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Emertxe IT Finishing School aims to provide our expertise to create best-in-class learning experience. Our hands-on training programs targeted for freshers, corporates and colleges is making an impact in the industry today. Our innovative self learning kits are designed to make new technology learning easier and joyful. All of these come from a team of highly motivated individuals with hands-on experience in various technologies.

Our core training expertise is in Embedded Systems domain currently in diversifying into Java, Oracle, Android and Software Engineering areas.

 For Corporates

  • Corporate training
  • Weekend workshops
  • On-boarding
  • Trained Engineers


 For Freshers

  • Get your FIRST JOB
  • Genuine placements
  • Practical training
  • Industry interface.


 For Colleges

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Summer programs
  • Jobs workshop
  • Industry in College



Emertxe Electronics Rocks partnership

Emertxe at Electronics Rocks – 2014 conference
Emertxe partners with Electronics For You (EFY) media for eRocks 2014 conference @ Bangalore. (more…)

VVDN Technologies

Placement news: VVDN Technologies
VVDN Technologies now hiring our trained engineers for their Embedded product engineering organization. (more…)

Uchi Embedded solution is our recruiting company

Placement news: Uchi Embedded Solutions
Uchi Embedded solutions is our next recruiter for the current batch of students. (more…)


Know how to organise C files better using Split command.

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