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IoT & Embedded Systems Fresher Placements News: Jul – Dec 2019

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    Emertxe is India’s premier training institution for fresh engineering graduates wishing to pursue a career in core embedded systems and IoT. This year Emertxe will see the completion of the 17-year commitment to bridging the gap between industry and academia.


    Emertxe, Bangalore is India’s premier training institution for fresh engineering graduates wishing to pursue a career in core embedded systems and IoT. Established in 2003, this year Emertxe will see the completion of the 17-year commitment to bridging the gap between academia and on-the-job skills required by the nearly $15-20 billion Indian embedded systems industry.


    As market leaders, we are able to provide the correct mix of training based on demand and market-driven best practices which lead to successful placement opportunities for our students and ultimately materialize into job offers. Our mission is not only completed by imparting industry-relevant knowledge and practical skills to our students. Instead, it is completed when our students strive to reach their potential and this is realized by companies willing to invest in their potential by hiring them through on and off-campus recruitment drives conducted by our placement cell.

    Brief about H1 2019: Jan – June

    Let us take a brief look into our H1-2019 placement details. The placement drive for freshers in core embedded systems started on a high note with about 50 companies visiting Emertxe in the month of January itself. A wide range of companies participated, from start-ups, mid-sized companies to well-known multinationals.


    Emertxe was commended on its improved hiring conversion rate of 70%. This was achieved by our well-balanced curriculum between skills and knowledge of the entire embedded systems suite, assessment parameters and the constant support of dedicated mentors. 430+ placements companies participated in our placement activities in 2019.

    Brief about H2 2019 : July – Dec

    The second half of last year continued to see increased momentum among hiring companies. Emertxe focuses on the different landscapes graduates might find themselves in depending on the size of the firm they might join. In addition, the shifting paradigm from just technical knowledge and domain skills to an all-inclusive approach of soft and technical skills and knowledge are required by the firms of today.


    Emertxe sees 70% of firms are repeated recruiting companies, including multinationals. The top 10% of our graduates were seen to secure premium packages of up to 19 lakhs per annum in 2019. Let us take a look into company wise break down during H2 2019.

    Emertxe IoT and Embedded Systems Fresher Placements at MNC's / Large Indian Engineering Companies:

    Large Indian engineering companies like Sasken and MNC’s like HoneywellQualcommHuaweiAltran have successfully recruited students between July and December 2019 who have acquired qualifications from Emertxe. Embedded systems and IoT engineers from Emertxe are well-equipped with interpersonal skills, technical and practical knowledge needed to succeed and take advantage of the opportunities at MNC’s – extensive networking, ability to work on projects and ideas that benefit society at a global scale, in addition, better incentives for long-term stable career growth.


    We are proud to be able to provide our students with such strong foundations from which to launch and specialize in their careers. During H2 2019, Sharp IndiaNXP, Harman companies also hired significant number of our students.

    embedded systems fresher placements
    Fig 1: Big Companies

    Emertxe IoT and Embedded Systems Fresher Placements at Mid-sized Engineering Firms

    Mid-sized engineering firms offer greater exposure because they are not bound to the hierarchical structures of MNC’s or similar larger counterparts. We are able to provide those of our students who possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit with opportunities to work on multidisciplinary projects at mid-sized firms such as Integra MicrosystemsBrigoshaDanlawBluebird and Data Patterns.


    Our students develop a greater insight into the engineering processes in tandem with the dynamism of the business environment. Mid-sized engineering firms are leading the diaspora when it comes to emerging with innovative and cutting edge technological solutions.


    Hence, mid-sized engineering firms will be playing a central part in the future of India becoming the next innovation hub for IoT and embedded systems. We are very proud to see a significant number of mid-size companies prefer Emertxe as one of their key hiring partner when it comes to trained Embedded engineers.

    embedded systems fresher placements
    Fig 2: Mid Sized Companies

    Emertxe IoT and Embedded Systems Fresher Placements at Start-up Engineering Firms

    Start-up engineering firms like Agnikul CosmosThingtronicsUncanny Vision and Evobi Automations have provided the most expansive learning opportunities for our students by hiring our students. Not only are our students able to fulfill the requirements of their role, but are also a central part of the team that launched next generation innovative products and solutions.


