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Recent Embedded Fresher Placements News: July – Dec 2018
July - Dec 2018 placement detail
Half Yearly Training & Placements Report from Emertxe, Bangalore for the period July to December 2018. A comprehensive report that covers placement statistics, trends and opportunities for fresh engineers who are looking forward to have their career in Embedded Systems Domain.

Embedded Systems Fresher Placements Report – Emertxe – [July – December 2018]

About 15 years back we started our journey with the vision to empower fresh engineers by making them employable. With roughly 1.5 million Engineers passing out every year, industry-academia gap has already created deeper issues. On the positive note, we are able to transform them into productive and contributing engineers at various organizations. As a part of our endeavour to share our recent Embedded Systems fresher placements news, some insights are provided below for July – December of 2018.

Embedded placements hiring statistics for freshers July – Dec 2018

The second half of last year saw significant increase in terms of Embedded companies in Bangalore hiring Freshers. More than 95% of the companies were hiring were from Bangalore. There were some requirements from Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune who enquired for trained students from our institute during third quarter. Overall we had 150+ companies visiting Emertxe for placement drives during this period. A snapshot of these companies is given below:

Vertical wise Semiconductors, Aeronautics, Automotive and IoT had more representation. With Artificial intelligence taking centre stage, semiconductor companies have requirement of smart Embedded Software driving them. In the similar lines Automotive vertical is going through transformational changes (ex: automated driver assistance) than expected. We believe these trends are driving increased embedded companies in Bangalore hiring freshers. Another interesting trend was to see incubation companies from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are driving requirements. In the past we have seen many placement companies from IIT Madras research park. Now it was heartening to see start-ups coming from newly created IIT Hyderabad incubation centre.

embedded systems fresher placements - Emertxe report July to Dec 2018

What worked for our students during Embedded Placement Interviews?

The key challenge (for Embedded Institute like us) is mainly about ensuring students are able to convert these placement opportunities into job offers. Placement companies mainly visit us because they get pre-trained candidates in Embedded Systems domain with higher skill level. From our mentors perspective, we always push and motivate our students to achieve the goal. From the placement conversion point of view, two factors played significant role.  

Factor 1: Foundations still continues to be the critical factor

we saw foundational skills continue to occupy critical place when it comes to hiring fresh engineers. Based on our interactions with multiple hiring managers, HR executives, senior management professionals and CXOs we understood foundational skills were super critical. They all believe fresh engineers can be trained in any particular vertical, provided they are good at fundamentals. Here are the fundamental skills delivered at our institute in in classroom based advanced embedded systems course:

  • Algorithms and problem solving
  • Strong C Programming
  • Basic / Core electronics
  • Optimisation

Factor 2: Embedded domain skills matters

In Emertxe placement starts once students obtain foundational skills. We had very good number of students getting placed in core Embedded Systems companies after building their foundations. However Embedded domain skills mattered a lot when it comes to companies offering higher salaries or doing focused work on a specific area. In such companies students with following skills performed well:

  • Linux Kernel and multi-tasking
  • TCP/IP and Network programming
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Communication protocols (CAN / I2C / SPI / UART)
  • Hardware interfacing

As far as Emertxe is concerned, this is very much aligned with our training philosophy. Right from inception our focus is on building foundations, followed by domain skills. The same is reflected by placement companies also. Going forward our mentoring team is gearing up with more preparation workshops in the similar direction.

The Embedded vs. IoT skill confusion

While expectations from the company side is very clear, we saw quite a lot of confusion among student community regarding Embedded Systems and IoT. Our team at Emertxe always come across the question: ‘What is the difference between our Embedded Systems Course and Embedded IoT course?’ From the skill and placements point of view we would like to distinguish them as follows:

  • Embedded Systems skills mainly focuses on ‘core’ technologies of building a device from the scratch. For example our Embedded System course has heavy focus on lower level OS (ex: Embedded Linux) so that participants will get complete understanding of building an Embedded device.
  • Embedded IoT skills are all about ‘build-and-integrate’ technologies in order to arrive at an end-to-end working IoT solution. This includes programming IoT device, IoT Gateway and them using any of the popular cloud platforms (ex: IBM Watson). Here the participant may not expected to know the lower level programming.

We would like to say IoT skills are nothing but extension of Embedded Systems skills in order to provide cross-functional solution expertise. To reiterate here also our focus lies in building strong fundamentals.

What’s in store for Embedded Systems freshers placements in 2019?

We are hardly few weeks into 2019, the job market for Embedded Systems freshers is looking very positive. We already had had 15+ placement companies in mid January 2019 itself and bigger brands are having requirements in huge numbers. We were very happy to see hiring managers and HR executives sharing their hiring targets, it’s looking very encouraging the positive. We are keeping numbers and company names confidential to protect our client’s interest.

In order to get maximum benefit from this huge set of requirements, team Emertxe is taken two key steps to further up-skill our students.

In the job oriented or placement based IoT courses delivered at our institute, we are giving significant focus for Python. This is mainly because Python has emerged as a versatile programming language which is primarily used for IoT Gateway programming. Along with C, Python is most sought after skills in fresh embedded systems engineers. This is mainly because Python helps in automating Embedded Systems test cases. Many existing test frameworks prefer Python over other languages thanks to its rich set of libraries and excellent object oriented features. It makes automation components reusable across different applications.

In the Embedded Systems course we are making few significant additions in terms of introducing Workshop oriented C++ programming and Qt. Qt is a lightweight, platform independent framework which can be used to develop GUI for a PC based or Embedded Application. Since GUI has become a key differentiator for Embedded Devices (Example – Automotive Infotainment System) organizations are investing heavily in frameworks like Qt by building their human resources with such niche skills. As a fresher if you Qt in your skill-set backed with a set of projects it will definitely impress the potential employer to get attracted.

In conclusion – The skill game

Technology industry is heavily driven by skill, which goes through frequent changes. The same applies to Embedded Systems and IoT industry as well. While changes are happening in one side, foundations will always remain the same, just like laws of nature. Being a skill development company, we know value can be derived for both students and placement companies only when skills are improved. With our core philosophy aligned with this, team Emertxe is gearing up for enhanced / advanced skills and rigorous training methodology.

Wish you a great 2019, may all your dreams come true.

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