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Future Trends in IoT: Insights from Bangalore’s Tech Experts 

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    Introduction to IoT and Its Significance

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that communicate via the internet, from household gadgets to industrial machines, using unique identifiers (UIDs) to transfer data autonomously. Beyond individual applications, IoT offers broad societal benefits by connecting billions of devices and people. It bridges the physical and digital worlds, driving innovations in healthcare, transportation, and urban planning. As IoT continues to evolve, its potential for future innovation remains immense.


    For Engineering students and professionals with technical skills, IoT offers a great set of opportunities to build a long term career. In this blog post let us look into IoT trends and how engineers can leverage and build a career around it.

    Top IoT Trends: Leading the Way in IoT

    According to us following are the top-5 trends that is playing a crucial role in making mainstream adaptation of IoT.

    1. Edge Computing and Its Rising Importance

    Edge computing is vital for IoT devices, handling large data volumes by processing data closer to the source. Rather than sending the data to the cloud and getting it back, processing them locally will speed up decision making in the devices side.


    For example, self-driving cars rely on this technology to make split-second decisions, processing sensor and camera data instantly. This capability is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicles, as they must continuously analyze their surroundings and respond to dynamic road conditions in real-time.

    Fig 1: Edge computing use-case in IoT Automonous Car

    Here the data is stored and processed in the IoT edge rather than going all the way upto the IoT cloud. This results in faster decision making which is critical for use cases like self-driving cars.

    2. Integration of Artificial Intelligence with IoT

    Combining AI with IoT enables devices to learn and adapt, creating smarter systems. AI-driven IoT can predict maintenance needs, optimize energy usage, and enhance decision-making.

    best iot training institute in india
    Fig 2: Ecobee's smart themostat

    For example, Ecobee’s smart thermostat use AI to learn user preferences and adjust home temperatures for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. This not only saves energy costs but also provides a personalized experience for users, making homes more comfortable and sustainable.Overall this product alone aims to save upto 23% in heating and cooling costs. The combination of connected IoT along with machine learning enabled AI models is making such things possible.

    3. Growth of 5G Networks and Its Impact on IoT

    The expansion of 5G networks offers faster data speeds and more reliable connections, supporting the proliferation of IoT devices and enabling complex applications.


    For instance, 5G will enhance smart cities, allowing real-time monitoring of traffic, environmental conditions, and public safety systems.


    With 5G’s low latency and high bandwidth, sensors and cameras deployed across a city can instantly communicate data to central systems, facilitating immediate responses to traffic congestion, pollution levels, and emergencies.

    4. Enhanced Security Measures for IoT Devices

    Security is a critical concern as the number of IoT devices continues to grow exponentially. With the vast amounts of data generated and exchanged by these devices, ensuring the integrity and privacy of this information is paramount. Robust security protocols are essential to protect IoT networks from cyber threats and unauthorized access.


    Blockchain technology is increasingly being leveraged to enhance IoT security. A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that records transactions in a secure, tamper-proof manner. Each transaction is cryptographically linked to the previous one, creating an immutable chain of records.


    For individuals seeking to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field, IoT training is crucial. Emertxe’s IoT training in Bangalore offers comprehensive programs that equip professionals with the skills needed to thrive in the IoT industry. Embracing the latest advancements and best practices, the best IoT training institute in India ensures that learners are prepared to tackle the challenges and opportunities presented by the IoT landscape.

    Career Building in IoT - Educational and Training Programs

    As mentioned above use cases and much more is happening in the IoT world. This is resulting in many new age job opportunities getting created in multiple domains. In the digital age, jobs are getting very specific, hence having right set of skills become critical. We at Emertxe is been a long term player in offering high quality education programs over the past two decades. Our IoT program is no different,where we train tomorrow’s engineers to take up new age IoT jobs.


    Let us look into some of the highlights of our course.

    1. Overview of Emertxe's IoT Course

    At Emertxe, we’ve been immersed in IoT for years, both in product development and education. As seen above IoT encompasses a broad spectrum, from sensors to applications, making the role of an IoT engineer multifaceted. However our IoT course focuses on programming aspects of IoT Embedded Systems and integration knowledge of the application side.


    Our course addresses this complexity, preparing students for roles as Embedded IoT developers and Application IoT developers, ensuring they’re equipped to handle end-to-end solutions effectively. For those seeking comprehensive IoT training in Bangalore, Emertxe stands out as the premier destination.


    Here is the picture that depicts the skill-sets and capabilities you will be building by taking up our course.

    best iot training institute in india
    Fig 3: Emertxe IoT Course - Skill-set and Capabilities

    2. Online IoT Course Delivery - How It Works?

    Our six-month Online IoT Course prepares you as an industry-ready IoT Engineer through a practical, hands-on approach. It includes:


    • Live Virtual Classes: Interactive sessions led by expert instructors.

    • Recorded Videos: Self-paced learning with video lectures.

    • Intervention Sessions: Lab sessions for assignments and projects.

    • Doubt Clarification: Individual online sessions for specific questions.

    Along with the best in class delivery and mentor support, you’ll have access to our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) with:


    • Videos and Presentation Decks

    • Assignments and Projects

    • Practice Exercises Learn from anywhere and gain the practical experience needed for a career in IoT.

    Here is the video which gives overview of our various IoT course modules and how it is different from our Embedded Systems Course.

    3. Placement Opportunities

    Emertxe’s placement cell has partnered with over 1,300+ companies across various sectors, including Embedded Design Services, MNC R&D Centers, SMEs, and Start-ups.


    These companies hire our students regularly due to their industry-ready skills, reducing ramp-up time by at least 50%. They operate in diverse verticals such as Automotive, IoT, Robotics, AI, offering roles in Embedded Software development and validation.


    Many students secure positions in multiple companies, highlighting the effectiveness of our placement program. Completing your IoT training in Bangalore significantly enhances your employability.


    Completing your IoT training in Bangalore significantly enhances your employability. As the best IoT training institute in India, Emertxe ensures that students receive top-notch training and placement support, paving the way for successful careers in the IoT industry.


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing various sectors, elevating efficiency, productivity, and quality of life. There are emerging technical trends like Edge computing, Amalgamation of IoT with AI, Leverage of 5G network for faster processing, enhancing security which is making mass scale adaptation of IoT possible.


    However, to fully harness the potential of IoT, education and training play a crucial role. Emertxe’s comprehensive IoT training course in Bangalore is designed to provide students with holistic training, covering both programming and application aspects of IoT. Through hands-on learning experiences and robust placement support, Emertxe ensures that students are well-prepared to thrive in the dynamic IoT landscape.


    By equipping them with industry-relevant skills, Emertxe not only makes students industry-ready but also enhances their employability in the ever-evolving IoT sector.

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    People Also Ask (PAA)

    IoT connects billions of devices, enhancing efficiency and decision-making across various sectors. It’s transformative in blending physical and digital realms, making IoT training essential to stay current.

    IoT training equips professionals with skills to design and manage IoT systems, keeping them updated with evolving technologies and preparing them for real-world challenges.

    AI enables IoT devices to learn, adapt, and make intelligent decisions, optimizing energy usage and predicting maintenance needs. IoT training in Bangalore covers AI integration.

    IoT enhances smart cities by optimizing traffic, monitoring environments, and managing energy, improving urban efficiency. IoT training in Bangalore covers these applications.

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