Emertxe at India Electronics Week 2018 Conference

Emertxe @ India Electronics Week 2018 Conference

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    India Electronics Week (https://www.indiaelectronicsweek.com) is annual flagship conference for the electronics, embedded and IoT industries. Organized by Electronics For You (https://electronicsforu.com) group, this conference brings product development organizations, academia, government, professionals, training institute, hardware and component suppliers on a single platform.


    This year the event was organized in KTPO Trade Center, near ITPL Bangalore. Organized for three days this conference witnessed over 10,000 visitors with 150+ exhibitors, thereby marking it  as the biggest electronics event in India.


    From Emertxe, we have been part of this event over the years at various capacities. This year Emertxe had partnered with Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (http://essc-india.org) and demonstrated an end-to-end IoT use-case.


    Our demo mainly focused on a automatic fleet management solution which monitors multiple automotive vehicles on the road and derives meaningful insights from the a centralized cloud, powered by IBM watson. For example, from a centralized location one can monitor how good or bad the driver is driving the vehicle (over-speeding, seat-belt usage, over or under usage of clutch, vehicle location etc…).


    Our main goal of this demo was to bring out skills required to build a complete IoT solution. Starting with sensors, any IoT solution consist of IoT device->IoT gateway->Protocol communication->Cloud integration->Deriving meaningful insights. Each of these items requires different set of skills which was highlighted. For fresh engineers and working professionals it might be challenging to build expertise across all areas, for which Emertxe demonstrated a ‘T model’ which combined gaining exposure (horizontal) and gaining expertise (vertical) skill-sets thereby transforming themselves into a complete IoT developer.

    It was a very busy time for team Emertxe, as our stall as it attracted very good number of visitors. One of the main reason of attraction was the clarity that team Emertxe has brought out in IoT in terms of defining skill-sets. Given that IoT is very vast and still evolving, it creates a lot of curiosity and confusion among fresh engineers (to get their first job) and working professionals (to up-skill themselves).


    However there are no well defined educational programs that are available in the market which delivers right set of skills required with required depth of subject. In case of Emertxe our IoT course offerings maintains very good balance between focusing on advanced technologies (ex: MQTT protocol) without compromising on foundations (ex: Algorithm design). This approach and offering triggered multiple and curious discussions among visitors.


    It was a very eventful three days for team Emertxe which was represented by our core team consisting of Mr. Maaz (Managing Director), Mr. Jayakumar (Director), Mr. Mubeen (Technology Head) and Mr. Adil (Hardware Head). The event has a fantastic set of exhibitors which included some of our placement and ecosystem partners as well.


    Along with showcasing IoT, the event also served as a good platform to network with a whole bunch of folks from the industry. In summary, one thing was obvious – IoT is clearly taking the center stage.


    No organization from any industry can afford to ignore IoT given the obvious business benefits is provides. Definitely organization consist of people, who are required to be equipped with right set of skills to leverage IoT practically. With more IoT based courses getting into our portfolio and with ecosystem partners like NSDC / ESSCI and EFY, Emertxe is clearly positioned to be a key player in the skill-enablement process.

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