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Embedded Android System Development


Upskill yourself, Get ahead in your career

Hands-on learning

Showcase projects

15-20 Placement Drives/Month


Understand Android Architecture & Internals, Board bring-up and driver integration


Software engineers, Developers & System architects interested to Build embedded solutions on Android Framework


4 days + One month lab assistance


This unique course offers in-depth hands-on exercises, followed with intense project follow-up makes your learning complete. We are the first institute to introduce this course in India, thereby the best institute to learn android system development training.

  • An unique course that combines Android framework and Linux driver eco system/li>
  • Enables you to hook up devices (Sensors, Camera, Audio) into Android HAL
  • Understand system services and related interfaces for deriver integration
  • Understand code organization and build environment of Android
  • Gain familiarity with Linux device driver framework
  • Weekend option: Comfortably take time-off from your busy work schedule.
  • Workshop model: High stress on hands-on approach for quick ramp-up
  • Expert trainers: Delivered by industry experienced expert trainers.




  • An unique workshop combining Embedded Android + Android Architecture + Linux Kernel + Android HAL
  • Equip yourself to Build, Customize and Integrate new devices for Android in ARM based Embedded targets
  • Work on industry-standard projects and improve your profile – move to a new project or company
  • Connect with our senior mentor ecosystem, learn from them, achieve the vital growth to your stagnating job
  • Value for Money: Compare with www.opersys.com/training/embedded-android – Approx. USD 2300 per person
  • Experience Training more than 10000+ Corporate Professionals Since 2003
  • Post workshop, Have weekly on-line follow-up sessions* with mentor to get real-time intervention & support




  • To enroll Android system development and android HAL courses Bangalore
  • Call us at +91 809 555 7333 (Mobile), +91 80 4128 9576 (Office) and enroll
  • Simply send an email to [email protected]

*Structured schedule, For 45 mins per week, Total 4 times. This support is in addition to online support over emails and direct support in the training premises for 1 month

Course Features

  • Course duration 4 days
  • Daily Duration 8 hours (Class & labs)
  • Assessments Projects
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Mode Classroom delivery (30%) Practical labs (70%)
  • Support mode Online

There is a surge in number of sensors / devices that are getting connected under the umbrella of Internet-Of-Things (IoT). These devices need to be integrated into the Android system and accessed via applications, which is covered in the course. Our Android system development course curriculum over weekends with practicals ensures you learn all critical components to get started.

Key takeaways:

  • Setup your own Android build environment
  • Learn Android porting on Raspberry Pi – Boot your Android device in an Embedded target
  • Build a sound knowledge of Linux device driver ecosystem
  • Equip yourself to integrate a device driver on your own
  • Deep understanding of Android HAL and its hooking points for devices
  • Specific focus on Android Sensor Programming – Sensor, Camera and Audio HAL with practical examples

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Android Architecture
  • Android build environment setup
  • Android services overview
  • Android HAL (Audio HAL, Camera HAL, Sensor HAL)
  • Linux Kernel and driver eco-system overview


Following are the set of projects (sample set) which you will be able to work on your own Android device running in an embedded platform. These projects will give you necessary hands-on experience on embedded android internals, using which you will be able to further build on.

  • External camera device integration
  • Learn to integrate external sensors with Android Framework
  • Learn to integrate temperature sensor with Android Framework
  • Learn to integrate pyrometer with Android Framework
  • Learn to integrate magneto-meter with Android Framework
  • Audio integration
  • Learn to integrate Touch sensor with Android Framework


  • Good programming skills and proficient in C Language
  • Basic Linux Application programming (good to have)

Platform details:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or higher 64-bit system workstation
  • Beaglebone black or Raspberry Pi target board
  • External camera and sensors
  • Android 6.0 – Marshmallow

