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    Emertxe is the prime provider of not only an education when it comes to embedded systems, but a whole ecosystem for any entity in the embedded domain to flourish. Over the last two decades, 90,000 students as well as professionals have been trained and upskilled through Emertxe’s embedded system courses.

    1,200+ placement tie-ups have been established, for students, through Emertxe, with top embedded companies to date. Emertxe has been able to bridge the industry-academia gap and do it well, with increasingly positive responses from hiring companies with which Emertxe has tie-ups.

    This insternship is in sync with AICTE recommendation, where third-year engineering students are asked to take up internships in order to gain hands-on experience, usually during their summer break. The goal is for these students to gain technical industry-relevant skills during a mandatory 4-week internship.

    Top engineering college students secure the best industry opportunities with a generous stipend. Tier 2 and Tier 3 college students lack exposure and foundational skills. Emertxe offers a free 4-week internship to bridge this gap, focusing on embedded systems and IoT domains.

    About Emertxe’s Embedded Systems Virtual Internship

    • Emertxe has provided internships to engineering students, but initially only to select colleges.
    • Extending the internship training and opportunities posed two challenges:
      1. Internships were limited to Emertxe’s premises in Bangalore, resulting in additional expenses and logistics for students, as well as limited capacity for selection.
      2. Students from Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineering colleges lacked foundational skills, hindering their ability to take advantage of opportunities.
    • To address the skill gap, the internship was tailored to include skill-building exercises and project-based execution.
    • Emertxe aimed to solve this problem by offering INR 1 crore worth of free online internships in embedded systems for 1,000 engineers.
    • The goal was to generate a talented pool of engineers to meet the industry’s growing demand.
    Fig 1: Virtual Internship
    • The 4-week internship offers a rigorous, hands-on monitored program with experienced mentors.
    • Students will receive education on various applications of embedded systems, including wearable technology, automotive, healthcare, and more.
    • The internship will focus on training students in product development using the SDLC methodology.
    • Students will develop their critical thinking skills while creating and implementing their embedded applications.

    Benefits of Emertxe’s Embedded Systems Virtual Internship

    1. Accessibility over the Internet from Anywhere

    Students from all over India and the world, from countries such as Korea, France, Kazakhstan and Germany, are taking advantage of Emertxe’s virtual internship program. Emertxe’s virtual embedded systems internships provide students with a unique opportunity to work through the program from anywhere while having access to the best learning mentors.

    2. The Programs Blended Skill-building and Project-based Education

    The internship will be graded based on attendance, quizzes and project output. Emertxe will provide its students with more than just the technical introduction to embedded systems, as shown in the image below. It also conducts soft skills training through its DISHA workshops and highlights relevant key industry trends in the embedded systems domain to provide students with the confidence and clarity on how to excel in interviews.

    Fig 2 : Types of phases

    3. It’s Completely Free with No Caveat or Hidden Charges.

    Emertxe’s passion to bridge the industry-academia gap allows it to reach thousands of students through the internet and to build its ecosystem. The internet provides a viable platform and business model in line with Emertxe’s goals and objectives in passionately providing embedded systems training to students all over the globe.

    Thus, Emertxe has decided to provide the virtual online free internship in embedded systems where students don’t have to pay anything.

    Enrollment Process for Emertxe’s Virtual Embedded Systems Internship

    If you are the head of your engineering college’s placement cell and would like for your students to enroll in Emertxe’s virtual embedded systems internship, then please contact us via email at, and with you with further details.


    If you are a student, then please click here to apply for Emertxe’s virtual embedded systems internship. You will be guided to an online form that will require you to fill out your details. As the virtual internship will be conducted in cohorts or batches, we will contact you shortly with further details of when the next cohort is scheduled to begin. The screening of the internship will take place through a written test.


    Upon selection, the student will be provided with an offer letter and as they progress with their enrolment, the study materials, mentor guidance, evaluation tests, completion certificates etc will also be provided.


    To sum up, the 4-week internship involves project-based learning, building sound foundational skills and representing them in an impressive resume. This makes Emertxe’s internship program unique for fresher engineering students willing to join the embedded systems ecosystem.

    Emertxe’s passion for bridging the industry-academia gap translates into providing the relevant training, knowledge and skills through practical hands-on learning and programming for students, which they can now add to their portfolio.

    If you are ready to expand your opportunities and join Emertxe’s embedded ecosystem virtually, then this internship is the right opportunity for you. It’s free and curated by the best talent in the industry with practical skills, laying the strong foundations for a successful career.

    Enroll today to launch your career with Emertxe’s virtual embedded systems internship and join the ecosystem to succeed in the future!!

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    People Also Ask(PAA)

    You can apply for this free online internship in Embedded Systems from the application form given in the website After the cut-off date, our team will send you an invitation for an online written test. Upon you successfully clearing the test, you will be inducted into the forthcoming internship batch.

    For this internship as a student you don’t need to pay anything. It’s our vision to contribute to industry-academia gap, which we have been doing for the past 18+ years in various channels.

    Typically, you will be working on a Embedded project building and end-to-end solution. These projects are created based real time use cases in domains like automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics etc. The project topic and selection will be done by the mentors, who will be communicating it once the program kicks-off. 

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