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Embedded Systems Course – DISHA – Soft Skills Workshop

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    Emertxe is one of the best Embedded Systems Training Institute in Bangalore, where we bring our differentiation factors in many ways. Our Embedded Systems Course is the first one to be certified by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under Electronics Skill Sector Council of India (ESSCI). Along with technical skills, we give attention to groom soft skills (in the name of DISHA workshops) for entry level engineers. As the name DISHA (direction) says we conduct many activities – Resume preparation workshop, Interview preparation workshop, Company specific coaching sessions, Individual counseling, Industry expert interaction etc.

    As a part of the industry expert interaction, there was a session organized on 13th December 2017 at our MG road office. The speaker was a renowned expert in the HR ecosystem. This blog post covers the event summary.

    Topic: Beyond The Horizon

    Speaker: Mr. Shama Sundar HS

    Speaker Profile:

    Mr. Shama Sundar has over 30 years of experience in the areas of HR, IR and Business Strategy. He has held senior positions like General Manager-HR and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Vee Technologies, Associate Vice President –HR & QUALITY at TSI VENTURES, Group General Manager – Karle Group of Companies.  Vice –President-HR & ER at Rangsons Ltd to name a few.

    He has served in 16 different Industries in the field of Services, R&D, Real Estate, Manufacturing, IT, ITES, BPO, Retail, Apparel, Healthcare, Hospitality & Electronics Manufacturing Services, Visual Media (TV) Sugars, and Corporate Strategic Business Consulting. He is a corporate learning and development specialist and a Keynote Speaker @ various Universities affiliated both in Indian and Abroad apart from being a guest speaker @ at various Technology and B schools across India, and also speaker at numerous symposiums, and has chaired at various national and international conferences and seminars across India.

    Summary points:

    Challenges come in multiple ways for fresh engineers. Due to industry-academia gap combined with lack of soft skills (ex: communication) opens up huge set of uncertainty about their future career. Having said that, effectively facing these challenges and coming out successfully requires strong character. In fact such attributes only defines an individual’s long term career. Mr. Shama’s talk focused on practical aspects of how to resolve challenges by pushing themselves beyond the horizon – going that extra mile, doing what was not done before, challenging status quo and making it happen.

    Mr. Shama’s talk started with introducing the ‘passion quotient’ which individuals need to discover by figuring out strengths and whole heartedly following it for lifetime. What external world perceives as ‘excellence’ is another name for an individual’s passion. Having said that, finding out that true calling is not that easy. Individuals need to consider multiple options, evaluate them, fail in some on the way before reaching the actual destination. Mr. Shama brought in lot of real-time examples from his wide range of corporate experience (ex: How a differently abled individual became a successful sales executive with a top notch company), which left participants with awe.

    He further delved into having the right attitude with strong orientation towards producing results for the job one individual takes up. He brought of various real-time case studies in terms of attitude which called out key aspects like  – Taking initiatives, raising issues early, bring part of the solution rather than problem, always finding innovative ways to solve the given problem, building good interpersonal relationship with colleagues, becoming a team player etc. He also reiterated how people with relatively lesser technical capability during the beginning of their career, eventually end up becoming huge success mainly because of their attitude. Case studies came from different type of industries – Manufacturing, Counseling, Recruitment, Software, Bio-technology and Civil engineering.

    The talk concluded with calling out human being’s basic quest of being happy. Following individual’s passion as their career will make individual’s happy and demonstrate excellence. It is a life-long, continuous journey which one need to pursue. This will eventually lead to reaching new horizons which is all about doing what is not done before. The session had multiple Q & A sessions from participants, which Mr. Shama clarified with crystal clear clarity. It was a full house session at Emertxe, we look forward to have more of such session going forward.

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