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Advanced C Programming for Embedded
Embedded C programming

Refer these resources to obtain quality and style in C programming.Gear up for hands-on programming on Embedded target.

Data Structures & Algorithms using C
Data structures and Algorithms

Learn Abstract Data Types (ADTs) to achieve information hiding.Optimize and select the right data structure for your job.

Programming with Micro-controllers
Micro controllers

Setup, develop and download Embedded applications into PIC target hardware.Learn peripheral interfacing and protocols.

Linux Systems and Shell Scripting
Linux systems and basic shell scripting

Get familiar with Linux Operating system – Commands, tools and editors.Create your own BASH Shell scripts for automation.

Linux Internals and TCP/IP Networking
Linux internals and Networking

Learn Linux Kernel API’s and system calls.Create multi-tasking, multi-threading applications and write TCP/IP protocols.

Porting Embedded Linux on ARM
Embedded Linux on ARM

Create your own custom Linux for ARM target by porting your applications. Make right Open source choices for your product.

IoT programming with Python
IoT programming with Pythonng

Get hands-on with Python. Leverage this versatile programming language for building real-time IoT Gateways and Solutions

GUI programming using Qt
Linux internals and Networking

Learn developing elegant GUI using Qt framework.Create your own platform independent Applications using C++ programming

Linux Device Drivers
Embedded Linux on ARM

Learn how to create character,block and USB based device drivers on your own. Get hands-on programming inside Linux Kernel Space.

DISHA – Career Resources

Sample Resume | Interview Preparation Materials | Guest Lecture Notes | Interview Quiz
Resume workshop
Resume Preparation workshop

Learn what does it take to impress your potential employer within 30 seconds by building high quality resume.Samples are provided below.

Soft skills
Interview preparation workshop

Tackling technical and HR interviews are different ball came.Learn how to impress your interviewer by avoiding blunders.

Online Webinars
Online Webinars

Want to build your career in core Embedded or IoT domains? Access these links to download materials prepared by our pool of experts.

Blog – Latest Technology and Career Trends to keep you on track

Bitwise operators in C – common mistakes and how to avoid them
Bitwise operators in C – common mistakes and how to avoid them


An operator that performs operation on a “bit-level” is said to be bit-wise operator. Generally, bitwise operators in C operate on a single bit at a time.C provides six bit-wise operators.

Android things – An introduction to build embedded devices
C programming common pointer mistakes


Android Things is an android – based embedded operating system platform by Google. It is aimed to be used with low-power and memory constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Why Linux is more secure than Other Operating Systems?
Why Linux is more secure than Other Operating Systems


Linux is a free, open-source software OS distribution built around Linux Kernel. Let us look into the key reasons that describes why is linux more secure than other operating systems.


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