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Qt For Embedded Systems - Course Overview

Emertxe’s Qt for Embedded Systems course will build you with a good understanding about Qt for Embedded Linux. You will be able to learn end-to-end knowledge of Qt application development for Embedded systems and port them for an ARM based target. This course will also enable you to build IoT use-cases by interfacing real-time data from sensors and create charts/graphs for decision making. 



Qt for Embedded Systems course is designed to equip participants with the skills to develop graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for embedded systems. This course will focus on leveraging the powerful features and functionalities offered by Qt to create compelling and responsive user interfaces tailored for resource-constrained Embedded Systems.


This course will focus on core embedded systems design aspects like optimizing performance, managing memory constraints, and designing interfaces considering hardware limitations. Entire course will have a lot of hands-on focus, enabling you to design, prototype, and deploy GUI applications for various embedded platforms.


By the end of the course, you will emerge with the skills and confidence to tackle complex embedded GUI development projects using Qt, positioning as proficient developers in this rapidly evolving field.

qt application development for embedded systems course

Prerequisites and Key Takeaways

Qt for Embedded Systems course starts by building Qt architecture for Embedded Linux. Further this workshop focuses on various embedded aspects of Qt to make it running on an embedded target. Detailed Qt for Embedded course syllabus details are provided below. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Setup and build your Qt project for custom embedded target
  • Learn embedded Linux Qt classes to power your Embedded / IoT use-case development
  • Setup Boot to Qt and using the emulator
  • Equip yourself with high end application Embedded development with ARM target
  • Standard open source hardware (BeagleBone Black Rev C) and software as platform


  • Good C & Programming Skills
  • Basic Hands – On Linux Usage and administration commands

Platform Details:

  • Any Linux Platform supporting Qt (Preferably Ubuntu)
  • Kernel version – 3.x/4.x
  • BeagleBone (Rev C / ARM Cortex A8) as Embedded target

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Qt For Embedded Systems - Course Syllabus

The Qt for Embedded Systems is delivered in an online workshop model. Each session consists of a concept explainer followed by a power packed hands-on session. Overall day and session wise plan is given below.  Detailed Qt For Embedded Systems Course Syllabus is also available to download in PDF format.


  • Introduction
  • Qt for Embedded Linux Overview
  • Building Qt for Embedded Linux
Toolchain Generation And Installation
  • Qt Toolchain Generation
  • Qt SDK Installation
  • Qt Creator Installation and Setup
  • Configure Target Connection and Tool chain
Create, Compile & Run
  • Create New Qt Project
  • Selecting the target option
  • Build Your Application
  • Deploy Application Binary to Target
Qt Project For Target
  • Run Your Application
  • Debug Your Application


Qt For Embedded
  • Font handling & Customizing Qt Features
  • Performance Tuning
  • Important Qt classes for Embedded Linux
Boot To Qt
  • Setting up Boot to Qt
  • Setting up Emulator
  • Using the Emulator
Qt Chart
  • Creating Charts/Graphs in QT
  • Plotting charts with static data
Application Using Sensors
  • Reading sensor data
  • QT sensor classes
  • Plotting charts with real time data from sensors

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Embedded Systems Courses with Placements for Students & Professionals

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Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Online)

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Projects Based UpSkilling - QT For Embedded Systems

Our Qt QML programming takes a project based approach. Here is the list of domain specific projects that you can take up after the course. These projects will ensure you leverage the complete power of Qt by using all its features.

  • Project 01
  • Project 02
  • Project 03
  • Project 04
Project 01
Project 02
Project 03
Project 04

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Qt For Embedded Systems - Short Term Course - FAQs

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best online course for front end development

Qt is a cross-platform GUI application development framework for various hardware and software platforms (E.g. desktop, embedded and mobile). It is supported in all major platforms like Linux, OS X, Windows, VxWorks, QNX, Android, iOS, Black-Berry, Sailfish OS and others. Qt is not a programming language on its own. It is a framework written in C++. You write the code once and make binaries for all platforms with a little or no change in the code.

Android also very popular in embedded systems. But to develop android applications we need to learn Java. Java is an excellent language, but for Android mobile development, C++ has a few advantages. These include a smaller memory footprint, as C++ is nearer the metal and has no garbage collection. C++ is a superset of C and should compile virtually all C programs, so you could reuse C software. If you’re an experienced C++ developer who wants to get into Android development, using Qt is a better choice.

Qt is primarily aimed for Application developers who can come any of the categories.

  • Programmers developing applications for desktops, embedded devices and/or targeting multiple platforms – Windows, UNIX and Mac will greatly benefit from this training.
  • Beginners: Who knows C++ and interested to learn GUI frameworks

The Qt Company support team works hand-in-hand with Qt R&D developers and is committed to ensure the success of your project. We provide our commercial customers with exceptional support and guidance on the use of Qt APIs, functions, methods and programming techniques for all major platforms.

There are lots of forums and communities available to support you

  • Qt forum
  • Qt mailing list
  • Qt Quick/QML forum
  • Graphical editors

Qt Documentation:

Compared to other frameworks, Qt has an extensive documentation support and a collection of code samples and tutorials are provided with Qt to help new users get started with Qt development. These documents cover a range of topics, from basic use of widgets to step-by-step tutorials that show how an application is put together.

Certainly. The course is designed in a generic way by keeping application design paradigms as primary agenda backed with practical sessions. These learnings to a larger extent remain the same between a PC and embedded device.

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