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Embedded Android System Development
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Embedded Android System Development - Course Overview

Embedded Android system development course enables you to customize, build and port Android to ARM based embedded systems, such as Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. Designed in a hands-on manner in collaboration with engineers from companies like Bosch and Samsung, this workshop equips you to boot your custom Android image on an ARM target.


The Embedded Android System Development course at Emertxe is meticulously crafted to equip you with the expertise needed to excel in the convergence of embedded systems and Android development. This course begins with a solid foundation in the core concepts of Android, specifically tailored for embedded systems. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Android architecture, kernel, and the essential components that drive its functionality.



As you progress through the course, you will delve into advanced topics that are critical for modern embedded systems. You will learn about integrating new devices into the Android system by getting hands-on with Android HAL, Android Services and Linux device driver ecosystem. You’ll explore hardware interfacing, enabling you to connect and control external devices using Android.



Embedded Android System Development

Prerequisites and Key Takeaways

Android is steadily gaining a critical role in the Embedded OS market. There is a surge in the number of sensors / devices that are getting connected under the umbrella of Internet-Of-Things (IoT). These devices need to be integrated into the Android system and accessed via applications, which is covered in the course. 


Our Android system development course curriculum with practicals ensures you learn all critical components to get started.


  • Good programming skills and proficient in C Language
  • Basic Linux Application programming (good to have)

Key Takeaways:

  • Setup your own Android build environment
  • Learn Android porting on Raspberry Pi 
  • Build a sound knowledge of Linux device driver ecosystem
  • Equip yourself to integrate a device driver on your own
  • Deep understanding of Android HAL and its hooking points for devices
  • Android Sensor Programming – Sensor, Camera and Audio HAL 

Platform Details:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or higher 64-bit system workstation
  • Beaglebone black or Raspberry Pi target board
  • External camera and sensors

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Embedded Android - Course Syllabus

To begin with, this workshop focuses on ARM based target board bring-up with Android as the Embedded OS. Followed by that, it deep dives into system development aspects of Embedded Android to integrate sensors / devices. Here is the day wise break-up of the course topics. 


Introduction To Android Architecture
  • History
  • Software stack
  • Directory structure
Environment Setup & Build
  • Installing tools
  • Downloading Android Source
  • Android Build System
Board Bring-Up
  • Linux kernel compilation
  • AOSP compilation
  • Preparing SD card
  • Booting up the device
  • Understanding boot sequence
  • Learning debugging essentials


Android HAL
  • Introduction to Android HAL
  • Understanding Android Sensor HAL
Adding Support For A New Sensor(I)
  • Adding support for a new sensor – Enabling IIO for sensors in kernel
  • Verifying enabled Sensor device
Writing Sensor HAL
  • Understanding steps to write Sensor HAL
  • Adding permissions for sensor device
  • Platform device initialization
  • Compiling Sensor HAL.
Verifying New Sensor Support
  • Understanding Android sensor framework
  • Testing Sensor HAL with Java test Application


Audio HAL
  • Android Audio HAL
  • Audio Architecture
  • Audio HAL interface
Compilation And Verification
  • Understanding Audio Policy
  • Audio HAL compilation & verification
  • Overview of Tinyalsa
Video HAL
  • Overview of Android Video HAL
  • Camera Architecture
  • Overview of camera HAL interface
Compilation And Verification
  • Overview of V4L2
  • Enabling V4l2 in kernel
  • Camera HAL compilation and verification


Overview Of Service
  • Introduction to service
  • Inter Process Communication (IPC, AIDL, Binder)
Adding Custom Service
  • Writing and integration of service
  • Service manager
  • Interface
  • Register Service
  • Start Service
  • Sepolicy
Compilation And Verification
  • Compiling AOSP
  • Writing and compiling Custom HAL
Exposing APIs To Apps
  • Compiling SDK
  • Testing Custom Service with Java Application
Embedded Android System Development

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Embedded Systems Courses with Placements for Students & Professionals

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Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional - Advanced(Onsite /Classroom-based)

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Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Online)

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The Emertxe Embedded systems course with placements lays very stress on improving skills. The key differentiation is to showcase differentiating skill-sets to companies. Typically Placements for our Embedded Systems students at Emertxe start in after the 4th month onward. Students have to obtain first level Linux and programming languages skills (Linux Systems and C & Data Structure modules) in order to start applying for placements.


However placements will continue remaining part of the course and up to two years after course completion.

Emertxe is one of the best Embedded Institutes with Placements. Students are provided with an ample number of placement opportunities. During the time of admission we provide a written commitment to every student. It will clearly mention Placement opportunities in Embedded Systems for Freshers in core Embedded Systems companies. This is more than enough to convert it into a job.


Every student goes through rigorous training in all the Embedded systems course modules with continuous assessment. As long as students regularly follow the classes, assignments and mini-projects, they will not face any issue in getting a job. Our placement department will do the rest of the job. As per our statistics, every student who has completed their course assignments and their assigned projects in Embedded Systems gets placed by their 3rd to 4th interview.

Please check out our placements page to get details of recent placement companies recruiting for fresher jobs. We strongly recommend you to connect with our Social Media pages to get regular updates on companies visited and much more information related to embedded industry.

Resumes play a very important role in getting a profile shortlisted. It should demonstrate necessary technical skill-sets and project output to showcase an individual’s capability. Based on our experience we observed students won’t spend much time in building a quality resume and tend to copy/paste from their friends/colleagues. Added to that, today’s fresh engineers don’t have much to write in their resume by the end of their degree.

Please get in touch with our team of counselors in the coordinates given below. They will help you with further steps. 


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