Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Emertxe’s Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students is aimed to have Ambassadors in Engineering Colleges to bring in more awareness about Emertxe and Core Electronics Industry. By being an Ambassador, you will  Empower and Enable your friends to achieve their dream of getting into a core job. In this process discover yourself by building skills in social media marketing and professional networking.

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Its Online

Be an Ambassador from your college campus by using our Digital Tools

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Learn Skills

Get hands-on experience in Social Media and Digital & Event Marketing

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students


Earn Valuable Certification and LOR upon successful completion

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Earn Money

Further possibility of becoming a paid intern or full time job with us 

How it Works ?

Emertxe’s Campus Ambassador Program is systematically designed. Here are the various steps involved in this program. Each step will take you through a enriching learning and experience. 
Campus Ambassador Program for College Students

 What Will You Be Doing ?

Emertxe’s Campus Ambassador Program will shape your all around skills. It will help you to discover yourself and explore new horizons of your career. Here is the brief set of activities you will be doing as a Campus Ambassador. 

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Be an Influencer

Influence your friends on social media by bringing awareness about Emertxe and making them engage with us.

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Build Networking Skills

Be the face of Emertxe at your campus. Connect us with various clubs and ecosystems inside the college.

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Be a Creator

Create various artifacts like IG Reels, Vlogs and many more. Learn the Art and Science of Digital Marketing.

Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students

Facilitate Events

Assist us in reaching out to your college students and make them participate in our various online events. 

Campus Ambassador Program Schedule Table

Ambassador MilestoneDateDurationStatus
Cohort 3 Open Date11th Dec - 20231 MonthRegister Now
Last Date to Apply07th Jan - 2024NARegister Now
Selection and Offer Release15th Jan - 2024NARegister Now
Program KickoffTo Be Announced Soon1 MonthRegister Now

 Registration Form – Apply Now

We are inviting Applications for the next cohort happening. Please apply in the Form given below. Our team will get in touch with you about next steps.

 What Our past Interns Say ?

We have been offering multiple different internships for engineering college students more in the technical side. Our new initiative of Campus Ambassador Program for Engineering Students is to groom Business and Networking Skills among Engineering Students. Here is the snapshot of what our students have to say. 

Free Onlin eInternship in IoT

A Great Learning Experience

I had a great learning experience in Emertxe internship.I appreciate the entire Emertxe team for taking up this initiative of conducting a free online internship.I loved the way the management treated us and taking utmost care and explained all our doubts patiently.Each week,we learned something new and that was really exciting.This internship is a memorable one as I found new friends,learned being patient,worked hard and got awareness of the current technology trends in the Embedded systems.Thank you Emertxe.

Free Online Internship in IoT

Gajji Bhavana,
University College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Warangal 

Amazing First Internship

Emertxe online internship is a complete package – The teaching method, Internship project execution, explanation from basics,access to recorded sessions and doubt solving at any time. I had a lot of hesitations to do online internship, Emertxe proved me wrong by offering excellent online internship program aptly designed for engineering students. I would say this was an amazing experience of my first internship. So thank you Emertxe for this opportunity.

Free Online Internship in IoT

   Abhijeet Ravindra Akolkar,
Pimpri-Chinchwad College of Engineering (PCCOE), Pune

Getting Confident with Programming

Doing hands-on programming requires a lot of skill and confidence. During Emertxe internship I learnt excellent C programming in hands-on way and applied to Embedded Systems programming by building a project on my own by writing 1000+ lines of code on my own.Now I got more confidence in programming due to this internship. The method of skilling and mentor support was excellent.Thank you so much.

Free Online Internship in Iot

Vishwa Naik,
Anjuman institute of Technology and Management, Bhatkal

Exceeded My Expectations

It was a great experience and really liked Emertxe internship a lot. As I am from an ECE background, this internship improved my basic knowledge in core field. In 30 days,I gained a lot of skills and knowledge.It definitely exceeds my expectations.It was the best thing I could have done to enhance my career possibilities. The teaching way of mentor is really ingenious, flawless and easily understandable.Thanks to emertxe information technologies and mentors for providing this wonderful internship.

Free Online Internship in IoT

    Rishwana Burveen S
NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul

Precious Personal History

I was one of the international students who have taken up Embedded Systems training offered by Emertxe. During the internship period I could build on very strong fundamentals in C programming, Linux and advanced Embedded systems design. It helped me to build industry standard projects on my own, which is a very worthy experience. When I look back, it is a precious personal history in my life. Now I am confident of putting my best foot forward in the field of Embedded systems in Korea. Thank you Emertxe and team!

Free Online Internship in Iot

Hak Sung Kim,
Sungkonghoe University, South Korea

Dream Come True

After graduation, I wanted to get into embedded systems but I couldn’t find any internship as it would require a work visa.Emertxe internship was a dream come true, it was the internship that helped me kick-start my career. I learned how to interface peripherals and write large programs using Embedded C while simulating the hardware on my laptop. After completing the internship, I achieved confidence in my skills and knowledge to apply for embedded systems jobs. As an international intern, this internship helped me get into the Indian Tech Industry.

Free Online Internship in IoT

    Alaa Shebly
    Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

 Campus Ambassador Program – FAQ’s

We are sure you will have a lot of questions about our Campus Ambassador Program. We have tried to answer them in the form of FAQs below. If you still have further questions feel free to email us at cap@emertxe.com 

Enrollment FAQs

How do I enroll for this program?

Please apply for the Campus Ambassador Program from the application form given above. Our team will do a screening and let you know about your selection status and further details.

What is the selection process?

There will be an online written test followed by an online interview. The test will focus on your broad understanding about business and marketing. Higher social media understanding would be a plus.

Will I be provided with an offer letter?

Yes. You will get an Ambassador selection letter upon you successfully clearing the selection process. 

Job FAQs

Is there a chance to get this converted into a job offer?

Yes. There is a possibility, depending on your performance. U will be offered a full time position with Emertxe’s Digital Marketing or Sales Team. 

What job possibilities will this program open up for me?

This program will open a gateway of opportunities for you in the Digital Marketing field, especially in the Social Media Space. It can also open up possibilities in the traditional Marketing and Sales as well. 

I am interested in doing my MBA. Will this internship help?

Yes. This internship can act as a bridge before you enroll for a Master’s Degree, especially with foreign universities. Depending on your performance in the internship we can provide you with Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) which has helped tons of students to get admission along with TA / RA. A good number of our students get admissions into top-notch universities based out of the USA / Europe / Singapore.

Benefits FAQs

Will I get a Certificate by the end of the Program?

Yes. Certificates will be provided for Ambassadors who complete a minimum number of required activities. Please note just you getting selected for the Ambassador Program doesn’t guarantee you a completion Certificate.

What other benefits can I get apart from a Certificate?

You will get first hand experience in Digital Marketing and Brand awareness, which will help in your career. Added to that a bunch of goodies and surprise gifts are up for the grabs. For high performing Ambassador’s Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) will be provided.

Do I get paid for this program?

No. However this program will further open up possibilities of paid internship and referral based earnings depending on your performance. 

Ambassador Activities FAQs

What is the duration of this program?

We are planning this as a 4-6 weeks program, depending on the season.

What type of Activities do I need to be doing?

You will be provided with a set of activities on a weekly basis. These activities will range in Social Media activities, Creating some digital artifact like IG reels or coordinating our webinars. U will get a very broad and rich experience during this program. 

What kind of support will I get to perform my Activities?

We have a dedicated Program Manager for Campus Engagements. He / She will closely work with you and support in clarifying your doubts etc. We understand this is a mutual partnership we are committed to make successful by creating a win-win proposition.