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IoT for Engineering Students 

The Internet Of Things (IoT) paradigm is touching every part of our lives. Going forward it is expected to connect billions of devices together and make our lives easier. Applied across various verticals like Automotive, Robotics, Industrial Automation, Agriculture, Energy Management and many more. Such wide variety of applications also mean a lot of career opportunities for engineers. Emertxe’s online IoT internship program is aimed for engineering graduates and equip them with right set of skills, to that they can have a career in IoT.

IoT Online Internship Schedule Table

Prepare to ride the roller coaster that will transform you into an IoT expert. Given that you registered for the IoT online FREE internship program, you shouldn’t miss any of the dates on the following calendar.

Emertxe Free IoT InternshipTo be announced1 MonthRegister Now
IoT Internship Written TestTo be announcedNARegister Now
Test Result & Offer Letter ReleaseTo be announcedNARegister Now
Internship Kick-Off MeetingTo be announced1 MonthRegister Now

What is Free Online Internship in IoT – How it Works 

Emertxe’s Free online Internship in IoT  program provides online real-time experience for Engineering students who are aspiring to have their career in IoT. Designed as a complete package, this internship program will enable you to get real-time industry exposure by building a project. This IoT internship program will take you through a systematic journey of skill-building, project implementation and build an impressive resume. Armed with all these benefits you will be able to explore a bright career in IoT domain.

Free Online Internship in IoT

Confused where to start with IoT? You are not alone

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is a very broad paradigm which aspires to connect anything you can think of. It is an amalgamation of various technologies, applied in any use case you can think of. Given this, it’s often confusing for an engineering student and have this question of how to get started. Emertxe’s free online internship in IoT will provide you with right start by breaking the IoT into smaller yet effective components.

Free Online Internship in Iot

You are at the Right Place – Industry Experts Say

Take a look into what some industry experts say about Emertxe’s impact in skill-building over the past 18+ years. 

Emertxe’s Free Online Internship in IoT Program

Designed and delivered in form of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) format, Emertxe’s free online internship in IoT program is an ideal launchpad for any engineering branch students to launch their career in core IoT industry. Project based learning, building sound foundational skills, representing them in an impressive resume, makes our internship program unique. This internship also gives good insights into core building blocks of IoT.

Free Online Internship in IoT

What Interns say about Emertxe’s Free Internship

Over the past years Emertxe has offered 10000+ internship taken by students from 1500+ Engineering colleges from 30+ countries. With online as a powerful learning medium they were able to learn from their home and produce wonderful output in terms of projects. Here is a gist of what our past interns have to say.

What Our Past Interns have Built?

Projects are the real testimony that you have really learnt something. Emertxe online internship programs take a hands-on, practical approach where you will be able to build and demonstrate an industry standard project. Built as a combination of software and hardware simulators you will be able to build them by writing 1000s of lines of code on your own. If you find it hard to believe, see what our interns have built on their own.

Free Onlin eInternship in IoT

What our Interns say?

With our 18+ years in the Embedded & EdTech industry, our internship programs benefited thousands of engineering college students. Here is a glance at what they have to say.

A Great Learning Experience

I had a great learning experience in Emertxe internship.I appreciate the entire Emertxe team for taking up this initiative of conducting a free online internship.I loved the way the management treated us and taking utmost care and explained all our doubts patiently.Each week,we learned something new and that was really exciting.This internship is a memorable one as I found new friends,learned being patient,worked hard and got awareness of the current technology trends in the Embedded systems.Thank you Emertxe.

Free Online Internship in IoT

Gajji Bhavana,
University College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Warangal 

Amazing First Internship

Emertxe online internship is a complete package – The teaching method, Internship project execution, explanation from basics,access to recorded sessions and doubt solving at any time. I had a lot of hesitations to do online internship, Emertxe proved me wrong by offering excellent online internship program aptly designed for engineering students. I would say this was an amazing experience of my first internship. So thank you Emertxe for this opportunity.

Free Online Internship in IoT

   Abhijeet Ravindra Akolkar,
Pimpri-Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCOE), Pune

Getting confident with programming

Doing hands-on programming requires a lot of skill and confidence. During Emertxe internship I learnt excellent C programming in hands-on way and applied to Embedded Systems programming by building a project on my own by writing 1000+ lines of code on my own.Now I got more confidence in programming due to this internship. The method of skilling and mentor support was excellent.Thank you so much.

Free Online Internship in Iot

Vishwa Naik,
Anjuman institute of Technology and Management, Bhatkal

Exceeded my expectations

It was a great experience and really liked Emertxe internship a lot. As I am from an ECE background, this internship improved my basic knowledge in core field. In 30 days,I gained a lot of skills and knowledge.It definitely exceeds my expectations.It was the best thing I could have done to enhance my career possibilities. The teaching way of mentor is really ingenious, flawless and easily understandable.Thanks to emertxe information technologies and mentors for providing this wonderful internship.

Free Online Internship in IoT

    Rishwana Burveen S
NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul

Precious Personal History

I was one of the international students who have taken up Embedded Systems training offered by Emertxe. During the internship period I could build on very strong fundamentals in C programming, Linux and advanced Embedded systems design. It helped me to build industry standard projects on my own, which is a very worthy experience. When I look back, it is a precious personal history in my life. Now I am confident of putting my best foot forward in the field of Embedded systems in Korea. Thank you Emertxe and team!

