, you will need to travel to Bangalore to participate.

The placement process for online WSA course students includes:


  1. Attending all virtual classes and completing all assigned projects as instructed by mentors.
  2. Clearing the placement eligibility test administered by our mentors.
  3. Traveling to Bangalore and securing accommodation (recommended). Our admin team will assist in finding suitable accommodation options based on location, cost, and other preferences.
  4. Applying for placement opportunities through our Google Groups.
  5. Internal filtering by the Emertxe placement team.
  6. Shortlisting by the placement company.
  7. Selection process with the placement company, including written tests, technical interviews, and face-to-face HR/management interviews.
  8. Transparent communication with students throughout the application and selection process.
  9. Assistance with onboarding and reporting to the company on the first day of work.

UpSkilling - Placements FAQ

Our Web Application Developer Courses are designed for individuals from both tech and non-tech backgrounds, as the demand for Web Application Developer Jobs is high for various reasons. Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired both general abilities such as Algorithms and specific skills like Node.js Programming, which will be reflected in your skills and portfolio. This will enable you to present yourself as a qualified Web Application Developer and have the same job opportunities as those with a prior background in web development.

In this situation, you have two options to consider. First, you can explore the possibility of a buy-out option with your employer, where you pay a set amount to leave the company immediately (if such a policy exists). 


If this option is not available, you can discuss with your manager and HR to see if the notice period can be shortened by transferring your responsibilities quickly. Companies hiring from WSA understand that some students are working professionals, and they are willing to accommodate a shortened notice period. Our placement team will work with these companies to ensure a smooth transition for you. Many of our students have successfully followed this approach and managed their notice period in a professional manner, so we do not anticipate any difficulties.

It is important for you to review the terms and conditions of your bond agreement with your company. If it includes a buy-out option, consider that as a possibility. If no buy-out option is available and your employer is strict about the bond period, we recommend completing the bond period and then applying for placements through WSA. Our placement support lasts for 2 years, so this should be manageable.

WSA will inform the students in advance about the interview schedule. Since the majority of interviews are done online, you should be able to make time for it. However, if you have any genuine difficulties in doing so, our placement team will work with both you and the placement company to schedule a mutually convenient time.

UpSkilling - Course FAQ

Having prior experience in Web Development will benefit you in many ways, as your foundational knowledge will be solid. However, this course will primarily focus on the latest MERN stack, including hands-on coding, industry-relevant curriculum, and practical evaluations. This will help you upgrade your skills and create a strong resume, leading to a successful career transition into companies that use the MERN stack.

The MERN stack offers many advantages for web development. It is a popular stack that is widely used in the industry and offers a wide range of functionality. One of the main benefits of the MERN stack is that it allows developers to build web applications using a single language, JavaScript, throughout the entire stack. This makes it easier for developers to work with and understand the code, and it also allows for better code reuse. Additionally, as companies are looking to modernize their technology stack, many are transitioning away from legacy stacks and moving towards JavaScript-based stacks like the MERN stack.


Having a course in the MERN stack from WSA, and having projects in your portfolio that demonstrate your skills in this stack, will give you a fresh and impressive look in your profile. This will help you to achieve your career transition into companies that use the MERN stack. It will showcase your ability to work with the latest technologies and make you a valuable asset to the team.

WSA’s online courses for working professionals are scheduled in the evenings. Classes are typically held from 7 PM to 9 PM, and lab sessions are held from 6 PM to 7 PM. This schedule allows you to manage your regular work responsibilities while also pursuing further education and skill development.

In WSA, we generally discourage students from missing classes as they are heavily focused on hands-on practice. However, if there are unavoidable circumstances, recorded versions of each class are made available through the student Learning Management System (LMS) within a day or two. This allows students to catch up on missed material by watching the recordings at their convenience.

Mentor - FAQs

At WSA, the instructors are referred to as mentors, who will work closely with you throughout the course. Our mentors are experts in their respective fields with a wealth of hands-on experience. They will guide you through foundational learning, core subject matter, and hands-on training to prepare you for a career in your chosen field. Our mentors are dedicated to your success and are always available and approachable to help you.

At WSA, mentors are carefully selected for their expertise and experience in the subjects they teach. Each subject is assigned a dedicated team of class and lab mentors who possess a thorough understanding of the material. Despite the mentor, the curriculum and quality of instruction are maintained through strict internal quality standards.

At WSA, our mentors play a crucial role in providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in Web Application Development. They are not only experts in their field, but also prioritize building strong relationships with students. This makes them easily accessible and approachable, fostering a culture of continuous learning. Students can reach out to their mentors through both formal and informal channels, such as online classrooms and WhatsApp, for support and guidance. 


Mentors at WSA are divided into different roles, including class-mentors, lab-mentors, student counselors, and placement counselors, to provide targeted support to students. There is no limit to the amount of interaction students can have with their lab mentors, as this is where they spend the majority of their time completing hands-on assignments and projects.

At WSA, the trainers work closely with you to ensure you fully understand the subject matter through hands-on learning. They use a variety of assessment methods, including attendance, assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests, to provide regular and open feedback. This approach helps you identify areas of weakness and improve upon them, ultimately growing as a professional.

Fee Payment - FAQs

Course fee payment at Emertxe can be done in multiple modes. As a candidate you can opt any of the options [Cash / On-line Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Debit Card / DD]. If you are making On-line bank transfer, details are provided below.

After transferring the money, please contact us with the transaction ID or call us to facilitate it further.


Bank Name – HDFC bank

Account Name – Emertxe Information Technologies (P) Ltd

Account Number – 59210028428173

Branch – Church Street, Bangalore

IFSC: HDFC0001751

Yes. Our WSA course fee structure consists of installment options, mainly for long term courses. U can make payments using any of the options. U can get in touch with our team of counselors in the following coordinates. They will be glad to assist you by sharing further details.

Phone: +91 8095013999

Online Enquiry: Contact us Form


Join our Online Web Application Developer Course with these easy steps:

Phone: +91 8095013999

Online Enquiry: Contact us Form


Join our Online Web Application Developer Course with these easy steps:

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Phone: +91 8095013999

Online Enquiry: Contact us Form