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MVJ College of Engineering – Industry Academia Conclave

Team Emertxe participated in conference panel discussions

One of the key challenges faced by both academia and industry is the fact that more than 80% of graduating engineers are not employable. Number of graduating engineers is on the raise for years together now, whereas many of them end up being un-employed for a long period of time or don’t get selected when they appear for selection process with an organization. The key differentiating factor is the right set of skills obtained in the right way. To identify challenges and solutions for this ever-growing problem, MVJ college of Engineering Bangalore organized an ‘Industry Academic conclave’ to come up with a collaborative approach to work towards solutions.


Emertxe was represented by its director Mr. Jayakumar Balasubramanian who was one of the panel members for the conference. Along with him there were a set of industry veterans who are working with organizations like SAP labs participated in the conclave by sharing their real-time perspectives and solutions to the problem. The panel discussions started with introductory notes followed by deep diving into solutions. This event was attended by more than 200 MVJ Engineering college students, professors, head-of-the departments and principal.

From Emertxe’s side Mr. Jayakumar proposed a model (which is working successfully in some of the premier institutes) by which students can be up-skilled with minimal infrastructure and management support from the college. This model primarily looks at practical problems faced by the college itself (website building, work-flow automation, intranet building etc…) and create cross-domain teams to solve them thereby exposing them with hands-on problem solving approach.


These students need to be hooked with external mentoring ecosystem for continuous flow of projects and technology mentoring, which naturally makes them employable. This model can be subsequently carried forward by next batch of college students with support from professors and management as a part of their internal ecosystem.


The industry academia conclave summarized actions items discussed and shared with the college principal for coming up with implementation. Overall it was a good knowledge sharing experience for team Emertxe, especially the problem (of industry-academia gap) which we have set out to solve!

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