Hackathon at NIT warangal

Hackathon @ NIT Warangal

Emertxe is one of the sponsors for third edition of Hackathon @ NIT Warangal


Emertxe in collaboration with Lakshya Foundation, happy to announce our sponsorship of Hackathon 3.0 at NIT Warangal. Background work has already started, stay tuned for more updates. Our problem / focus area still remains in Internet-Of-Things (IoT), with focus on retail / inventory management this time. Students will build their solution using Emertxe’s versatile platform based on PIC, will further enhance this as an innovation project with support of engineering students.


We strongly believe Hackathons are great way to promote innovation & incubation thinking among students by bringing in cutting edge problem statements. By making them work hands-on students will get an enriched learning to solve real world problems. We are happy to sponsor third edition as well, our earlier effort in this direction is already being productized in automotive IoT area @ NIT Warangal.


More details can be found from the URL: www.thelakshyafoundation.org/hackathon

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