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WI-FI Driver Porting

Wifi driver porting | Embedded systems course

Project Brief

Bring-up the Wi-Fi interface in an ARM Embedded System by porting and loading the Wireless driver.

About this project

TYPE Individual project
CONTACT training@emertxe.com


In custom Embedded systems not all the interfaces would be working by default. This requires bringing-up specific interfaces either by writing a device driver from the scratch or compiling pre-existing drive module gets compiled into the custom Kernel, after which applications can be successfully ported.

The goal of this wifi driver porting project is to compile a WiFi driver into the custom Kernel and port any standard TCP/IP based network applications on to the ARM target. Post porting target should be able to successfully do data exchange with host.

Requirement Details

  1. Implement or port a wifi driver for a existing wifi dongle so that is works with Beaglebone Black

Skeleton Code

The skeleton code is a very interesting concept used in Emertxe. By looking into the skeleton code, you will get a clear picture of converting the given requirement into a working wifi driver porting solution. This will also take care of important aspects like modularity, clean coding practices, reusability, etc. Click on the button given below to download the source code skeleton for wi-fi driver porting project.