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Advanced Embedded Systems Course

Best training institute to learn advanced embedded systems courses in bangalore
Emertxe is the best training institute to learn advanced embedded systems course in Bangalore. Known as Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (ECEP) – Advanced, this is a practical course for getting fresher job placements. Experienced mentors, best-in-class learning environment, hands-on methods makes it a unique offering.


The addition of Linux device drivers module along with other modules in ECEP Intermediate version, enables the aspirant engineers to become a thorough embedded professional, to build a highly secure career in Embedded Technologies. In-line with our usual philosophy of ‘Learning By Doing’, the extra edge given by Emertxe’s Advanced Embedded Course, takes the learners to a completely different league of Embedded Professionals, for top notch companies to hire them.

Best training institute to learn advanced embedded systems courses in bangalore - register now

Goal: Become an Industry-ready Hands-on Embedded Engineer, by completing all the related Course-ware and Projects.  Skill yourself with most advanced embedded systems training certification course in India, and get your FIRST JOBMost advanced embedded systems training certification course in India - Click here to take scholarship test

Target audience: Engineering in EC, EE, TC, CS, IT / MSc / MCA / Professionals looking to upscale your Career


  • 6 Months (Day Scholars)
  • 13 Weekends (Working Professionals)

Most advanced embedded systems training certification course in India

Learning environment:
Practical approach: 70% of the time you will be doing hands-on programming
Best-in class mentors: With real-time industry experience
Project oriented approach: Work on 7 to 8 real-time industry standard projects, enough to land into your First Job

Career Support:
Embedded systems training aimed for jobs in core embedded companies
316+ Placements cos** visited from Mar 2017 to Apr 2018
Guaranteed* min 9 interviews

Online Learning Management System, Get access to enough artifacts to achieve your objective:
Videos, Audios and Text – Go through the Expert Classroom sessions repeatedly
Online Practice Tests
Practice Exercises and Assignments
Module based Projects to give you a wide exposure of embedded systems to enhance your Resume

Courseware / Materials:
Plenty of quality resources, in sync with industry needs
Live hardware: Embedded programming in real hardware

Soft-skills and Interview Preparation:
Disha workshops: Resume Preparation, Facing interviews to building career – Howto?
Industry seminar: Interact with senior professionals, learn what industry wants

*  Subject to completion of Course work, Test scores, Projects and Maintaining 90% attendance throughout. Chances will be provided within 3 months of Course Completion, Normally we try to complete the chances within 2 months max period
** Multiple visits by same company included

Advanced embedded systems course contents and curriculum (ECEP-A) has topics like Linux device drivers to build a complete design of an Embedded system. This is curriculum is systematically designed by taking a step-by-step approach. It will make you complete embedded systems design professional with with industry projects and assignments. Starting with fundamental building blocks (with Embedded C and Data structures) advanced topics takes deeper dive into the embedded systems.

Advanced Embedded systems design course – syllabus:

    • Linux Systems

  • Advanced / Embedded C programming
  • Data Structures and Logic Analysis
  • Linux Internals and Networking
  • Micro-controllers (8051 and PIC)
  • Linux device drivers
  • Embedded Linux on ARM9


  • Basic C programming knowledge
  • Successfully clearing online test


  • Fedora / Ubuntu Linux based lab

Emertxe embedded training course outline video:

Our advanced Embedded systems design course takes you through complete experience of building an embedded product from the scratch. Here is a video that talks about course outline from our team of experts.

Emertxe offers best embedded systems training and placements in Bangalore. Our institute attracts multiple embedded domain companies, from top MNCs, startups and embedded R&D design houses to participate in placements. This is our partial list, more companies are hiring our students.
Click here to get a detailed view of placements at Emertxe.

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Our advanced course is one of best courses in embedded systems industry. This industry recognised course takes a systematic approach from basic to advanced topic like device drivers. Here is the course schedule for your reference.

