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Emertxe is a pioneer of Embedded Systems training in Bangalore. Our Embedded training vertical has generated huge pool of industry ready embedded engineers. For freshers we offer placement oriented embedded course with attractive scholarships. For working professionals weekend options are available with embedded systems trainings and advanced workshops. Practical approach, applied learning, result oriented approach makes our trainings unique.

Along with embedded systems, we offer trainings in Java, Android, Software engineering and Oracle as individual verticals. We offer short term and long term trainings in each technology areas, catering to various segments.

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Job oriented regular batches – For Freshers
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional28 Sep 2016 (Registrations open)5 months
Weekend batches – For working professionals
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Advanced) 10 Sep 2016  (Registrations open)26 weekends
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Intermediate)10 Sep 2016  (Registrations open)22 weekends
Weekend workshops – For working professionals
Linux device drivers 9, 10, 16, 17 Jul 2016 (Registrations closed)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux Systems & Basic Shell Scripting10,11 Sep 2016 (Registrations open)2 days + 2 Weeks Lab Assistance
Advanced C / Embedded C17,18,24,25 Sep 2016 & 1 Oct 2016 (Registrations open)5 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Micro-Controllers2,8,9,15 Oct 2016 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Data Structures16,22,23 Oct 2016 (Registrations open)3 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux Internals & Network Programming29,30 Oct 2016 & Nov 5,6 2016(Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Embedded Linux on ARM (ELARM)12,13,19,20 Nov 2016  (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Linux device drivers26,27 Nov 2016 & 3,4 Dec 2016 (Registrations open)4 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance

 For Corporates

  • Corporate training
  • Weekend workshops
  • On-boarding
  • Trained Engineers


 For Freshers

  • Get your FIRST JOB
  • Genuine placements
  • Practical training
  • Industry interface.


 For Colleges

  • Hands-on workshops
  • Summer programs
  • Jobs workshop
  • Industry in College



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