Akshata Patil
Akshata Patil
17:54 08 Jan 21
Hi,I am from E&C branch and i dint had much knowledge in coding but i was very much interested in Embedded systems.I found emertxe is one of the best embedded training institute. I personally feel i have gained lot of knowledge in programming and understanding embedded systems in deep for this i want to really thank for emertxe mentors who are kind and friendly with students which helped me to learn in a good environment. I would like to say that all mentors are really well experienced. And also during pandemic situation they provide virtual classes and it helped a lot.And finally i got placed in one of the core company, thank you for the entire team emertxe.I would defintely recommend emertxe institute for embedded systems program.
shashank d.pawar
shashank d.pawar
14:28 08 Jan 21
I am Shashank Pawar D completed my B.E. (Electronics and communication) in Vivekananda institute of technology. I had interest in embedded system domain so I joined one of leading embedded system training institute called Emertxe information technologies here I completed my embedded system course where learning atmosphere is very nice and all the mentors are well qualified and they will teach very nicely and they will clear all doubts they will take care of each and every student and the placement is really awesome and we get lot of opportunities. I got placed in in time tec vision soft Pvt limited.
Prajwal S
Prajwal S
13:52 08 Jan 21
I wanted to pursue my career in embedded field, so while looking for options I came across Emertxe. After a month I joined emertxe, pandemic started. I was worried about the future but emertxe helped in shifting training form offline to online and to make the best use of lock down times.The courses are designed according to the industry requirement. Mentors explain each topic from basics . Projects and assignments are also very relevant and help understand the topic. Very effective online tools are used to understand the concepts. Disha sessions are conducted to prepare for interviews.Now while doing the course I got placed in Intimetec. I'm thankful to emertxe for this great experience and learning.
Swizell Pereira
Swizell Pereira
12:29 07 Jan 21
I completed my BE from Don Bosco College Of Engineering Goa. After doing some online searching i came across Emertxe as i wanted to enhance my skills in embedded which turned out to be one of the best decision. The course is well designed covering all the required concepts ,always upto date and all concepts are taught from the scratch. Inorder to have hands on experiance we were given various assignment and Projects to work on. Due to pandemic i was shifted to online classroom which was almost equivalent to physical classroom. The mentors as well lab mentors are always ready to solve everyones doubts tirelessly, besides there were also many online doubt clearing sessions conducted.There were also several DISHA workshops conducted where we were trained in preparing our resume and facing interviews which is also important for placements.The placements in emertxe has always been good. Even during pandemic they got many multinational companies with good packages.Finally with my hardwork and emertxe's full support, i landed my 1st job in Intime Tec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd. Thank you team Emertxe.
shyamala selvaraj
shyamala selvaraj
10:44 07 Jan 21
Hi all,I am shyamala, have done my graduation from Institute of road and transport technology, I have joined Emertxe to start my career. There were 100+ placement opportunities.I got placed in "Intimetec visionsoft Pvt Ltd.,"Emertxe is very good place to learn and start our career life.Mentors are very helpful and motivated me to get a job.Emertxe is one of the best training institutes in Banglore.Thankyou Emertxe..
Himanshu Dadhich
Himanshu Dadhich
09:03 07 Jan 21
I am graduated from poornima college of engineering in 2016 and didn't get the perfect job as required. After working in two companies I have decided to join the emertxe online embedded program in August to get placed in a good company.Emertxe is one of the best institutes which gives the overall training that is required by the embedded /iot/software companies. From starting I have get the best support to learn the skills with lots of mentor's .Emertxe have specialized mentor's in each domain to train us.With best support from emertxe I have placed in a very good company Intimetec visionsoft pvt ltd in jaipur.I would suggest to all to join emertxe for the skills that required by the industries. It's the best place to learn and grow.
Arvind Bharat Jangre
Arvind Bharat Jangre
08:57 07 Jan 21
I thank the whole Emertxe team for giving the wonderful experience. I completed my B.E. from Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg and Joined Emertxe for Advanced Embedded system course to gain some real industry level skill. The course material are very helful. Every mentor in the institute are very helping.Thanks to Emertxe I got placed in Intime tec Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.Emertxe also helped me in this pandemic situation by thier online courses.Thankyou Emertxe team.
akilesh kurup
akilesh kurup
06:42 25 Dec 20
I am a EEE graduate from Loyola Institute of Technology and Science. I joined the institute on October 2019 for the embedded systems course, same year i passed out. Now i am placed in Samsung Semiconductors.The institute is very professional in all aspects, They have a good syllabus for freshers, they have great mentors who explain concepts in detail and will help us with our doubts without hesitation. Along with that lab sessions, assignments and tests helped me cement my knowledgeon alk concepts. I got placed during the pandemic.The institute had conducted online classes during the pandemic, after which we had received plenty of placement opportunities, including large MNC's. The support provided by the mentors and placement team is impeccable. I will suggest anyone interested in starting a career in embedded to join here.Huge thanks to the Emertxe team !!!
adithya sai
adithya sai
06:03 23 Dec 20
Hi all ,I have completed my engineering in saveetha engineering college after the college I have joined emertxe in embedded systems training.After the training I got job in HoneywellThe institute supported us even in the time of pandamic of covid-19I feel like the best decision I have taken is to join the emertxe
Duane Royed Dsilva
Duane Royed Dsilva
05:03 22 Dec 20
I've completed my graduation from Don Bosco college of Engineering Goa. To start my career in embedded systems domain I moved to Bangalore to join Emertxe and opted for Advanced embedded system course.Because of the Covid19 pandemic I got the opportunity to experience both offline (classroom) and online mode of learning. The quality of content and learning experience remained the same (ie excellent) in both the modes of learning. Disha workshops also played a major role in keeping my morale high during challenging times.By attending doubt clearing sessions and successfully completing various challeging assignments and industry relevant projects , I solidified my understanding of various technical concepts with ease.With my hardwork, perseverence, positive atttude (Frontend) and support from placement team of Emertxe (Backend) I got placed in Qualcomm.I would like to express my gratitude to entire team of Emertxe and my friends.
Joseph Justin
Joseph Justin
04:12 22 Dec 20
This is one of the best embedded training institutes out there.I graduated from St. Joseph's College of Engineering and Technology, Kerala in 2018. Since I was always passionate about programming, I started to look for a good quality institute. This let me to Emertxe Institute at Bangalore. What makes this institute different from others is that they are very transparent in their process.Every student who joins this institute will definitely get a good job through their placements. The placement process starts very early in the course, and you have ample time to prepare for the interviews.The mentors here are very helpful in solving any of your problems related to assignments or placements. Another great advantage here was the online class setup during the corona crisis. These classes were on equal terms with the offline classes in term of learning environment.I got placed at Qualcomm, one of the best companies in the semiconductor sector. All the mentors and my classmates jointly helped in the preparation of the interview.Huge thanks to the Emertxe team for their support and encouragement throughout the journey.
