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Open Hardware Deployment @ Emertxe

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    Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Open PIC boards, IoT kits – We are bring them all.


    In Emertxe we have been using our own self-learning kits for training our students in embedded system. While there are different set of architectures available we have kept one processor per subject. For example Micro-controller (PIC), Embedded Linux (ARM) and Device drivers (AVR) processors were used. These were custom designed boards by our design team and necessary software were leveraged from open source. We had advantages in terms of rich peripheral interfaces compared to standard boards, which provided enriched learning experience for our students.


    Having said that there were many open hardware that were available in the market. Some of the popular hardware includes multiple PIC based kitsRaspberry PiBeagle Bone etc. These open hardware evolve faster so as the software. In order to have a balanced approach Emertxe students are now introduced with these open hardware for learning similar subjects. Some more hardware evaluation are in progress, which will be introduced to our students as we take more steps towards IoT.


    We look forward and continue to adapt such changes to provide better learning experience for our students.

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