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Arduino Projects for Beginners – Industry projects

Projects are the testimonials that you have learned a technology well. In Emertxe we have a hand-picked set of arduino projects for beginners which will ensure you apply all your learnings of Arduino programming. Added to that these projects will also expose you to Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) so that you will get a hands-on feel of building real-time industry projects. Here goes the list of projects for our Advanced Arduino programming course.

Industrial Machine State Monitoring System


On a factory floor one of the critical work the operators have is to monitor the health of the machine, because if the machine breaks down the over productivity goes done, So it becomes crucial to monitor the health of the machine like how much time does it run in a single shift and find out the performance of it by tracking multiple parameters like temperature, pressure, noise, vibrations etc

The scope of Industrial Machine State Monitoring System (IMSMS) arduino projects for beginners is to retrofit existing machines and provide a way for data analysis so that corrective action can be taken in order to improve the life and performance of a running machine.

  • C programming
  • ESP32 Micro controller programming
  • Sensors and interfacing
Level: Intermediate