08:14 20 Dec 20
Joining Emertxe after graduating from BNM Institute of Technology in the year 2019 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.My desire to pursue a career in the field of embedded systems and the positive feedback and reviews about the institute encouraged me to enrol myself in the Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional course in October 2019.As a fresher, some concepts being taught were new to me but the excellent faculty and a well-organized course enabled me to learn and understand every topic with ease.I was eligible to apply for most of the placement drives after completing the Advanced C module in January.In the month of April, the transition from classroom to online learning happened. The DISHA workshop for interview and résumé preparation and the announcement of extension of placement policy kept us motivated during such unprecedented times.Adapting to online learning so quickly would not have been possible without the support of mentors both during the class as well as the after-class doubt clarification sessions.The Emertxe placement department ensured that we all got a good number of placement opportunities. I attended interviews at three companies before getting placed in Qualcomm.I am very grateful to the faculty, the placement department, the management and my friends.
Ratish Gopinath
Ratish Gopinath
04:02 19 Dec 20
Very good, Gets a deep knowledge about the skill learnt also project based on the every skill which is very useful during interview process. virtual classes dint cause any bad affect the staffs were always there to help.A lot of placement opportunities even during the pandemic period. I got in a well reputed company during this period.Top companies like Samsung, Qualcomm, Altran gives you opportunity through emertxe.
harshitha rajashekar
harshitha rajashekar
13:52 18 Dec 20
Hi all,I would like to thank the institute for getting and opportunity to get placed in Samsung Semiconductor company.I completed my graduation at RajaRajeshwari College of Engineering ,Bangalore. Later after 6 months of my graduation , I wanted to start my career in the Embedded domain ,at that time I got to know about Emertxe one of best embedded course training and Placements with the good company ,which made me to motive me to join this institute . This the best institution for all who are interested in the field of embedded system domain.In Emertxe I have experienced very much friendly environment and boost your technical Skills ,Due this COVID-19 situation it was online ,the teaching staffs and lab mentors helped to understand the modules and assignments ,if there is any doubt you can clear it by any time by talking personally with them, this helped me a lot in this COVID-19 pandemic and placement team encourage and helped me a lot to get placed in the company.In this pandemic situation also there gave training for resume preparation and interview preparation.This the best institution to start the career with Embedded domain with best teaching staffs, Lab mentors, Placement team.Thank you Emertxe for giving me an opportunity to share my experiences
Makesh Manthiram
Makesh Manthiram
11:45 14 Dec 20
Hi all,I joined Emertxe during this Corona Pandemic. Emertxe is Good place to learn embedded systems, Linux, IOT. If you put your efforts the institute will also put the best possible efforts in landing you, in your first job. They provide continues interview preparation session. I got placed in data patterns even after all this pandemic situation going around us. Thankyou emertxe.
Rekha Sreesailam
Rekha Sreesailam
15:18 11 Dec 20
First of all I want to thank Emertxe for giving me an opportunity to get placed in RAAD SYSTEMS INC in this pandemic situation.I have done PG in Commuication Systems from EASA College of Engineering and Technology in 2017.I was working in a different domain for 2 years then I thought of changing my career into core domain where I can develop my skills better. Then I joined in Emertxe. That was one of my best decision. Eventhough I have no experience in technical domain, I got placed in core company only because of the training and support from Emertxe.I am so greatful to all faculties, LAB Mentors and other staffs for the continues support through online classes even in this pandemic situations.
08:48 11 Dec 20
Emertxe was the best choice I made after my M.Tech.I have completed M.Tech from Govt Engineering College Thrissur, Kerala.I joined Emertxe when the covid pandemic started, but they provided best online coaching and the placement cell was really supportive. It helped me to get placed at Lekha wireless solutions.Thank you Emertxe team.....
Anjana Suresh
Anjana Suresh
17:16 09 Dec 20
Name: Anjana SureshCollege: Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Alappuzha (M. Tech): College of Engineering Perumon (B. Tech)Company: Eximius Designs India Pvt LtdAfter my masters in Embedded Systems, I was having no industry experience. I was working in entirely different field for 4.5 years. But I decided to resign my job for getting a job in core field. Thus I joined Emertxe. This was a best decision in my life. Even though I had such a huge gap from technical field, proper training from Emertxe made me a good programmer. All the faculty and lab mentors are extremely good. I did online course from here. Still there was no compromise in quality. Thank you Emertxe.
gokul gk
gokul gk
11:22 08 Dec 20
Hi all,I joined Emertxe after my graduation to kick start my career in the core field. I'm pretty sure that this will be the best decision.The staffs and lab mentors were so helpful and talented ,they help you even when the classes are over. This is the right place to boost your skills, lab sessions to practically implement the learning , weekly and module tests to know our stand, more importantly you'll work on hands on project that adds weightage in building attractive resume.Even though in this covid19 pandemic, training were very good through online portal, that in anyway doesn't differ from classroom training. If you give your best you'll sure land in a good company with an attractive package.Thanks to all the mentors, lab mentors, staffs and special thanks to placement cell for bringing in more companies and extending wide range of opportunities to the students. I'm happy that i got placed in EmbedUR systems, Chennai.
14:31 05 Dec 20
I completed BTech in ECE from College of Engineering Thalassery,Kerala. After that I decided to join in Emertxe to upgrade my skills. It was the best decision ,I have ever made. They helped us to develop industrial skills through giving Assignments and Projects in each module.Weekly tests and assignments made us understand concept clearly. Even in pandemic they supported us by conducting online classes, interview preparation sessions,resume building workshops etc. Online classes are very effective as that of offline classes.They were able to encourage us by giving many placement opportunities even in covid 19 pandemic.Teaching staffs,lab mentors, placement cell are very helpful and supportiveFinally I got placed in Honeywell Technology Solutions. I would like to thank whole Emertxe Team for giving me such a great opportunity
Shilp Bhoomar
Shilp Bhoomar
11:23 05 Dec 20
Hi all,I joined Emertxe after 1 year of my graduation. To start my career in the field of embedded, joining Emertxe was the best decision i have ever made . Emertxe is one of the best institute for all who are interested to learn and develop their skills in Embedded and Software domain.All teachers and mentors are very supportive and give their best guidance us to get placed in a good companies. In this pandemic the online classes and labs were very effective and gave us good confidence in this tough time.i got placed in Honeywell company.Thank you all for giving me this great opportunity.
KIRAN techie
KIRAN techie
17:36 03 Dec 20
This can be one of your best decisions in choosing emertxe after graduation. If you put your efforts the institute will also put the best possible efforts in landing you, in your first job. I am placed in data patterns even after all this pandemic situation going around us. Thankyou emertxe.
Amol Vijay Boraganve
Amol Vijay Boraganve
05:58 01 Dec 20
Good place to learn embedded systems, Linux, IOT. Teaching staff is good and well responsible, lift is there to go to upper floor where classes are there. Well maintained and covid 19 precautions are well followed.
Monisha Priya.G
Monisha Priya.G
14:54 28 Nov 20