Job oriented regular batches – For Freshers
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional18 Dec – 2018 (Registrations open)
26 Nov – 2018 (Registrations closed)
6 months
FullStack Embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Course4 Sept – 2018 (Registrations open)6 months (Fast-track) / 18 months (Masters-track)
Weekend batches – For working professionals
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Advanced) 01 Dec – 2018 (Registrations open)
28 Apr – 2018 (Registrations closed)
13 Weekends / 26 Days
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Intermediate)01 Dec – 2018 (Registrations open)
28 Apr – 2018 (Registrations closed)
11 Weekends / 22 Days
FullStack Embedded IoT (Internet of Things) Course10 Nov – 2018 (Registrations open)11 Weekends / 22 Days
Weekend workshops – For working professionals
Yocto project – Building Embedded Linux25,26 Feb & 18 Mar – 2017 (Registrations closed)3 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Embedded Android System Development18,19,25,26 Mar – 2017 (Registrations closed)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Qt Application Programming with C++10,11,17,18 Mar – 2018 (Registrations closed)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
UI Programming with Qt-Quick and QML31 Mar – 2018 & 1 Apr – 2018 (Registrations closed)2 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Qt Application Development for Embedded systemsCommencing soon..2 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux Systems & Basic Shell Scripting1,2 Dec – 2018 (Registrations closed)2 days + 2 Weeks Lab Assistance
Advanced C / Embedded C8,9,15,16,22 Dec – 2018 (Registrations open)5 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Micro-Controllers19,20,26,27 Jan – 2019 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Data Structures23,29,30 Dec – 2018 (Registrations open)3 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux Internals & Network Programming5,6,12,13 Jan – 2019 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Embedded Linux on ARM (ELARM)2,3,9,10 Feb – 2019 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux device drivers16,17,23,24 Feb – 2019 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance

Advanced embedded systems course enables you to build an embedded product from scratch. FAQs about course, training, placement, embedded real time projects. If you still have any unanswered question contact us via 

Placements - FAQ

What if I don't get job after your training?

This scenario though very rare at Emertxe, always poses a big question mark to the fresher/students. In case a student faces such a scenario after doing a course, he is given opportunity to work on live ongoing projects at Emertxe's Development Division, which will add to Real-time project experience and increases the chances of getting jobs.

What is the guarantee of placement?

Every student goes through rigorous embedded systems training with continuous assessment. As long as you regularly follow the classes, assignments and mini-projects you will not face any issue in getting a job through our placement cell. On an average candidate gets placed in 3-4 interviews. To get more details on placement and our training & placement record visit our Videos Page.

What do companies expect during placements?

Primarily companies want engineers to have a strong problem solving skills using C language. Along with that having Linux OS knowledge is critical (Commands, Kernel internals, Embedded Linux) to land in good embedded system fresher jobs. Our comprehensive embedded systems training and placement approach ensures individuals are prepared well before applying for fresher jobs.

What is the salary levels of placed students?

Salary level depends purely depends on companies hiring for fresher jobs. As per our statistics, generally it ranges between 2.0L – 5.5L / annum CTC.

Where can I get the list of companies visited recently?

Please check out our news section to get details of recent placement companies recruiting for fresher jobs. We strongly recommend you to connect with our Facebook page to get regular updates on companies visited and much more information related to embedded industry.

I am a fresher. How do you help me with placements?

Our placement cell has direct contacts with companies for fresher jobs, mainly in Embedded Systems domain. In every batch minimum 10 companies coming for placements. Placements start from third month onward once students complete minimum modules (Linux & C). Multiple workshops are conducted as a part of the course (called Disha) that ensures you are well prepared technically and non-technically to face interviews. This holistic approach helps individuals to land in fresher jobs.

Fee payments - FAQ

How do I make my fee payments?

Fee payments are accepted by online transfer, details are provided below. After transferring the money, please contact us with the transaction ID or call us to facilitate it further.

Details are provided below:

State Bank of India:
Account Name -  Emertxe Information Technologies (P) Ltd
Account Number - 10378321544
Branch - Jayamahal Extension, Bangalore
IFSC: SBIN0001731


Click Here to Make an Online Payment

Real time projects - FAQ

Can I choose the type of project I want to work on?

