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Emertxe and ESSCI Launch Virtual Internships for Engineering Students

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    Emertxe, India’s premier embedded systems engineering finishing school, has provided more than 650+ students placements in 2019-20 alone. During 2020, amidst challenging pandemic times it continues to support students with placement opportunities and new programs via online.


    A countless number of students are getting certified in association with the ESSCI. In order to target the growing skill requirement needs of engineering students, Emertxe now launches Virtual internships in embedded systems to increase employability in the ecosystem for its students by training them with transferable and technical skills.

    How Is the Internship Ecosystem for Indian Engineering Students?

    • Industrial training is crucial for engineering students to stand out in a competitive job market. It allows candidates to showcase real-life application experience and teamwork, which impresses hiring firms.
    • Emertxe’s courses offer essential skills for internships, and firms see these training periods as a chance to groom potential future employees. Unfortunately, access to such opportunities is limited to top schools, leaving many engineering students without practical skills.
    • Emertxe’s online internship programs bridge the gap, equipping students with technical expertise and the right attitude for a successful career.

    The Skill Gap - Continues to Loom and Is Larger

    National Employability Report Engineers 2019 by Aspiring Minds’s findings published by the EconomicTimes shows that only 4% of Indian engineers are able to write correct code as opposed to nearly 19% of American engineers.


    Additionally, only 2.8% – 5.3% of engineers are qualified in core technologies like Embedded systems, which includes the latest networking and wireless technologies.

    Fig 1: Skills

    The AICTE Regulation for Internships

    • The AICTE mandated BTech courses to include 14 credits for internships or practical training to provide industry exposure to students.
    • Over 6000 schools lack this provision, leading to limited internship opportunities for engineering students.
    • According to the National Employability Report Engineers 2019, only 40% of students perform internships and 36% undertake projects beyond their coursework.
    • In comparison, 75% of engineering students in the US undertake internships during or after completing their degrees.
    • The reform calls for annual course reviews and retraining of over 11000 trainers to bridge the gap between academia and industry.
    • Students from tier-2 and tier-3 engineering colleges face challenges in securing internships due to various factors, limiting their skill development and industry exposure.
    • Emertxe offers virtual internships with an intuitive learning management system and extended placement support, aiming to provide equal opportunities for talent across the country.
    • Emertxe’s virtual internships focus on a balanced approach of theoretical learning and real-time project application, enhancing candidates’ employability and competency skills.

    About Emertxe’s Virtual Internship

    In alignment with AICTE recommendations, candidates can choose between a four-week or six-week internship. All of Emertxe’s virtual internships are structured with a combination of up-skilling, building practical hands-on skills followed by project execution.


    Our assignment discussion sessions which will provide succinct explanations for the candidates to be able to complete their projects to a professional standard. Emertxe provides a full-fledged support system.


    Where trainers can be contacted multiple times for doubt clearance, code review and feedback to encourage growth and development during the first three weeks of the internships followed by a final assessment. 

    Fig 2 : Overview of the internship
    • After completing the initial three-week phase, students move on to the project implementation stage. Those opting for a four-week internship get assigned one project, while those choosing a six-week internship work on two projects.
    • Emertxe ensures projects meet industry standards, following best practices, and enhancing students’ programming skills and experience. The internship adds credibility to their resumes and can be converted into academic credit points.
    • Soft skills training, resume building, and interview preparation are also provided through DISHA workshops. Emertxe offers three internship options for students to select from.

    1. C Programming Internship:

    1. An intensive course, five days/week for six weeks encompassing 70% practical training +30% theory combination to explore and hone all C programming constructs.
    2. This four-week internship is targeted towards first-year and second-year engineering college students from ECE / ECE / TC / CSE branches who seek strong foundations in embedded systems and IoT careers.
    3. This internship is certified by the Government of India from NSDC / ESSCI under National Occupational Standards (NOS) as part of the Skill India initiative. Further details about the course, module structure, and enrollment details can be found on this link

    2. Python Programming Internship:

    1. This is the best Python programming internship on offer as it encompasses all C programming constructs. Since Python has emerged as a versatile programming language, having it in your skillset will enhance future possibilities.
    2. You build strong foundations like Object-Oriented Programming, which can later be used for long-term careers in Embedded systems, IoT, Web Development, Data Science and AI.This internship is targeted towards first-year and second-year engineering college students from CSE / ECE / ECE / TC / CSE branches.
    3. Similar to C programming internship, this program also accredited by NSDC / ESSCI. Further details about the course, module structure and enrollment details can be found on this link

    3. Embedded Programming Internship:

    1. This internship offers immersive hands-on learning in C programming followed by PIC-based Microcontroller programming for embedded systems. This internship is targeted towards third and final year engineering college students from ECE / ECE / TC / CSE branches.
    2. Along with building hands-on exposure to C, you will be able to transition into Embedded and IoT programming. This will expose you to reading data-sheets, interfacing, HW programming using a PIC-based controller as a use-case. Along with that, you will learn various protocols like I2C, SPI and CAN protocols.
    3. Further details about the course, module structure and enrollment details can be found on this link

    The Importance of an Internship for an Engineering Student

    As the article previously discussed, passion needs to translate to tangible action to prove to any employer you are the cream of the candidate pool.


    Here are three ways Emertxe’s virtual internships qualify you to stand apart from the crowd:

    1. Thirst for Self-improvisation and Knowledge

    • Emertxe’s virtual internships offer a learning management system (LMS) for self-paced learning, demonstrating your passion for continuous self-improvement and motivation.
    • The practical and theoretical skills gained through independent learning prepare you to face engineering challenges and provide a professional edge in any stream you choose.
    • Acquiring knowledge of business acumen and industry processes enhances your capabilities and sets you apart as a skilled engineer.

    2. Developing Leadership Potential Through Faculty Interaction

    • Interacting with Emertxe’s esteemed faculty allows you to practice technical and soft-skill fluency in communication.
    • Demonstrating problem-solving abilities and modeling skills prepares you for potential leadership positions in your career.
    • Emertxe provides not only technical expertise but also career counseling and guidance, supporting your career growth and development.

    3.Real-life Project Experience with Industry Supervision

    • Emertxe’s virtual internships involve working on live projects under industry experts’ supervision.
    • Applying theoretical knowledge in real-life situations showcases your competence, meeting the expectations of companies.
    • Government of India certification for foundational skills and project execution adds to your credentials, opening up numerous opportunities for career advancement.


    • Emertxe’s virtual internships in embedded systems offer a game-changing opportunity for engineering students.
    • By addressing the skill gap and providing hands-on experience, Emertxe empowers students with the necessary tools for career success.
    • Through practical learning, faculty interaction, and real-life projects, students gain a competitive edge and boost their employability.
    • Emertxe’s commitment to excellence and industry relevance makes these internships a crucial stepping stone towards a bright and fulfilling future in engineering.
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    People Also Ask(PAA)

    Please apply for this free online internship in IoT from the application form given above. After the cut-off date, our team will send you an invitation for an online written test. Upon you successfully clearing the test, you will be inducted into the forthcoming internship batch.

    The entire internship program is done via Emertxe’s online / digital ecosystem. This means you will be using virtual conferencing tools, chat ecosystem, online submission tools etc…to do your internship. Hence, a good laptop / PC with stable internet connectivity is mandatory for this program.

    Typically, you will be working on a micro-controller based Embedded project applied in domains like automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics etc. The project topic and selection will be done by the mentors, who will be communicating it once the Internships in Embedded Systems program kicks-off. 

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