Hi there,I joined Emertxe after my graduation. To start my career in the field of embedded, joining Emertxe was the best decision i have ever made . Emertxe is one of the best institute for all who are interested to learn and develop their skills in Embedded / Software domain. The teaching staffs, the lab mentors, placement department, admin, each and every one are very supportive and give their best guidance to have a proper track to get placed in a good companies. In this pandemic the online classes and labs were very effective and gave us good confidence in this tough time.On the whole with their excellent training and good placement cell i got placed in Intime Tec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd.Thank you Emertxe for such a great opportunity.
Aishwarya Haval
Aishwarya Haval
15:05 26 Nov 20
I have done my graduation from S.G.Balekundri Institute of Technology Belgaum from VTU university.After completion of graduation I have decided to join "Emertxe" to upgrade Industrial skills. It's an institute where you can boost your technical skills, and also I have experienced very much friendly environment. They will cover all the modules and the projects which are necessary for the placements. Faculty and mentors have helped me whenever I arised with the doubts.During pandemic COVID19 it was tough to get placed and I was litrally panic. But Emertxe has always motivated and carried online sessions in this tough situation and made it possible to get placed.Finally I got placed in the in one of the best company "HONEYWELL" . I want to thank placement cell and whole team of Emertxe. They are doing great work.But at last its our Hardwork and having Hope is very much important. It was nice sharing my experience Thank You.
Priya Ashok
Priya Ashok
18:14 05 Nov 20
I have completed my engineering in AMC engineering college , then joined this institute for training , mentors thought us well and in time assignment evaluations helped us lot , at this pandemic situation their online teaching was the best , even in this situations we use to get drives to attend with many companies , good placement assesments, your hard work pays here and now I got placed in invendis technologies, thank you emertxe ❤️
gautam aaryan
gautam aaryan
17:00 05 Nov 20
Emertxe is the best place for an aspiring engineer who wants to achieve in Embedded systems.I truly had a fantastic learning experience in Emertxe.From offering skill based training to full fledged placement support, Emertxe offers the best to its students.After graduating from Kongu Engineering College as EEE engineer in 2016, I worked in IT.After realizing that It wasn't my cup of tea, I desired to pursue a career in Embedded systems.I chose Emertxe and I am really happy about my choice.The mentors in Emertxe are friendly, motivating and supportive in every step towards progression.Emertxe provides a comfortable learning environment which urges the students to even learn after regular classroom sessions.Being an experienced candidate from different industry, I never even thought of getting an opportunity to attend the top tier companies but Emertxe made it possible with its training modules, assignments and projects.I worked very hard on completing the assignments, doing additional projects.After realizing my thirst for learning, Mentors motivated and supported me to complete more projects apart from those offered in syllabus.I completed 8 projects which earned me a token to attend top tier companies like "NXP semiconductors".One can understand the real struggle behind securing a job in this unprecedented time of COVID-19, But Emertxe promised their students to offer online sessions, interview prep sessions, resume building session and even bought a bunch of great companies to ensure students settle with a job.After facing few rejections, finally I landed with an opportunity in Invendis Technologies Pvt Ltd with a great package.I take this moment to extend my sincere thanks to Emertxe for paving me the way into my dream career.
Sidhartha Bhati
Sidhartha Bhati
05:57 24 Oct 20
After completing my graduation from Govt. Engineering College Bikaner I went straight for Emertxe as it provides every student a complete environment for kickstarting their careers, the mentors and placements process is very lucid advantageous of that I got placed in Intime tec in post Corona period which implies their quality of care.
pavan kumar
pavan kumar
08:01 22 Oct 20
I have done my Post Graduation from Andhra University. Then i joined Emertxe for training and jobs opportunity in embedded systems domain.I got placed in NXP semiconductors. The training course is well designed as per industrial needs and the process of training is very good (From mentor training class, tests on each modules and projects on each module). Specifically Modules tests (variety of questions) were very helpful in clearing the written test conducted by the companies and Projects were really helpful in clearing further rounds of interview. Mentor support is very good (clearing doubts).
Shreyas S Mayya
Shreyas S Mayya
11:04 21 Oct 20
I joined Emertxe after completing my BE in EEE from UVCE, Bangalore.Here all the skills required to become a successful software/embedded engineer were thought very well from the basics. Amidst this pandemic, the classes as well as lab sessions were conducted online very efficiently and the mentors made us understand the concepts and also solved all our doubts.As a result of their excellent training and very helpful placement cell I landed a job in IntimeTec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd.I am very happy with this course and would recommend this to everyone.
jeeva mariya christobar
jeeva mariya christobar
05:33 21 Oct 20
First of all, I want to thank “Emertxe” for giving me an opportunity to get place in “NXP semiconductors” company.I completed my UG from “PSNA Institute of Technology” and was willing to start my career in Embedded domain, So I was searching for the right institute and I came to know about “Emertxe”. I joined “Emertxe” hopefully. They gave me generic set of modules which were needed in any Embedded systems. Along with that, the training provided by mentors in the Labs as well as in Classes is in very depth manner. So as to have very deep knowledge in modules. I’m sure that, anyone with true interest to learn here, can become expert in embedded systems. Because the training and tests provided here is in such a manner to have that much deep knowledge.I got placed in “NXP semiconductors” during this COVID-19 pandemic period. This is happened only by the continuous online classes conducted by “Emertxe”. Even in this pandemic period, they never failed to provide online classes and tests. I like to thank “Emertxe” for providing this continuous training and support.Beyond Technical classes, DISHA training classes were also provided on Non-Technical things such as resume building, how to face interviews, DOs and DON’Ts during Interviews etc. even in this pandemic period also.As a fresher or a person to enter into embedded domain, “Emertxe” is the best choice to get expertise and to place in an embedded company.
Kavya Manjunath
Kavya Manjunath
06:04 20 Oct 20
I joined emertxe on sep 2019. I passed out from Rajeev Institute Of Technology and I got placed in Intimetch visonsoft pvt ltd. It was a great experice at emrtxe ,mentors over there are professional and there way of teaching is very good. In this corona pandemic it is very difficult to get placed but emertxe brought more and more companies which made my confidence high. During this corona , classes were conducted online they tought more effectively even in the pandemic. I thank everyone in the emertxe who helped me to start my career in good company.
Pratap Cr
Pratap Cr
05:55 20 Oct 20
Thanks Emertxe for giving this wonderful experience.I have completed my B.E in Sri Shakthi Institute of engineering and Technology and I have joined Embedded course in Emertxe right after.The courses are right from the scratch and The help offered from the mentors are a way lot.The tasks and assignments helped me to improve myself.Emertxe helped me to build myself and Thanks to Emertxe as I have placed in a Wonderful company like Intimetec Pvt Ltd,Banglore.Emertxe have helped me a lot in this pandemic situation too by their online courses.Best Place to Improve yourself.
amrutha varshini
amrutha varshini
04:57 20 Oct 20
