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    We are very proud and happy to announce that Emertxe is the First Embedded Training Institute in India to be affiliated with “Skill India”.


    Skill India is an initiative by Government of India. We are now a NSDC certified embedded institute in India.

    Youth Empowerment

    To empower youth of our country with required skills and improve their job placements, Government of India has taken an initiative which is Skill India. To implement this goal, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) (https://www.nsdcindia.org) has been formed with focus on 18 skill areas. The core electronic skill falls under Electronic Skill Sector Council of India (ESSCI) (http://essc-india.org/). This is one among 18 skills.

    NSDC Certified Embedded Institute

    We are one of India’s best institutes in Embedded Systems, Linux and IoT training, since 2003. Emertxe takes a finishing school approach by improving skills of entry level engineers and make them employable. Now, we are moving a step ahead by getting certified by NSDC and ESSCI. Through this, we are contributing to our country’s skill building initiative.

    Fig 1 : Certificate


    The existing ECEP (http://www.emertxe.com/trainings/embedded/advanced-embedded-systems-course/) certification program offered by Emertxe is getting aligned with two certification categories from ESSCI. They are Level4 -Embedded Software Engineer/Embedded Product Engineer certifications. Emertxe’s students’ details will be directly entered in NSDC portal.


    An assessment will be done at the end of the course by ESSCI panel. By clearing the assessment, students will get certificate from government of India. This certification will enhance our students’ immediate placements and adds value. With this the career possibilities are opened further. This will be a big recognition in the competitive job market.


    ESSCI has got a very stringent assessment criteria for accrediting institutes. Only 10% were able to get this recognition and obtain NSDC certification. Team Emertxe is quite excited about this affiliation. We are looking forward closely to work with NSDC and ESSCI for further skill building activities.


    For our students, this will definitely be a value add by having the certification, from a NSDC certified embedded institute, in their profile.


    We are here – To make you reach heights and go places with ease!!

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    People Also Ask(PAA)

    NSDC job roles (Example – Embedded Software Engineer / Embedded Product Developer) are based on a specific job description rather than a broader curriculum based approach. By getting qualified for a specific job, you are demonstrating a meritorious output to potential placement companies that you are capable of executing a particular job role in their organization.


    Government of India is planning to standardize this job roles across the industry in order to ensure there is a common recognition candidates who obtained these certificates (similar to GATE / GRE scores). So NSDC certificate will open up more career and placement possibilities. Emertxe’s advanced embedded systems course is aligned with NSDC curriculum.

    Once NSDC / ESSCI assessment batch is created, their assessment officials are informed and a assessment date get fixed. The assessment process typically involves an online technical test, programming test followed by viva-voce. The assessment official will grade you across various categories and provide you with the overall result (Pass / Fail).


    On the preparation front, there is no extra preparation required apart from what you have learned in our advanced embedded systems course. However you are supposed to refresh subjects that you studied in the course (Mainly C programming and Microcontroller / embedded programming topics), so that you can clear the examination easily. As far as our experience, we have seen most of the students successfully cleared assessment test.

    No issues. In Emertxe NSDC examinations of conducted in a periodic manner (Once in two months), you can appear for the next cycle in case you missed a particular exam date. Appropriate communication is sent to old students also via individual emails and Emertxe Google Group.


    Even if a student gets placed, he can still appear for the NSDC / ESSCI certification exam, as tests are planned on Saturdays to accommodate our placed students.

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