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Emertxe IoT and Embedded Systems Freshers Placement News: Jan – June 2019

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    Here is the Latest News and updates in IoT and Embedded Systems training  Placements for Freshers at Emertxe in Bangalore. India’s leading Embedded Systems and IoT Training Institute during  January 2019 to June 2019.


    Here is the Latest News and updates in IoT and Embedded Systems training  Placements for Freshers at Emertxe in Bangalore. India’s leading Embedded Systems and IoT Training Institute during  January 2019 to June 2019.  


    Emertxe is one of the best Institutes in India for Embedded Systems Courses, Linux and IoT training, located in Bangalore. Since 2003 Thousands of students have graduated. In classroom-based advanced embedded courses at bangalore, by imparting practical training. Our primary goal is to make entry-level engineers employable in the IoT & Embedded sector. As a part of our long term advanced courses in embedded systems and IoT.  Our hands-on training approach and industry relevant syllabus plays an inherent part. To provide excellent placement opportunities for our trained engineers in core embedded companies. We are also very glad to tell most of our students covert their placement opportunities as their job offers.


    As a part of our endeavor to share our continuous learning and performance, we have been publishing regular half early reports about placements at emertxe continuously. Please check out the previous H1 2018 (Jan – June) and  H2 2018 (July – Dec) placement reports. Get last year’s news and statistics in Embedded Systems placements for freshers. In  similar spirit we would like to share the H2. Here is a brief report on our recent fresher placement news for H1 2019 (Jan – June).

    Excellent Start to the Year! Placement for Emertxe’s Students:

    2019 was a really great start for our students at emertxe undergoing their embedded courses! We had great embedded systems fresher placements happening in the first month of the year.


    This set the tone for our placements. We had a record of 43 companies visiting us in the month of January 2019 alone. Since the month of January 2019 remarkable placements are taking place. We had all types of companies (Start-ups / Mid range companies / MNCs) participating in our placements so far.

    Placements Statistics for H1 2019:

    As mentioned earlier, there were all types of companies visiting us. As of June 170+ placement drives have been completed with more drives happening as this new article goes live. Conversion rates (number of students appearing vs number of them getting selected) saw significant improvement, touching as high as 70%. Our conversion rates are getting appreciation from our hiring companies.  We are able to achieve all these results because of the skill-improvement.


    We are able to achieve in our students. Thanks to our excellent curriculum, dedicated mentors and tightly coupled delivery mechanism. This ensures our students stand out among the crowd. They are upskilled with entire suite of embedded skills (which includes programming, optimization, linux internals, micro-controller programming, TCP/IP networking, Embedded Linux etc..). Let us look into sector wise placement statistics.

    MNCs / Indian Big Companies:

    Of course, every entry level engineer’s dream is to work with big brand which is where MNCs / Indian big companies come into the picture. The main advantage of working on bigger organization is to build more process oriented, systematic thinking approach when it comes to solving engineering problems.


    Since big companies have a suite of products / solutions catering to global customers, they will not compromise on Quality. Hence along with technology learning our students get exposure to various software engineering mechanisms (ex: Agile / Lean / Kanban).  Along with that they will get to work with professionals across the globe. Thereby getting cross-cultural perspectives by sitting in India.


    Here is the set of MNCs / Indian big companies who hired our students during H1 2019.

    Mid-Sized Companies:

    With India based Embedded R&D sector growing, we saw significant number of mid-size companies hiring our students. Mid-sized companies cater to bigger clients with different technology expertise and business engagement models.


    Engineers working in such organizations get an end-to-end business perspective along with technology learning. Mid-size companies work on different types of assignments, our students get both start-up and MNC exposure by working in such organizations. Here is the snapshot of mid-size companies who recruited our students in H1 2019.


    A startup is a company launched by an individual founder or entrepreneurs.The main purpose is hunting for a repeatable and scalable business model. Startups offers unique benefits for an individual who works in startup environment. For example, startups always provides engineers with faster growth opportunity in terms of learning and responsibilities as the organization is small.  Which means junior members need to take up higher responsibilities. In Emertxe we have a bunch of Embedded and IoT startups hiring our students. Some of them are mentioned below.


    By getting such exposure during early career years, engineers build a strong foundation for their long term career. We had startups coming from different niche verticals hiring our students. During H1 2019 we saw startups working in – IoT, medical electronics, network security, robotics, energy management and sustainability etc participating in our hiring. Here is the snapshot of start-up companies visited us during H1 2019.