Free Online Internship in Iot

Hak Sung Kim,
Sungkonghoe University, South Korea

Dream Come True

After graduation, I wanted to get into embedded systems but I couldn’t find any internship as it would require a work visa.Emertxe internship was a dream come true, it was the internship that helped me kick-start my career. I learned how to interface peripherals and write large programs using Embedded C while simulating the hardware on my laptop. After completing the internship, I achieved confidence in my skills and knowledge to apply for embedded systems jobs. As an international intern, this internship helped me get into the Indian Tech Industry.

Free Online Internship in IoT

    Alaa Shebly
    Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

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Embedded Placements @ Emertxe – Check our Clientele

Emertxe offers full-time Embedded Systems and IoT courses both in online and class-room based mode. They are highly job-oriented courses that attract multiple companies to participate in placements – MNCs, mid-size companies, and startups. Have a look at a snapshot of placement companies that are hiring our students. As a college student, you can leverage these benefits and start your dream career in the core industry.

Free Online Internship in IoT for Engineering Students

Free Online Internship in IoT – FAQs

We are pretty sure you will have a lot of questions about our free online internship in IoT. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference.

Enrollment FAQs

How do I enroll for this internship?

Please apply for this free online internship in IoT from the application form given above. After the cut-off date, our team will send you an invitation for an online written test. Upon you successfully clearing the test, you will be inducted into the forthcoming internship batch.

What do you mean by FREE online internship in IoT?

For this internship as a student you don’t need to pay anything. It’s our vision to contribute to industry-academia gap, which we have been doing for the past 18+ years in various channels.

How is the internship program is done online?

The entire internship program is done via Emertxe’s online / digital ecosystem. This means you will be using virtual conferencing tools, chat ecosystem, online submission tools etc…to do your internship. Hence, a good laptop / PC with stable internet connectivity is mandatory for this program.

Career FAQs

What type of job roles can I target after this internship?

This internship will open a gateway to your core job, which can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Program and develop a component of non-OS based IoT device (Example – Wearable)
  • Design and develop a component OS based IoT Gateway (Example – Smart Parking System)
  • Integrate the IoT device and gateway into an IoT cloud platform (Example – AWS)
Will I be hired after the internship completion?

No. This is purely an internship program. If you want to get into a job, please check our placement oriented longer term programs in Embedded Systems and IoT.

I am interested in doing my master’s degree. Will this internship help?

Yes. This internship can act as a bridge before you enroll for Master’s Degree, especially with foreign universities. Depending on your performance in the internship we can provide you with Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) which has helped tons of students to get admission along with TA / RA. A good number of our students get admissions into top-notch universities based out of the USA / Europe / Singapore.

Project FAQs

Which hardware I will use in projects?

Since this is an online program, you will be using hardware simulator and cloud platforms. This simulator will give 1:1 learning experience just like using real hardware. We don’t want our students to take the additional burden of purchasing the hardware, hence taken the simulator approach. Of course, if you want to purchase the hardware on your own, we will share the links to buy.

Which version of Linux I will use in projects?

In our internship programs, we will not be focusing on a particular version of Linux. We will be picking and choosing the Linux versions that are more competitive and makes the overall learning more effective. In the recent past we have been using Ubuntu and xUbuntu as they have good GUI and package support.

What type of project I will work on this internship?

Typically, you will be working on a IoT project building and end-to-end solution. These projects are created based real time use cases in domains like automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics etc. The project topic and selection will be done by the mentors, who will be communicating it once the program kicks-off. 

Resume FAQs

What is resume preparation workshop?

Creating an impressive resume is a very important item to have a success in any field. Hiring companies look for specific skill sets and its correct representation before shortlisting them for fresher jobs. As a part of internship we conduct a workshop for creating an impressive resume by calling out skill sets and project work. By the end of the workshop students will have a professional quality resume ready that can be sent to companies for placements.

How will my resume look after this internship?

Your resume will have the following critical components added:

  • Foundational Skills – C & Linux
  • IoT Skills – IoT Architecture, IoT Cloud Platform, IoT Solution Integration 
  • Embedded Skills –  Micro-controller programming
  • Project Skills – SDLC usage, Working and demonstrable project 
  • Tools – Debuggers, Cross-compilers, Editors and many more
Why it is important to have an impressive resume?

Resumes play a very important role in getting a profile shortlisted. It should demonstrate necessary technical skill-sets and project output to showcase an individual’s capability. Based on our experience we observed students won’t spend much time in building a quality resume and tend to copy/paste from their friends/colleagues. Added to that today’s fresh engineer don’t have much to write in their resume by the end of their degree.

With our internship programs students will be able to build a stack of core IoT skills with a set of impressive projects. It is equally important to showcase it well by creating a professionally looking resume. As a part of DISHA, resume building workshop is conducted where students are given Emertxe – Resume Template and Resume preparation best practices so that they create a very good resume that impresses the employers.

In summary, an impressive resume is an integral part of your career growth and success. With workshops, we bring in necessary awareness and hands-on tools to ensure you are ahead in the job market by opening up more possibilities.