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Emertxe – Best Training Institute of the Year 2017

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    Fig 1: Emertxe Logo

    Best Embedded Training Institute of Year 2017

    Emertxe is been awarded as the best embedded training institute of the year 2017 by Higher Education Review magazine. Please check the URL below to access the article, featuring Emertxe.–KBGR604681633.html

    Every year the Higher Education Review Magazine
     ( awards few selected training institutes who are imparting quality education. This year around, we are very glad to inform that Emertxe is been adjudged as the best training institute of the year 2017.

    Given the fact that the world is moving towards new technologies like IoT, driver-less car, data science and artificial intelligence, it is equally important for organizations to have right set of manpower to deliver on business objectives.

    Training Delivery drives Quality Output

    This is exactly where Emertxe comes into picture by offering best in class training in the area of Embedded system and IoT. Best in class mentors backed by strong assessment methodologies is the key factors for delivering quality education.

    Courses with Guaranteed Placements in Embedded Systems

    Apart from the training delivery quality, Emertxe has been attracting one of the highest number of embedded and product development companies from India for placements of students who has completed embedded courses at Emertxe.


    Majority of Embedded Systems and IoT companies are located in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. The no. of  companies working on cutting edge product and embedded technologies are not in the range if 100’s but a few 1000’s.


    Emertxe has placed their trained students in almost all the leading embedded companies recruiting freshers. All these companies look for skilled and hands-on resources for their team, rather than deploying freshers directly from the college who will require more time to upskill on on-boarding them. All the students successfully completing the embedded courses gets good number of placement opportunities in core embedded companies, to help them kickstart their career.


    We are very glad that Higher Education Review magazine has recognized our contributions and featured us by giving award.


    This gives us extra energy and motivation, will continue to march towards our goal of skill-building across the whole spectrum of technology and experience levels, starting with entry level engineers.


    We also strongly believe we have hardly explored the overall education market globally, looking forward to grow more in the skill-building market by enabling individuals and organizations

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