I completed my BE from SJCE Mysore. I joined Emertxe in October 2019. This is the best training institute with hightly skilled mentors... Even in pandemic situation Emertxe was able to provide us online coaching and excellent placement support.Because of this I successfully completed my course and also got job in a company called In time tech...and I am grateful for this opportunity.
Shreeja Narayan
Shreeja Narayan
04:29 20 Oct 20
I completed my MTech from Malnad College of Engineering Hassan... I joined Emertxe in Oct 2019, after 4 months the lockdown started and everything was shut down.. But Emertxe was able to provide us online coaching and excellent placement support even in the pandemic..Due to Emertxe I was not only able to complete my course but also got place in a company called InTime Tech.. and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity...
niveditha d
niveditha d
04:19 20 Oct 20
I completed my graduation from Gopalan College of Engineering and Management.I joined this institute to start my career in Embedded domain. I had an amazing experience in emertxe.The service provided from registration to training was excellent.The trainers are extremely professional and pleasent to learn from, willing to help any student at any anytime.The online class delivery was very well done during pandemic. The classes were very clear and detailed.You will be challenged to open your mind and learn new ideas. Also you will be supported every step on the way not only by the trainers but also by the management.I would strongly recommend it to others who require additional software skill.I have learned a ton. Thank you Emertxe.
03:43 20 Oct 20
Hello there,I am Akshata Angadi an old student of Emertxe I graduated from VTU University , I had taken ECEP course in 2019 batch and placed in company called Intime Tec VisionSoft Pvt Ltd if you are willing to do course in Embedded platform then you are at correct place , Taking course in Emertxe is one of the best decision I have ever made in my career the teaching staff , the lab mentors, placement department each of one are very supportive even in the global pandemic situation , they supported us guided us and made sure that all of us can reach any time for our queries and provided with best online classes and labs .over all the best training institute I have joined and i am very satisfied with the quality of the courses i have taken in Emertxe All the best.
Sahana H S
Sahana H S
03:31 20 Oct 20
Hello , I am Sahana firstly thank you to Emertxe institution for wonderful opportunity I got place in IntimeTec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd. I completed my B.E in Jawaharalal Nehru national college of engineering shivamogga in stream of ECE then I joined Emertxe institution For Embedded Course. This institution gives me how to code,how to communicate and how to behave like professional and I learnt more things from this institution. The mentors in institution are teaching very well and they are concerned about all students should be learn very well. Because of them I learnt how to code very quickly. Once again Thank you for mentors and placement managers for this support.
Saidas S R
Saidas S R
16:41 19 Oct 20
I have completed B Tech for Govt. Engineering college, Kozhikode and M tech from Govt. college of Engineering Kannur in the year 2014, after that I have worked as an assistant professor at College of Engineering Vadakara, then I joined the course Embedded IoT in Emertxe to switch my career to Embedded domain and got placed at Botsync Technologies Pvt Ltd.Regarding the course -* Systematic Course syllabus.* It has given equal importance to theory and lab session.* Sufficient number of hardware device so that everyone will get hands own experience. * Over 50 assignment for C programming alone which is enough to understand C programming.* Emertxe mentors are always there to support and help.* Only negative I felt is there is no RTOS and data structure class for Embedded IoT batch which is there for Embedded system batchRegarding conveyance/Infrastructure.*The institution is located very near to MG road metro station.* All the classrooms and labs are fully air-conditioned* Digital classroom.In addition to that, they provided DISHA session which helps me to understand Do and don't while writing a resume, How to prepare for interviews, how to attend interviews effectively.During the initial days of the pandemic, few placement activities have happened, Many students including me are frustrated, that time Emertxe has conducted online DISHA session which motivated and brought the positive vibes in students that actually helped me a lot. Over the last few months placement activities are happening in full swing.Thanks to their placement department I was able to land my first job in the embedded domain and achieve career transition even though I passed out in 2014 with teaching experience.
Sai Kiran
Sai Kiran
11:39 19 Oct 20
Emertxe is one of the best institutions in Bangalore. For who all are interested to learn and develop their skills in Embedded domain, there are excellent teachers who trains you everything from the scratch to understand the concept perfectly, and some teachers will push you harder to develop your skills to the industrial standard. There assignments, projects and weekly test will help you understand the concept clearly.During the covid-19 pandamic situation they also started the online training courses.And also giving online classes along with resume building and how to prepare for an interviews.Finally about the placements, they provide the best opportunities in several Embedded Companies. Packages may vary from low to high, based on your performance you will get the best package. I got placed in nxp semiconductorThank you Emertxe
sumanth s
sumanth s
06:35 15 Oct 20
Excellent Institute helps in boosting your skills, and it is the best place to learn and improve the programming skills and embedded technologies along with good hands-on experience on projects.I completed my Graduation and willing to start my career in the Embedded systems, then I came across the Emertxe institute, where I found excellent expertise, and all the staff was well-mannered. Even during the pandemic situation, Emertxe consistently worked on delivering online classes, interview preparation, and placements.Emertxe has a got nice placement cell, and they provide you opportunities where you get a wide range of companies. Finally, I got placed in Plintron Technologies, and I would like to thank the Emertxe team for the support.
Mayank Goud
Mayank Goud
18:20 12 Oct 20
First of all ,I would like to thank Emertxe for having me placed in an amazing core company like Symmetric Technologies Ltd.I Completed my Graduation from University institute of Technology Barkatullah University, Bhopal . I joined Emertxe after my Engineering. If you give your best and parallely follow classes, you will gain enough knowledge to get placed . Even during pandemic Virtual Classes, workshops, Interview preparation classes were done regularly online.
Sachin Devadiga
Sachin Devadiga
08:34 10 Oct 20
I joined Emertxe after a week long assessment about the institution's academic curriculum, placement assistance support, the types of hirers visiting the institution and reviews from alumnus to pursue a career start in the embedded domain and I must say, it has been a privilege to have started my journey from here. The class room facilities, the individual attention given by the mentors to help you excel in respective subjects, the pre -placement trainings to help you experience the interview environment, the unrelenting assistance from the placement department to get you hired is just top class. During this unprecedented times, wherein employability is at it's lowest, Emertxe has managed to get their pupils placed in leading companies with their online classes and trainings.If anyone wants to start their career in the embedded domain, Emertxe is the place to start and along with the exceptional training that you receive at Emertxe, I'd encourage you to learn and make your own projects with the conceptual understanding that you gain from the institution thereby placing you in a league of your own during placement activities."Learning has no end"- this veracious statement is the epitome of the embedded domain. Understand this and you shall savour the fruits that embedded domain has to offer.
Rajarajan R
Rajarajan R
02:26 26 Sep 20
Emertxe is one of the best training Institute in bangalore which takes me one step ahead . Am 2017 passout student rom k. S. Rangasamy college of technology placed at symmetric technology pvt. Ltd. Emertxe trained us more practically which gives more confidence . Thanks to all emertxe people.
Next Reviews

