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Linux Internals Course – Weekend Workshop

best Institute to learn linux kernel internals

Emertxe is one of the best institute for embedded systems in Bangalore. This Linux internals Course is delivered over weekends in workshop model, which is focused on working professionals. This programming course is delivered as live workshop, by navigating the Linux kernel and networking sub-systems. By the end of the workshop you should understand and develop practical applications on Linux as mentioned in the course syllabus. Apart from writing programs in linux, you will get a deep view about soft interrupts, how kernel handles it, system call implementation, networking concepts using TCP/IP, socket programming etc. with ample hands-on exercises, delivered during the live linux internals course at the institute. Have a look at the free linux internals course materials with assignments and projects available online.

Goal: Write Linux system programs and applications by making use of system calls. Develop networking applications by understanding Linux networking interfaces. This Linux kernel internals programming course also builds participants with deeper knowledge of Linux Kernel subsystems.

Target audience: Engineers with exposure to Linux environment

Duration: 4 days (Two weekends) + One month lab assistance

linux kernel internals programming course


Our Linux kernel internals programming course is conducted over weekends, which will enable you gain knowledge on the following core OS areas:

  • Create multi-tasking and multi-thread Linux based applications on your own
  • System programming: Gain strong knowledge of Linux system programming
  • OS concepts: Develop deeper insights into process, memory, networking, IPC mechanisms
  • Develop TCP/IP based network applications
  • Weekend option: Comfortably take time-off from your busy work schedule
  • Workshop model: High stress on hands-on approach for quick ramp-up
  • Expert trainers: Delivered by industry experienced expert trainers

Work on real-time projects:

Along with learning, our linux kernel internals programming course provides participants to work on real hands-on projects to make your learning complete. Here is the list of real-time projects that you will be implementing, there are many more in the store.

  • Implementation of TCP/IP based packet generator
  • RFC implementation of standard protocols (ex: TFTP)
  • Multi-tasking based remote diagnostics
  • Implementation of system calls inside Linux Kernel

Admission procedure:

  • Call us at +91 809 555 7333 (Mobile), +91 80 4128 9576 (Office) and enroll
  • Simply send us an email us

Linux Internals & Networking workshop starts with introducing Kernel to participants. Then it progresses further into various system / library calls related to process, IPC, Networking and threads.

Key takeaways:

Linux kernel internals and programming course syllabus focuses on key Linux Kernel subsystems and associated programming aspects. Here are the key elements of the course.

  • Build deeper view about soft interrupts and how Kernel handles it
  • Usage of synchronous and asynchronous communication mechanisms in Linux
  • Linux Kernel system call implementation
  • Create multi-threading applications using POSIX threads
  • Race conditions and thread safe coding practices using mutex and semaphores
  • Internetworking concepts using TCP/IP
  • Network packet analysis using Wireshark
  • Application development using TCP/IP socket programming

Topics covered:

Linux kernel internals and programming course syllabus is delivered in a workshop manner with topics starting from beginning to advanced. Here are the day wise break-up of topics.

  • Day1: Introduction, System calls, Process management in Linux
  • Day2: Inter Process Communication mechanisms, Signals, Threads
  • Day3: Thread & process synchronization, Internetworking with TCP/IP
  • Day4: Linux network programming using sockets, process & memory management
  • Special Focus: Application optimization in Embedded systems
  • One month lab assistance


  • Good C programming Skillslinux kernel internals and programming course syllabus
  • Basic Linux Usage

Platform details:

  • OS – Any Linux distribution, Ubuntu preferred
  • Kernel version – 3.x / 4.x

Weekend and Weekdays workshop schedule to learn Linux kernel internals programming course. Develop Linux application programs with ease.

Course - FAQ

What programming environment that will be used?

For this workshop Linux standard distributions (Ubuntu / Fedora / Mandriva) is used, where necessary system call support is available in the Linux Kernel.

Do you teach Kernel Internal Architecture as a part of this workshop?

No. This is the first Linux Kernel related questions we frequently encounter. This workshop’s primary goal is to ensure audience develop hands-on system programs using Linux system calls at user space. This workshop will provide Linux Kernel overview by providing first level understanding about memory management, process management, networking and IPC. To get deeper Linux Kernel level knowledge, you can opt for Linux device drivers course.

Who should take up this course?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in building system programs and network applications in Linux. Working professionals looking to gain knowledge in this domain. Having some background in Linux is necessary as this requires some amount of Linux / OS level knowledge.

Trainer - FAQ

What do you mean by one month of lab assistance?

Linux Internals & Networking workshop is conducted on two consecutive weekends. Contents are delivered in a workshop manner, which is power packed. However to realize the real benefit of this workshop, participants need to work on some real time projects / assignments to make the learning effective. In order to support this need, we provide one month lab assistance after the course. During this period our mentors will be providing you support when you are facing difficulty in building projects using Linux system calls. This includes debugging issues in pair or clarifying your doubts using our online ecosystem. This way your learning will be complete & effective.

Who are the trainers?

Trainers (our mentors) for this workshop are professionals who have worked with various corporate organizations like Samsung, HP, Novell, Huawei etc, who bring in 12+ years of experience on average. Our mentors understand industry requirements very well in order to maximize the value. Added to that, our mentors are passionate about training, which enables you to write a device driver on your own by the end of the workshop.

Projects - FAQ

How working on these projects enhance my technical profile?

Our projects are designed based on practical industrial use-case, thereby you will be able to apply them in real time projects. On the other hand these projects are scoped well to be executed independently in a relatively shorter duration of time considering your other commitment. After working on them will give you necessary technical depth and application aspects thereby it will definitely enhance your technical profile.

What projects can I work on after course completion?

There are many projects that you can work on based on the course learning. A sample list of projects are provided below.
o  Implementation of TCP/IP based packet generator
o  RFC implementation of standard protocols (ex: TFTP)
o  Multi-tasking based remote diagnostics
o  Implementation of system calls inside Linux Kernel

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