We have a huge list of projects (runs into 100s of topics) on each module. Each mentor will create teams in a particular batch and start the project. While we allow students to choose the project topic, mentors will play an important role in choosing the right project. Along with that our mentors will act as a coach throughout the project implementation to ensure you have a real working project output by the end of the project.

What benefit can I by doing these projects?

Our projects are built based on real time use cases that gives very close experience to industry projects. By working on 7-8 projects during the embedded systems course, you can build a solid embedded design engineer profile which will impress any placement company. Along with technical aspects students will learn on various project implementation phases like requirement analysis, design, coding and testing. In summary these projects make embedded systems learning a complete one. After all there is nothing more fun than seeing your idea implemented in real time!

Do you have projects based on standard boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.?

Yes. We have innovative and practical projects that can be implemented in standard boards as well. Depending on the nature of project and student interest appropriate board selection is made. The goal of doing project is not to be board specific but to build a real-time working project.

On what boards will do I my projects?

In Emertxe we have custom designed boards called self-learning-kits. These boards offer rich peripherals, best in class documentation with appropriate firmware that makes it favourable for building excellent and innovative projects. These boards are based on PIC micro-controller, ARM processor and Atmel controller, thereby you gain working experience on wide range of boards.

What kind of projects are provided?

For each topic, module specific project is provided with medium to high level of complexity. These projects are decided by the module mentor depending on the requirements in the industry and student capability. These projects are executed using SDLC development methodology that goes through rigorous evaluation. By the end of each project students will get a real experience of building real time projects, which will add significant value to their resume. This helps to land them for embedded systems fresher jobs with various companies.

Because of the high standard of training, projects our courses are equivalent to few months of industrial experience which we normally show in our course listings.

Trainer FAQ

What kind of mentor interaction is provided?

At Emertxe, the mentors maintain a peer-to-peer relationship with students. All the students are given opportunity to interact with mentors in classes, labs and practical sessions. Our mentors also help to do career planning for the students in the embedded systems industry. Watch this video to get more details on the mentor interaction.

What are of expertise trainers at Emertxe have?

Our mentors have experience in building embedded systems products right from scratch to launching the product successfully in the market. This includes board design, OS porting, device driver development, application development, board support packages etc. Along with technology skills they also have domain skills like telecom, enterprise and consumer electronic segments that are successfully used in the market.

How will I benefit from trainers at Emertxe?

Since our mentors are industry experienced, they bring in practical hands-on approach in training. This not only makes individuals to learn a particular technology but also understand how it is being applied in the industry. With systematic approach our trainers will transform you to become industry ready embedded systems professionals.

Who are my trainers?

In Emertxe trainers are called as mentors, who will be working very closely with you. Each of our mentors come with very high amount of industry experience with real hands-on experience in launching successful products. They have worked with various well known MNCs like Hewlett Packard (HP), Huawei Technologies, Novell Netware, General Electric (GE) and our own product division.

Soft skills and Interview preparation - FAQ

What benefits will I gain by industry expert interaction?

As a part of Disha we invite industry experts (senior professionals, directors, CEOs of companies) to interact with our ECEP students. They will provide specific experience sharing based on their career success that would help fresh engineers to build a long term perspective of building careers. By interacting with experts (both face-to-face and online) students have gained immensely for making great career success. This is a unique opportunity that is only available in Emertxe, which makes as the best embedded training institute in Bangalore.

What is interview preparation workshop?

Once the resume gets shortlisted and clearing the written test, next step is to attend technical and HR interviews. Interviewers expect candidates to demonstrate certain key things (technical capability, problem solving skills, representing skill, team player etc.) which plays an important role in giving out a job offer. In Emertxe regular workshops are conducted to make you confident in facing interviews by addressing all aspects of interviews.

Do you offer any specific coaching for written tests?

Yes. As a part of our embedded systems course, regular weekly objective tests are conducted. These tests will be a mixture of technical, aptitude and analytical questions. These tests are of extremely high standard, which will set you up for clearing written test of any company. In order to deliver we have an online test ecosystem using which you can take it up any-time anywhere. Along with weekly tests ample amount of practise tests are given to students which will make you clear written test with ease.

What is resume preparation workshop?

