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Qt Application Development for Embedded systems

Qt Application development for Embedded Systems course
This workshop is aimed for professionals with Qt programming background who want to learn Qt Application development for Embedded Systems. Starting with Qt architecture for Embedded Linux (ARM based), this workshop focuses on develop, build, deploy and debug Embedded applications using Qt. Along with programming, Embedded specific areas like tool-chain creation, target booting and platform abstraction aspects are covered.

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Goal: Build good understanding about Qt for Embedded Linux and develop applications. By the end of the workshop you will be able to build, deploy and debug embedded applications using Qt on ARM based Embedded target.

Target audience: Working professionals who want to build Qt applications for embedded systems.

Duration: 2 days (One weekend) + One month lab assistance

qt for embedded linux course


Qt for Embedded Linux course overview:

  • Foundations: Build end-to-end knowledge of Qt application development for Embedded systems
  • Core concepts: Learn custom building, deploying and debugging Qt for Embedded systems
  • UI design: Interface/Read real-time data from sensors and create charts/graphs for decision making
  • IoT use-cases: Develop hands-on knowledge of using Qt for IoT use-cases
  • Weekend option: Comfortably take time-off from your busy work schedule
  • Workshop model: High stress on hands-on approach for quick ramp-up
  • Expert trainers: Delivered by industry experienced expert trainers

Admission procedure:

  • Call us at +91 809 555 7333 (Mobile), +91 80 4128 9576 (Office) and enroll

Qt for Embedded course syllabus details are provided below. These workshops start by building Qt architecture for Embedded Linux. Further this workshop focuses on various embedded aspects of Qt to make it running on an embedded target.

Key takeaways:

  • Setup and build your Qt project for custom embedded target
  • Learn embedded Linux Qt classes to power your Embedded / IoT use-case development
  • Setup Boot to Qt and using the emulator
  • Equip yourself with high end application Embedded development with ARM target
  • Standard open source hardware (BeagleBone Black Rev C) and software as platform

Topics covered:

  • Overview and architecture – Qt for Embedded Linux
  • Qt tool chain generation and installation
  • Create Qt project and application for target
  • Build and deploy your application to Embedded target
  • Run and debug your application on the target qt for embedded course syllabus
  • Qt for Embedded Linux class
  • Qt platform abstraction
  • Boot to Qt and emulator
  • Developing an embedded application using sensors
  • One month lab assistance


  • Good C & Programming Skills
  • Basic Hands – On Linux Usage and administration commands

Platform details:

  • Any Linux Platform supporting Qt (Preferably Ubuntu)
  • Kernel version – 3.x/4.x
  • BeagleBone (Rev C / ARM Cortex A8) as Embedded target

Qt for Embedded course start date is provided below. Flexible weekend embedded classes for working professionals, regular classes for students.

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