Emertxe is in the process of building its Technical Resource Library that will go LIVE soon. It contains Course materials, Sample programs, Real-time projects and a bunch of Job based interview questions to crack your interviews. Watch out this space to get more details.

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  • Lesson 1 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 2 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 3 – Sample Text
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  • Lesson 5 – Sample Text

Schedule – Embedded Android System Development

Embedded Android Weekend workshop – For working professionals

Embedded Android System Development22, 23, 29, 30 June – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now

Other Weekend workshops – For working professionals

Embedded Android System Development22, 23, 29, 30 June – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab Assistance
Register Now
Linux Systems & Basic Shell Scripting29, 30 June – 20192 days + 2 Weeks Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Advanced C / Embedded C6, 7, 13, 14, 20 July – 20195 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Micro-Controllers21, 27, 28 July – 2019 & 3 Aug – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Data Structures4, 10, 11 Aug – 20193 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Linux Internals & Network Programming17, 18, 24, 25 Aug – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Embedded Linux on ARM (ELARM)31 Aug – 2019 & 1, 7, 8 Sept – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
C++14,15 Sept – 20192 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Qt Application Programming with C++21, 22, 28, 29 Sept – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now
Linux device drivers1, 2, 8, 9 June – 20194 days + 1 Month Lab AssistanceRegister Now

Co-created with top notch companies

Emertxe training programs are co-created with companies who are building real-time solutions. Our tightly integrated model with companies ensure we teach what companies actually want. Have a look into what some of them have to say.

Emertxe student performance was Excellent

Our interview rounds were extremely rigorous. Emertxe students performance was excellent during all 3 rounds of F2F interviews. Though they have 6 months training background, interviewers mentioned that their performance was equivalent to 30 months experienced engineers. This immensely saved ramp up time of the team. Emertxe approach of focusing on the core knowledge along with the attitude-transformation is commendable. Looking forward for long term association with Emertxe.

Sai Madhav P

Director of Engineering, Aricent (An Altran Group)

Very Commendable Performance

Emertxe has helped us strengthen our team with talented new engineers. The recruits though fresh grads from have shown excellent confidence in handling our projects, very commendable performance especially since we work in niche space. Emertxe service and personal attention is extraordinary. We are expanding and Emertxe will surely be a part of our plans. Our thanks to the dedicated team at Emertxe and wish them all the best.

Ashwini Subbaiah

Manager, Human Resources, Chelsio

Very Good Knowledge in System Programming

We have been engaged with Emertxe for fresher’s hiring and corporate training since couple of years. I find the trainers in Emertxe are very qualified and committed. The students from this institute comes with very good knowledge in system programming. They excel in their assignments. They are hardworking , always eager to learn.

Keshav Karunakar

VP – Engineering, PathPartner Technologies

Have Good grasp over the subjects

Our company SHARP Software Development India Pvt Ltd. is a division of SHARP Corporation, Japan and a CMMI Level 5 organization. We are front-runners in the printer products and hence strongly rely on embedded programming. We had some fresher openings in Embedded Systems. Thus, during research we came across Emertxe institute and it proved to be very fruitful as we hired candidates from here. These candidates had a good grasp over the subject expertise they underwent during their course under Emertxe and are proving to be a valuable asset till date. We wish this institute to keep evolving and adapting to the future technological trend and be producing good candidates like always, every year. This immensely saved ramp up time of the team. Emertxe approach of focusing on the core knowledge along with the attitude-transformation is commendable. Looking forward for long term association with Emertxe.

Sagar Madalagi

HR - Sharp India

Knowledge to Skill Transformation by Emertxe

Skilled workforce is the desire of any company. Our system of education system has not aligned itself to cater to this requirement. The industry needs more players like Emertxe who not only understand technology, but also understand how to convert that knowledge quotient into skilled resources. Best wishes to team Emertxe.

Srinivas AN

Regional Head - South - ESSCI (Skill India)

Substantial Contributions by Emertxe Students

Thanks team Emertxe for providing us with good quality candidates to fill important positions at NXP over the last couple of years. The engineers who joined different teams ramped up quickly and are making substantial contributions in Dev, Test and Tools teams. This was possible only because of high quality training (with emphasis on fundamentals) that was imparted to engineers during their stint, while undergoing embedded systems course at Emertxe.

