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Emertxe – India’s 1st NSDC Certified Institute Delivers Embedded IoT Course

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    Emertxe is India’s first National Skills Development Corporation’s (NSDC) certified institute to offer the best embedded IoT course with placement opportunities. The rising numbers and popularity of smart devices – interactive and autonomous are opening up more job opportunities Emertxe is India’s first National Skills Development Corporation’s (NSDC) certified institute to offer the best embedded IoT course with placement opportunities.


    The rising numbers and popularity of smart devices – interactive and autonomous which are connected by means of a network, like the Internet, requires skilled embedded IoT engineers to design and program the functioning of such smart devices.


    Hence, the Internet of Things (IoT) as the name suggests is about the interconnectivity of devices to the internet. OpenSource.com defines it as, “ A computer is attached in a way that it can read data from the thing and report to the Internet, and also it can receive commands and control the thing’s state.”

    Job Opportunities in IoT / Internet of Things

    The prospects for embedded IoT is limitless with the booming IoT industry growing at 62 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), estimated at $9 billion dollars in India, according to a study by Ernst & Young.

    The growing demand for embedded IoT engineers can be seen across job portals with 5,000 vacancies at a given point in time and the increasing competitiveness of packages for those that prove to have the right skill set, ranging for entry-level embedded engineers from 3 Lacs per annum (LPA) up to 19 LPA.

    The most important facet of embedded IoT will be the real-time data flow coupled with artificial intelligence, “as edge connected devices shift the paradigm from central clouds to decentralized, ubiquitous intelligence”.

    best embedded iot course
    Fig 1 : IoT Market size in India

    Skill India Initiative by Government of India

    The Government of India’s vision is to build a US$15b Indian IoT market and to create the landscape for India to hold nearly 5 percent – 6 percent of the global IoT industry. To make this possible, the Observer Research Foundation estimates India has the responsibility of skilling about 104.62 million fresh entrants in the workforce in the next four years, by 2022.


    The Government of India has set up a non-profit National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to oversee the funding and growth of multiple sectors in the economy through training and vocational courses. The Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) is one such non-profit entity, funded by the NSDC that promotes for-profit institutions to provide the electronics sector with the right skills.


    The ESSCI employs independent agencies like the Independent Qualitative Assessors Guild (IDAQ) that monitors institutions to ensure the adherence of best practices. The creation of ‘Qualification Packs’ (QP) and ‘National Occupational Standards’ (NOS) sets the bar for the crucial assessment of institutes and certified trainees who have been skilled. 

    Emertxe and ESSCI for IoT Courses

    Emertxe’s faculty are experts in their fields and part of the National Operations Standard (NOS) committee of ESSCI that defined the curriculum for the IoT course. Although, defining the skill-set for IoT is challenging as it exists at the locus of all technologies The Emertxe IoT course syllabus is developed in alignment with fulfilling NOSs ELE/N1406 with more focus on the Embedded side of IoT.


    In Emertxe’s IoT course our experts have taken a balanced approach. We have given ‘design and development’ focus towards the Embedded side of IoT that consist of IoT devices, IoT gateway and related protocols. This further breaks down into C/C++ programming, Python programming, Arduino based ESP32 for IoT devices and Raspberry Pi for IoT gateway as far as skill-sets are concerned.


    On the cloud of application side we have given ‘exposure and integration’ focus by giving a black box perspective towards IoT platforms and Applications in terms of configuring and using them. This gives participants an end-to-end perspective about building a complete IoT solution without losing focus on the Embedded side. Coupled with our strong assessment system students will be able to build their skill set as called out in the T diagram below.

    best embedded iot course
    Fig 2: ECIP Modules

    Emertxe Student Assessment

    Emertxe is rising, from being India’s first National Skills Development Corporation’s (NSDC) certified institute that adheres to the latest QP, it is fast becoming the best embedded IoT course provider in Bangalore and nationwide.


    To elaborate, Emertxe’s expert faculty were part of the NOS committee. Hence, Emertxe became the market leader in being the first institute to define the curriculum for Embedded IoT and deliver courses as per QP ELE / N1406. As of now, no other institute delivers the Embedded IoT course in India that follows these specifications. 


    As a result of being the only institute qualified by the NSDC, Emertxe was also the first institute to get assessed for the Embedded IoT course. The assessment consisted of objective questions, a subjective coding test followed by a viva voce. Since Emertxe’s students were trained in all technologies, they were able to clear the assignments seamlessly.


    Emertxe is proud to maintain a 100 percent pass rate, being the only institution to do so. This attributes to the extensive coverage of concepts in addition to practicals. If you would like to find out more about the student assessment process and how to prepare for the NSDC assessment visit our FAQ

    How Does Emertxe’s Success in Being India’s First NSDC Certified IoT Institute Translate into Advantages for a Student at Emertxe?

    As an Emertxe student, by enrolling in the Embedded IoT course you will not only be undertaking training by the leading certified institute in India but also under the guidance of the faculty who are shaping the booming industry.


    Through the course, your ideas, work ethic and technical ability will be put to the test, giving you the opportunities to emerge a winner across multiple platforms. By undergoing the relevant practical training Emertxe ensures to provide you with the opportunities to stand out competitively on the national stage.


    Emertxe will provide you with placement opportunities through industry tie-ups. The rigorous training will pay off and the light will shine bright at the end of the tunnel. You can read the reviews and see the types of placements secured by students who have already cleared their course at Emertxe.

    Going Forward

    Emertxe is working to expand the specifications of the embedded IoT course to keep up with the dynamism of the IoT industry, in addition, to ensure that the skills and knowledge are future-proof for as long as possible. Monster India, a job search portal, lists electrical engineering with an emphasis on embedded IoT as one of the most highly demanded jobs that have risen by 159 per cent.


    “Companies seek electrical engineers to help with embedded device development for mobile apps, and for radio frequency (RF)/analog and microwave engineering for communication systems and GPS on the devices”.


    The article continues to highlight the importance of Node.js which “can be put to good use in developing data-intensive, real-time applications and is well-suited for the IoT as it relies on such apps.


    Arduino and Raspberry Pi are some connected devices managed through Node.js and it is rapidly becoming the language and platform of choice for everything from wearables to machine-to-machine (M2M) communications”.


    Emertxe includes the spectrum of these apps and is geared up to skill and make engineers employable in the IoT domain with the right attitude to succeed.


    The increasing speed and affordability of connectivity and interconnectedness made possible through IoT has led to the emergence of embedded IoT engineering as a booming field. The Government of India realises the potential and plans to encourage economic prosperity in the field by facilitating appropriate skilling and training schemes to ensure that the necessary skilled labour force is available to generate India into the next hub of IoT innovation.


    Emertxe in conjunction with the ESSCI has carefully structured the curriculum of embedded IoT analysts, solely pioneering, training and fostering the future of embedded IoT engineers. Emertxe’s students are known to clear their NSDC assessments with a 100% pass rate due to the practical components and well-rounded skilling curriculum by following the QP and NOS laid out in conjunction with the ESSCI. Emertxe constantly strives to improve its offerings, from technical skills to career skills by reviewing course content and providing better placement opportunities, providing students with the best opportunities throughout their journey.


    This is only made possible due to the expert faculty with real-time industry knowledge of the skills required by firms like HoneywellQualcommHuaweiAltran where our students have secured placements with a 100% retention rate. If you are a student looking to launch your career as an embedded IoT analyst, enquire about the best embedded IoT online course at Emertxe immediately. 

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