Creating impressive resume is very important item. Placement companies look for specific skillsets and its correct representation before shortlisting them for fresher jobs. As a part of Disha we conduct workshop for creating it by calling out skillsets in an impressive manner. By the end of the workshop students will have a professional quality resume ready that can be sent to companies for placements. Have a look into a sample resume and resume preparation workshop slides to get an idea.

Is it included in ECEP course? Should I pay extra for this?

This is integrated with ECEP, happens are a parallel track. There is no extra charge for this.

What is Disha? What are the components part of it?

Disha (meaning “direction”) is career track component part of embedded systems course – ECEP. Along with technical skills it is important for students to get trained in some other areas (ex: facing interviews) Disha is an initiative from Emertxe to train our students in this area as well. This consist of the following components:

  • Seminars – interaction with industry experts
  • Resume preparation workshop
  • Interview facing workshop
  • Soft-skills workshop (ex: presentation skills)

Course materials - FAQ

What is online assessment system? How will it help me?

Emertxe’s online test platform is used to make any-time, any-where assessments for our students. By having this makes our evaluation system very dynamic that changes from time-to-time, thereby keeping it in sync with industry needs. This also helps students to refer back certain important questions during the time of placements.

What do you mean by course booklet?

Course booklet is a workbook provided to each students. This will have an easy-to-understand illustrations, practical tips and code snippets to make it as an applied learning. Rather than making it as exhaustive theoretical material this quick-to-refer booklet helps a lot during subject revision during placement time as well.

Where can I see sample course material?

Check out our slide-share page to get an understanding of our presentation slides. Along with that we also maintain our company blog to share latest happenings in the industry. We are further working on our online ecosystem to make an open learning system.

What type of study materials provided?

Our course materials are designed in alignment with making our training as completely practical oriented. It includes presentation slides, template / sample programs, course booklets, cheat-sheets & worksheets, programming manuals and tons of e-books. We ensure we give enough material to get you started doing practical usage rather than understanding lots of theory in form of textbooks.

Advanced Course - FAQ

What are the unique features of Linux device driver kit?

Linux device driver kit is one of the key innovations that our team has brought in the field of education. Learning device drivers is considered to be a challenging affair due to lack of proper hardware, documentation and self-learning ecosystem that consist of sample code and projects. Our team has come up with a self-learning device that addresses these limitations by bundling unique combination of hardware, software and documentation. This kit can also be used as a micro-controller kit for IoT programming by changing modes. Recently this kit related technical paper was presented in Open Source India conference, which can be accessed by clicking here. In summary you can learn device drivers like a breeze using this kit.

What do you mean by self-learning kits? What are the benefits?

Emertxe has created innovative self-learning kits which consist of board, tool-chain, software and self-learning materials. Each professional who attends this workshop will get his own FREE kit during the workshop (as a bundled offering), can practice programming at your own pace even after workshop. Please check out our self learning kits for more details.

What projects can I work on after completing the Linux device drivers module?

There are many projects that you can work on based on the course learning. A sample list of projects are provided below.

  • USB Mass Storage (MMC) driver
  • USB to Serial converter
  • Various Serial character drivers
  • Complex matrix keypad driver using interrupts and synchronization
  • USB Input drivers

What benefits I can gain by taking up Linux device drivers topic?

Technically you will be able to write Linux device drivers on your own by the end of the module. Key benefits of the module is given below:

  • Increase your placement conversion into more cutting edge companies
  • Gain edge at your workplace as Linux Device Driver is a hot skill in industry
  • Create some cool products using our self-learning kits
  • Get a real feel of ‘idea-to-realization’ by becoming a maker of things
  • Interact with our expert mentors, build on real time projects

What is the difference between ECEP (Intermediate) and ECEP (Advanced) course?

At outset both ECEP (Intermediate) and ECEP (Advanced) courses have the common goal of having fresher to get their first job. However in case of ECEP (Advanced) on additional module – Linux device drivers is added in order to further enrich your skill in terms of job enablement. Device drivers is a hot skill in Embedded systems industry today, having that at fresher level would put you way ahead in the job market, even after getting your first job.