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Fresher Job Offers

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    Details on Fresher job offers received by our students

    In the past few weeks multiple companies have participated in placements. Avin SystemsPronto NetworksAK-AerotekOp-time Technologies have extended fresher job offers to our students, some of them have already started on their work. Few of them will be reporting to the work in the next week. Most of these companies have provided Embedded design engineer positions doing both development & testing responsibilities across various verticals like Aeronautics, Protocol development, Automotive etc.. As a part of team Emertxe we would like to congratulate all our students for getting fresher job offers.

    fresher job
    Fig 1: Placement data

    Apart from that our students have participated in placement process with Tismo TechnologyMindtree LimitedHuawei TechnologiesArada Systems for which we are still expecting / following-up on results. We could see significant demand for good Embedded systems engineers in the fresher job market. With IoT taking center stage of product development, we see Embedded systems development getting into altogether a different level.

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