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Emertxe – NSDC Certified Embedded Systems Training Institute for Embedded & IoT Courses

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    Education always out stands in a human’s characteristics. Education is not about writing answers in the sheet. But the skill and knowledge an individual gains. Emertxe is the best place to gain skill and knowledge, which enables individuals to take the next step.


    Emertxe is India’s pioneer institute for  embedded systems courses, Linux and IoT training in Bangalore since 2003. Our Embedded training vertical has generated enormous pool of Industry ready embedded engineers. Learning is a continuous process.


    We always believe that there is no age or experience limit to learn. Hence we also offer upskilling courses for corporate organizations and working professionals.  With over 60,000 graduates trained since inception.


    We have another feather in our cap by getting affiliated with Skill India initiative. This initiative is taken by Government of India. Along with the role played by NSDC and ESSCI. Let us get more details on Emertxe and NSDC.

    What is Skill India?

    Skill has become a common denominator for success in today’s knowledge driven world. However skill levels are equal among all as it varies from person to person. In developing countries like India, with more than 1.2 Billion population, skilled manpower can bring in transformational changes.


    In order to harness the potential of this manpower, Government of India has launched Skill India initiative to skill Indian Youth. India is on the verge of dominant reforms and is heading towards the third largest economy of the world by 2030. 


    Demographically India is the youngest country. Where 62% of the population is in the working age group of 15 – 59 years and more than 54% of total population is below 25 years of age. Skill India holds a mission to skill 40 crore people. Skill India falls under the ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

    What is NSDC?

    • In order to implement the charter of Skill India. National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)has 39 sector skills operating under it.  
    • NSDC works based on public-private-partnership(PPP) model by partnering with skill curriculum creators, training organizations, assessment agencies and placement companies.
    • By creating such end-to-end synergy NSDC fuels skill development by catalyzing establishment of large, quality, for profit vocational institutions. 
    • NSDC also equips organizations with  funding to build scalable for manpower through training institutes.

    Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI)

    Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) is a Not-for-Profit organization, registered under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. The council is benefited by Six organization ie. CEMAELCINAIESAIPCA, MAIT & ELCOMA thereby creating a consortium of entire electronics ecosystem.


    ESSCI’s financial support is provided by National Skill Development Corporation(NSDC) The main vision of ESSCI is to enable a world class electronics manufacturing industry with an ecosystem for skill development and enhance employability of the large number of Indian Human resource.


    Thereby ESSCI is mainly for skilling the people under electronics domain. Under ESSCI various certification based course curriculum created from entry level (Diploma / ITI) to expert level (PhD holders) which provided a hierarchical levels.


    Emertxe and NSDC / ESSCI

    Emertxe is integrated with NSDC / ESSCI in the capacity of Training Partner (TP). Our existing training program, Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (ECEP) is with the following Job roles specified by NSDC / ESSCI.

    • Embedded Software Engineer – ELE/Q1501
    • Product Engineer – ELE/Q4201

    As per ESSCI’s terminologies it is Qualification Packs (QP), check out ESSCI- QP page to access complete QP details. Both courses come under level-5 as per the QP hierarchy with target audience as Engineers (BE / BTech / ME / MTech).


    We are very proud that Emertxe is the first institute to get affiliated under level -5 among hundreds of other Training Partners. Here is a diagram that calls out the overall relationship between Emertxe and Skill India initiative.

    How NSDC / ESSCI Affiliation Is Helping Our Students?

    By Emertxe becoming NSDC / ESSCI training partner, our students benefit in the following ways:

    • Certification : With alignment of our courses with ESSCI, our students will get certification from Government Of India. After completing our Embedded Course, ESSCI’s assessment panel conducts practical evaluation of our students based on which our students are provided with level-5 certification.By having this certification, it will open up larger long term career possibilities for our students. We are also glad to inform that Emertxe students almost had 100% pass rate in ESSCI’s certification exams. This again gives us testimony of our practical oriented training methodology.


    • Standardization: ESSCI curriculum constantly goes through changes as per industry requirements. This is very much in alignment with Emertxe’s training philosophy. This means our students will always be learning from the standardized curriculum as expected by the industry. Since the curriculum is skill driven, they groom themselves for specific job roles.


    • Ahead in the technology curve : Along with being a training partner Emertxe mentors are part of ESSCI’s Subject Matter Expert Group. This group constantly creates futuristic courses requiring advanced skills. For example recently ESSCI is in the process of rolling out an Embedded IoT course where our mentors are playing a significant part in reviewing and shaping the curriculum. In fact many elements of our Emertxe’s Embedded IoT course is already being part of ESSCI’s IoT course. With such expertise, these information and knowledge naturally gets percolated to our students. By close mentoring and knowledge sharing it ensures our students always stay ahead in the technology curve.


    • GOI’s Skill building focus is been commendable, which has direct impact on India’s youth.
    • It is a major step for developing countries like India. With specific skill development programs, it focuses on student empowerment in the whole nation.
    • This also encourages today’s youth to develop their skill and boost the confidence in them.
    • This will lead our country as an empowered country! We, team Emertxe are very glad that we took our step to the betterment of our country. Wanna see a better future in you and empowered India? Join us now!
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    People Also Ask(PAA)

    Skill India is a government initiative to enhance skill levels among Indian youth. With a massive population and the potential to become the third-largest economy, skilling 40 crore people is the mission.

    By equipping the youth with valuable skills, it aims to create a more employable and empowered workforce, contributing to the country’s progress.

    Emertxe, a pioneer institute for embedded systems and IoT training, is now an NSDC/ESSCI Training Partner. Students gain Government of India certification, industry-aligned courses, and mentorship from Subject Matter Experts.

    Empowering them for a successful future. Skill India’s mission aligns with Emertxe’s commitment to skill development.

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