Anish Damodaran

Technical Manager, NXP Semiconductors

Placement Company - Altran , Yocto Projects
Placement Company - Chelsio Communications
Placement Company - Path Partner
Placement Company - Sharp
Placement Company - skill India
Placement Company - NXP semiconductors

Course flow – Embedded Android System Development

Embedded Android System Development

Delivery Approach

  • Workshop based fast-track delivery
  • In-depth subject coverage by heavy hands-on and projects
  • Best institute to learn Android system development training

09:30 AM – 11:00 AMIntroduction to Android Architecture

  • History
  • Software stack
  • Directory structure

11:15 AM – 1:00 PM Environment Setup & Build

2:00 PM – 03:30 PM Board Bring-up

03:45 PM – 05:30 PMDebugging

09:30 AM – 11:00 AMAndroid HAL

  • Introduction to Android HAL
  • Understanding Android Sensor HAL

11:15 AM – 1:00 PMAdding support for a new sensor(I)

2:00 PM – 03:30 PMWriting Sensor HAL

03:45 PM – 05:30 PMVerifying New Sensor Support

09:30 AM – 11:00 AMAUDIO HAL

  • Android Audio HAL
  • Audio Architecture
  • Audio HAL interface


2:00 PM – 03:30 PMVIDEO HAL



  • Introduction to service
  • Inter Process Communication (IPC, AIDL, Binder)





Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Writing your first Driver

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

Character Drivers

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

File Operations

Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

A sample set of UpSkilling Projects

External Camera Device Integration – Camera HAL

Project brief

This project is based on writing basic camera HAL and external camera hardware module connected to GPIO pins. You should be able to view the image in camera preview and take a snap. The implementation can be tested with Java test application, which could be a album like application using which you will be able to view all the images captured using camera.

By the end of this project you would have got hands-on experience in build a camera based HAL and demonstrating an end-to-end user scenario. This would also expose participants with Video4Linux (V4L2) driver ecosystem.

Technologies used
  • Camera HAL can be written in C or C++
  • Linux
  • V4L2 driver shall be used

Integrating external sensors with Android Framework – IoT use-case

Project brief This project is based on writing sensor HAL for humidity and temperature sensor. The external sensor will be connected to GPIO pins. Enable temperature and humidity sensor at kernel level. Enable required permission to read the device files. You need to capture the humidity and temperature data at every 2 seconds interval and send it to system server.This project is aimed at providing practical exposure to participants on building IoT based use-case that starts with sensors and ends with a server application. By creating a sensor HAL you will get a real view of building IoT in Android.
Technologies used
  • Sensor HAL creation using C or C++
  • Sensors
  • Industrial I/O
  • Linux

Audio integration

Project brief

This project is based on writing basic Audio HAL using TinyALSA and TinyMix. Basically TinyALSA is a small library to interface with Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) in Linux Kernel that avoids supporting complex and unnecessary operations. TinyMix is a utility that helps to configure and test Audio related functionalities.The goal of the project is to enable you to configure volume and audio channel using an Audio application. This application should be able to

  • Play any mp3 file.
  • Record audio and playback
Technologies used
  • Audio HAL implementation using C or C++
  • TinyALSA
  • Industrial I/O
  • Linux

New product build setup for car head unit

Project brief

This project is to provide hands-on exposure in setting up a Android build system to create a custom / new product. In this case a car head-unit is being taken as a use-case, typically useful in using Android in Automotive based projects.This project will also expose you to some of the security related aspects by understanding SELinux.By the end of the project you should be able to compile the AOSP by

  • Modify makefiles, add relevant launcher
  • Modify relevant build files to add required permissions
  • Compile the sources and prepare SD Card to boot up the device
Technologies used
  • Scripting
  • Embedded system
  • SELinux

Adding a custom service by modifying Android framework

Project brief One of the key advantage of using Android over Linux is the ease in which new services that can be added and exposing APIs. These APIs will in-turn will be used by high level applications to perform required functionality.The main objective of this project is to expose participants with various layers of Android framework and making appropriate changes to create your own custom service. This means you should be able to modify system server, write a custom HAL, add required permissions and expose APIs to applications. By the end of this project you will be able to create you own service and expose APIs. You will also be able to appreciate the advantages of Android framework.
Technologies used
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Android</li

FAQ – Embedded Android System Development course

We are pretty sure you will have lot of questions before joining our Embedded Android Course. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at [email protected]

Course FAQ

Who should take up this course?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in understanding Android for system development. With advent of IoT multiple heterogeneous devices and sensors are getting integrated with Android devices which is further accessed by application for providing useful data / control information. In order to enable Android, system developers need to build an understanding of Linux Kernel, Linux Device drivers, Android HAL and Android System Services. This course exactly targets such audience by providing complete knowledge on the above mentioned topics.

What are the unique advantages of this training?

This course is a unique one, which approaches Android from system development perspective. When it comes to system development, it’s obvious that Android runs Linux Kernel internally, hence need to understand Linux kernel, Linux Device driver ecosystem, Android HAL and exposing device services as Android APIs, this unique course provides a complete view to add your devices into the Android ecosystem and have your application access the same. By the end of the course you will be able to develop a complete view of Android System Development. Emertxe is the first institute to introduce this course in India, thereby you will from learn best institute to learn android system development training.

I'm intrested in IoT aspects of Android. Will this course help me?

Certainly. This course covers different segments of industry, IoT is obvious one. IoT developers can benefit from the course by enriching Android system understanding from device integration point of view.
IoT is largely an umbrella where devices and applications work together to provide meaningful solutions. However from an embedded engineer’s perspective, it’s about interfacing new sensors / devices so that applications can derive more information and build an intelligence on top of it. This course exactly talks about how to ‘hook’ new sensors / devices into mobile/tablet or any other device running that runs Linux or Android. Hence a complete knowledge both from Android framework and Linux Kernel is required for the embedded developer for implementation.

In summary the course is ideal for developers who are involved or having interest in building Embedded IoT devices.

What platform you will be using in this training and why?

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or higher 64-bit system workstation, Beaglebone or Raspberry Pi target board, external camera and sensors, Android Marshmallow.

Why Android is emerging as a popular Embedded OS?

Android is an open source operating system primarily designed for mobile phones but extended to embedded devices such as Wearables, TV, and Car etc. Android gets strong developer community support. It is continuously improved by Google to penetrate different industry verticals due to which organizations save on development cost and get their product early to the market. Its licensing policies enable organizations and individuals to protect their intellectual properties (IP) as well.

You may want to look into Android Things and Android Auto to get a view of these vertical specific offerings from Android.

Is Linux knowledge required to take-up this course?

