Live virtual seminar on building careers in IoT

Building Career in IoT for Freshers – Live Virtual Seminars

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    An Exposure Make a Career in Iot for Engineering Students

    IoT is definitely getting popular day-by-day where no company or Industry can afford to ignore. Benefits offered by IoT for B2B and B2C companies are obvious. Many traditional businesses who didn’t come into the digital world (PC era) are now leapfrogging directly into cloud centric IoT era. IoT solutions are seriously considered and deployed in traditional industries such as chemical manufacturing, water treatment plants, leather manufacturing etc.

    Industry Is Benefiting from Adopting IoT

    As time passes, more industries and business are flocking into IoT. These businesses stand to gain benefits in terms of improved operational efficiency, better productivity and better manpower management.


    Similar advantages are clearly seen in B2C industries as well. An average consumer benefiting by interacting with devices that are getting smarter, such as Smart Home, Smart City etc. Irrespective of that type of Business (B2B or B2C), it is imperative that their existing manpower and new recruits (freshers) should be skilled in the IoT related technologies to harness benefits in a tangible fashion.


    This is the primary reason why Emertxe contributes to colleges and universities by delivering live virtual seminars for aspirants who are interested in building a career in IoT or Internet of THINGS.

    IoT Workshops and Industry Seminars for Engineering Students by Emertxe

    Emertxe conducts various seminars and knowledge sharing sessions for students and professionals to bring more awareness about IoT and its trends in the current industry. Our primary focus has been focused on colleges and universities where we contribute in providing guest lectures, conducting introductory hands-on workshops in IoT and Embedded systems, Sponsoring hackathons in IoT and offering project based internship for exceptionally performing students.


    With our  Professional job oriented IoT Courses launched, we see all the more reason to do similar activities among college graduates and share perspective on how to build careers in IoT domain.


    In the past, our workshops were delivered as classroom based face-to-face programs. For a while now we have been thinking about leveraging technology for delivering these programs remotely. As a beginning, we have launched our virtual classroom sessions to conduct these workshops.


    In a virtual seminar session conducted by Mr. Jayakumar Balasubramanian (Director, Emertxe) spoke on “Building Careers in IoT”  to a set of remotely located students from Thiagarajar College, Tamilnadu. As a part of the talk Mr. Jayakumar talked about business trends, technology trends and how individuals can build their career in IoT. He also shared skill-sets and approach fresh engineers should take to make a successful career transition in IoT and Embedded systems.

    The presentation was made interactive by having two-way question and answers. More than 150 participants attended the talk who eagerly raised lot of questions about IoT and their  career related queries. To make it all the more interesting, an IoT online quiz was organised in the end with winners getting some goodies.


    We believe initiatives like this will bring in more awareness into the ecosystem, which mainly includes fresh engineers, who are going to build tomorrow’s IoT solutions. We look forward to make this particular talk as a series of talks with many similar engineering colleges targeting third and final year students. Stay tuned.

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