    Although it might appear that the stakes are higher with start-ups, so are the learning and growth opportunities. Emertxe welcomes start-ups in embedded systems and IoT to hire our students. A range of start-ups from highly specialized niches – image processing, robotics, smart navigation, space and etc. recruited our students from July to December 2019.

    embedded systems fresher placements
    Fig 3: Start Up Companies

    Top 3 Trends Observed During H2 Jul – Dec 2019’s Placement Drive

    Trend 1 – Importance of Strong Conceptual Foundations During Interviews

    As with any discipline, having a strong foundation is the cornerstone for growth and development of ideas. The same is true for embedded systems and IoT, particularly as they are dynamic disciplines with new innovations – wearable technology, smart home devices, etc. The embedded systems and IoT industries are going to see unprecedented growth and evolution in this decade. Thus, companies hiring embedded system and IoT engineers are after those candidates who have a natural curiosity, can learn new concepts and connect them to basic principles learnt during their training. The analogy of adding LEGO blocks and growing conceptually in a modular fashion is similar to that of the growth of an engineering student’s skills during placement.


    To demonstrate the eligibility and secure placements that ultimately turn into job offers, candidates are required to demonstrate strong conceptual foundations during the entire recruitment process, particularly in interviews. This could be by means of a portfolio or previous projects the candidate has worked on and can hold a detailed conversation about. The knowledge of how things work needs to complement domain skills that demonstrate the candidate can build or implement a prototype for it to be implemented in the industry.


    At Emertxe, we provide students with the opportunities to build a strong portfolio of projects, an asset for their lifelong career because it demonstrates the application of concepts, vital to the success of any business or project. We provide the platform on which ideas can be built and improved through collaboration and communication. After all, being an engineer means having the ability to problem-solve and think out of the box whilst engaging in dialogue. This has resulted in the 100% retention rate of our students by firms.

    Trend 2 – Attitude Matters

    One of the key takeaways of the recruitment drive in the latter half of 2019 demonstrated that emotional intelligence is as important as technical knowledge and expertise. To be a prime engineering candidate for any firm, start-up or MNC, students need to be self-motivated and demonstrate a positive attitude. Engineers who are lifelong learners, can upskill and build from grassroots throughout their careers are prime candidates for engineering companies. It is imperative for fresher students who wish to secure the best engineering placement for embedded systems and IoT to brush up their basics and build to demonstrate their understanding, commitment, strong work ethic and perseverance to succeed.


    Adopting a growth mindset is the new mantra of the decade, although it has been practiced for years. A growth mindset is one that fosters the belief that one’s intelligence can be nurtured through learning and education. As an engineering student, you must be comfortable with challenges and be able to develop innovative solutions standing on your feet. The more you practice logical thinking, whether it be solving LEGO puzzles, building robots or designing more complex machinery to streamline processes. Inspire others with a growth mindset, to accept failures and strive towards success with dedication and hard work, to be empowered and empower others so we may all fulfill our destinies. The growth mindset also fosters great leadership potential.


    The key takeaway from the second trend is to have an adaptable and flexible mindset because attitude is altitude. A fixed mindset is akin to having a narrow-minded attitude to learning which would limit opportunities that would otherwise unfold.

    Trend 3 – Alternative Hiring Methods

    The final trend that we saw emerge from the placement drive in the latter half of 2019 (Jul – Dec) is that companies are increasingly employing alternative hiring methods to the traditional recruitment process – filter by qualification and interview. Companies are employing smart recruitment tactics that test the candidate’s ability to think on their feet and communicate on spot with technical fluency.


    The first alternative hiring method consisted of allocating a technical challenge to a prospective candidate upon which they had to prepare beforehand and present the solution during the interview. Candidates can do exceedingly well in technical challenges as they would have had time to prepare and learn the topic well. In addition, they would be able to showcase their communication and presentation skills and demonstrate their commitment and diligence based on the effort and research they have put in.


    The second alternative hiring method consisted of offering a three-month internship period prior to a job offer which was preferred by an increasing number of companies in the latter half of 2019. Although this practice has been around for a while, it provides companies and candidates to overcome the teething phase of employment in three months and to create a mutually beneficial work environment.

    Updates from Emertxe

    More and more companies are choosing ways to not only hire knowledgeable candidates but also personalities that can enhance the team. As Emertxe recognizes this need, it is taking the following steps:


    1. Increasing the mentorship support provided to its students – written and interviews.
    2. Merging its Intermediate and Advanced courses into one. More information to follow shortly.
    3. Our IoT course has also been recognized by the Skill India Program under QP ELE/Q1404 with the official course name as Embedded FullStack IoT Analyst. Experts in Emertxe contributed significantly right from curriculum design to becoming the first institute to get assessed with 100% success rate. We will share more details in a separate news item shortly.


    Emertxe had a successful placement drive at the close of 2019, setting the bar higher for the years to come. The key trends to note are that companies are adopting wholesome approaches when it comes to recruiting candidates. This not just include those with technical knowledge and domain skills but also interpersonal skills.


    Candidates will be required to have a conscious desire to succeed not only during the interview phase but commit to building their future with the companies they decide to land. The process of employment is that of give-and-take that needs to be mutually beneficial for both parties.

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