Java Virtual Machine Architecture

An Architectural Deep Dive on Java Virtual Machine

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    Our mentors are subject matter experts in each specific area. As an initiative to share our knowledge and learning with broader community we have been contributing for various magazines, conferences and workshops.

    The Open Source For You (OSFY) is one the popular magazines in India, where we regularly contribute in terms of in-depth articles on specific subjects. The December 2014 edition is featuring two articles written by our mentors. Here is the first one on Java virtual machine architecture.

    Virtual machine, or virtualization, has emerged as a key concept in operating systems. When it comes to application programming using Java, platform independent value addition is possible because of its ability to work across different operating systems.

    The Java Virtual Machine Architecture (JVM) plays a central role in making this happen. In this article, let us delve deep into the architectural details of JVM to understand it better.

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