QT Project | Car Digital Dashboard

Car Digital Dashboard – Automotive project in QT

Project Brief

Implementation of Car Digital Dashboard is an automotive project in QT displaying real-time analytics of a smart automotive.

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About this project

TYPE Individual or Team
TIME 60 hours
CONTACT training@emertxe.com


The goal of this automotive project in QT is to provide participants a real-time hands-on exposure in creating a car digital dashboard. Given that automotive are getting smarter, this project will help you to understand exporting all critical data to the user so that effective decisions can be made. It will help you to create compact, reliable and effective solution for digital car dashboard. This involves car sensor simulator and graphical live status. Using Qt control window all possible car environment will be simulated. Graphic live status must update real time status and should be independent to integrate with real sensor input easily.

There was a time when the meaning of automobile was mechanics. Then slowly electronics also started playing big roles in automobiles. And today it means mechanics and electronics. Modern car is a sophisticated unity of high-accuracy mechanics and high-end electronics. Today microprocessors, those creatures of science world, are everywhere. Modern automotive microprocessors are highly integrated hybrid systems, that contain central processing unit (CPU), graphic processing unit (GPU) and additional peripheral for interacting with other chips, units and sensors like CAN, I2C and UART interfaces. Everybody who likes cars and driving, the first picture when mentioning car is wheel and dashboard. A well-shaped wheel, curved lines of torpedo, rows of gauges, switches and buttons. Now think about all these are coming to touch screen LCD, a digital dashboard.

Requirement Details

The aim of this automotive project in QT is to create a compact, reliable and effective solution for digital car dashboard. Virtual instrument cluster development includes two major fields: car sensor simulator and graphical live status.

Car Sensor Simulator:

In this we have to simulate all possible car environment using Qt control window. In this project 

we are trying to simulate following requirements:

  1. Speedometer
  2. Trip meter (Optional)
  3. Tachometer
  4. Odometer
  5. Fuel gauge
  6. Gear position indicator
  7. Engine Coolant temperature
  8. Oil temperature and pressure
  9. Front seatbelt indicator
  10. A/C status
  11. Right/Left/Straight indicators
  12. Wiper with speed
  13. Door lock indicator
  14. Door window open/closed status(Optional)
  15. Low/High/Parking light indicator
Graphic live status: 

From the above simulations graphically represent all the collected data. It must be a real-time 

status updating. This must be independent so that integrate with real sensor inputs so easily. A reference implementation of Graphics is given below.

Embedded systems course

Skeleton Code

The skeleton code in a very interesting concept used in Emertxe. By looking into the skeleton code, you will get a clear picture into converting the given requirement into a working automotive project in QT solution. This will also take care of important aspects like modularity, clean coding practices, re-usability etc.


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