You don’t need to be expert in Linux to take-up the course. We teach basic commands and explain required procedures to compile and build binaries. It would be added advantage if you already have exposure to Linux.

Corporate Training FAQ

What process do you follow for customizing contents?

Once you send your high-level table-of-contents, our expert team will get in touch with you and understand following aspects:

  • Outcome to be achieved by the end of the training/li>
  • Target Audience and their current level of experience & expertise
  • Depth of coverage required for each section / sub-topic
  • Demonstration environment

After understanding detailed section level break-down will be given upfront and ensure expectations are set from both ends. Contents will be customized accordingly after this steps.

In summary, when it comes to corporate training we don’t take ‘One-size-fits-for-all’ approach, rather carefully design & deliver the program.

Do you offer any consultancy for my Android project requirement?
Yes. We understand Embedded Android is an upcoming technology where lot of corporate organizations require hands-on consultancy. For more details email [email protected]
Where can I buy the necessary hardware to practise on my own?

You would need a laptop or desktop for build setup and a development target board. Any decent configuration of development machine would help you to get started, however build compilation time will vary between them (refer previous question).

Target hardware can be any popular boards – Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino, DragonBoard, Firefly and Intel Joule. We use Raspberry Pi 3 boards for the training, which can be purchased from any of the popular websites. In case you may want to build a specific HAL based project that requires specific interfaces / accessories (ex: Sensors) you may want to purchase them as well.

Following are some reference links which you can check out:

  • Raspberry Pi3 – Starter Kit
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor for R-Pi
  • Raspberry Pi – Camera Board
  • Raspberry Pi – Touch Display
What projects can I work on after course completion?

There are many projects that you can work on based on the course learning. A sample list of projects are provided below. You can discuss with our mentors and take-up appropriate project. To start with individuals will be provided with a requirements & design documents, which you can read and start implementing the project.

  • External camera device integration
  • External sensor integration (ex: temperature / pyrometer / magneto meter)
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Touch sensor integration for mobile devices

Such project driven approach makes Emertxe the best institute to learn android system development training.

How working on these projects enhance my technical profile?

Our projects are designed based on practical industrial use-case, thereby you will be able to apply them in real time projects. On the other hand these projects are scoped well to be executed independently in a relatively shorter duration of time considering your other commitment. After working on them will give you necessary technical depth and application aspects thereby it will definitely enhance your technical profile.

Admission FAQ

How can I obtain admission for the course?
Admission procedure for our yocto embedded linux training course is very simple. Since this is a weekend course, watch out for the course dates in the website. Contact our admission office by calling them at 809555 7333 or sending them an email at [email protected]. They will be sharing you with all admission formalities and clarify any questions if you have as well.
How do I make my fee payments?

Course fee payment at Emertxe can be done in multiple modes. As a candidate you can opt any of the options [Cash / On-line Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Debit Card / DD]. If you are making On-line bank transfer , details are provided below.

After transferring the money, please contact us with the transaction ID or call us to facilitate it further.

Bank Name – HDFC bank
Account Name – Emertxe Information Technologies (P) Ltd
Account Number – 50200028428172
Branch – Church Street, Bangalore
IFSC: HDFC0001751


Click Here to Make an Online Payment

We need customized corporate training. How to take it forward?

In order to do customized corporate training, please send your requirements (high level table-of-contents) by emailing it to [email protected] Our course admission office will contact you and connect with our subject matter experts to take it forward. Our yocto embedded linux training course can be customized as per corporate requirements as per the business needs.

Who are the trainers?

Trainers (our mentors) for this workshop are professionals who have worked with various corporate organizations like Samsung, HP, Novell, Huawei etc, who bring in 12+ years of experience on average. Our mentors understand industry requirements very well in order to maximize the value. Added to that, our mentors are passionate about training, which enables you to write a device driver on your own by the end of the workshop.

What kind of expertise mentors have?

Our mentors have experience in building embedded systems products right from scratch to launching the product successfully in the market. This includes board design, OS porting, device driver development, application development, board support packages etc. Along with technology skills they also have domain skills like telecom, enterprise and consumer electronic segments that are successfully used in the market.

What is the mentor interaction provided during & post course?

During the class-room delivery, you will be getting hands-on support from our mentors in terms of face-to-face interactions. After that you will be interacting with mentors during intervention sessions where you can clarify your queries and doubts. Further to that they will be responding to your emails for the support duration.

Project Support FAQ

What setup needs to be done to create my own build machine?

Android build setup can be prepared with Linux or Mac OS machines. Time to build full Android Open Source Project (aka AOSP) would depend on hardware and software factors. Typically, it would take 9~12 hours to completely build AOSP with setup having Intel i3 processor, 8GB RAM, Swap partition >= 8 GB and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
You can refer Android Build Systems Requirements Link for more details.

I have a custom project requirement. Will you help?
It depends. If your project requirement requires minimal delta from our existing list of projects, we will be able to support you. However if the difference is large, it will not be possible to support. For any queries please feel free to email [email protected]
What kind of project support I will get after the course?

By the end of the project your mentor will be providing with a list of projects from which you can pick and choose one based on mentor’s suggestion. You will get 4 intervention sessions (via online tools) spanned over 30 days. Each intervention session will be pre-scheduled in consent with mentor and participant(s). These sessions would primarily discuss project details, progress and technical issues.

What do you mean by one month of lab assistance?

Linux Internals & Networking workshop is conducted on two consecutive weekends. Contents are delivered in a workshop manner, which is power packed. However to realize the real benefit of this workshop, participants need to work on some real time projects / assignments to make the learning effective. In order to support this need, we provide one month lab assistance after the course. During this period our mentors will be providing you support when you are facing difficulty in building projects using Linux system calls. This includes debugging issues in pair or clarifying your doubts using our online ecosystem. This way your learning will be complete & effective.

How will I benefit from mentor’s experience?

Since our mentors are industry experienced, they bring in practical hands-on approach in training. This not only makes individuals to learn a particular technology but also understand how it is being applied in the industry. With systematic approach our trainers will immensely beneficial for participants.

More Questions?

+91 809 555 7333

More Questions?

+91 809 555 7333

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