    Top-3 Trends Observed During H1 2019

    Trend 1: Mnc Companies Are Seriously Considering Embedded Institutes to Hire Their Talent

    Every company wants to hire the best talent. But the major drawback is, that companies are not able to find skilled engineers. Especially at fresher segment because of the industry academia gap. MNC companies have better global brand and higher compensation structure typically have top notch engineering colleges where they go and hire talents on a regular basis. This channel has been one of their proven one as students from top notch engineering college would prefer to work for an MNC. However this trend is changing very fast due to the following reasons:

    1. Students from top engineering colleges are having multiple options where they are having multiple offers by the time they complete their engineering. As per our internal research we learnt as much as 70% college hires dropped-out in one specific batch of a well known MNC. This turns out to be a big risk as bigger organizations need to wait for almost one year and eventually have only 30% of their total hires joining them.
    2. Even the ones who join there is huge gap in terms of aspirations. Thanks to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem growing in India. Students from top engineering colleges may not see MNCs as their long term career platform. This means entry level attrition is running high.
    3. Reasons (1) and (2) places very high stress on such organizations to work on a risk mitigation strategy by figuring out alternative channels for their entry level fresh hiring. We are very happy and heartening inform that multiple big brands (we don’t want to call out names to protect the interests of our hiring companies) are seriously considering training institutes / finishing schools like Emertxe to mitigate their risks. We have excellent placement conversions from some of the big brands during H1 2019 which makes us strongly believe that this trend is here to stay. For our students this opens up tremendous new opportunities as the dream of joining an MNC may not be that long as they might have envisioned by the end of their engineering degree.

    We received multiple appreciations from these top MNCs as they saw following benefits by hiring our students:

    1. Excellent hiring ratio (which went up as high as 70%) as mentioned above
    2. Aligned manpower with immediate joining
    3. Since they are pre-trained in a specific domain like Embedded Systems, they are readily deployable to projects thereby bringing down time and cost
    4. Excellent joining ratio (as 100% of our students join these MNCs against 30% as mentioned above)

    Trend 2: Salary Is Not a Constraint for Skilled Engineers

    Well, this sounds more theoretical but we saw it happen in H1 2019. Companies are ready to pay very high salaries for skilled and talented engineers. For example, the top line salaries which were in the range of 6-8 Lakhs last year, has gone up to 10-14 Lakhs during H1 2019.


    Also we have data points where students who joined the company last year in the 6-8 Lakhs band, have increased their salaries to 13-15 Lakhs this year upon completing their probation period. Again such good numbers are not for anybody and everybody. It is only for highly skilled and highly contributing and performing engineers in teams. We have received multiple positive messages from our ex-students, hiring managers and senior management folks about how our students have performed in the last one year and increased their salaries to such high levels.


    With our vision of making life easier, what more can make team Emertxe happy than hearing such good salaries our students are receiving? It is very much foundational in nature in what we do.  The better the skill is the more you get rewarded. Hence we continue to encourage and push our students to build on their technical skills, with which individuals can scale greater heights.

    Trend 3: Emertxe Approach Makes a Difference

    Our students come from different places and different backgrounds. The learning speed, attitude and aptitude may also vary from one person to another. Emertxe’s approach towards the students definitely makes a difference in each and every student’s career. Our approach is different from that of other institutes. The approach of Emertxe motivates and also creates a great impact on our students.

    Here is a detailed approach of us:

    • Assignments / Projects:  Assignments and project is the best way to enhance the technical skills in them. This is the kind of self study for the students to rate their learning and the technical knowledge that they have built in them. Our mentors also help them out if they are stuck in between. This is a two way interaction for the betterment of our students.
    • Training and Learning methodologies: In Emertxe it is always a two way approach as their is equal efforts put in from our students as well as our mentors. Our mentors train the students as per the company’s expectation this makes it easy for our students to land upon a job. We also provide training for placements that includes soft skills, resume preparation. This is known as DISHA course. This is very helpful for our students while attending an interview.
    • Curriculum enhancement: Topics like Qt programming for embedded were introduced recently into our syllabus. We have done this after lot of discussions with industry veterans. Considering the demand from top placement companies, asking for trained qt engineers.

    Such a comprehensive approach ensures our students are able to achieve the goal of landing into their first job. Whenever we made any change (of course on the positive side) we immediately saw it impacting our students and placement companies with better results. Our approach and thinking is definitely making an impact and we continue to bring some more changes in the near future. Stay tuned!


    In summary we would say entry level job market for trained Embedded Systems and IoT engineers is looking very bright during 2019. It started off with a positive bang during January itself and we continue to see the trend. With every other core company hiring our trained students, we continue to see skilling is the bottomline and it will continue to be for the coming years and decades.


    From the student point of view it is all about taking responsibility and converting these opportunities into jobs. Our senior mentors are here to push you, Our junior mentors are here to help you, Our placement department is here to line up minimum 25-30 core placement companies per month, Our overall learning ecosystem is here to shape you as a complete Embedded Systems & IoT professional.


    If you are a 2019 engineering fresher, What are you waiting for? Join immediately for a 100% Job Guaranteed Embedded Systems Courses and IoT Courses!

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