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Disha Workshop with Industry Expert

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    We are having our second workshop with industry expert (softskills in the workplace) on Oct 1st, next Wednesday.

    We are having our second session on our “DISHA series” next Wednesday. Looking forward for a active interaction and learning with our expert and students. DISHA is an initiative to have industry experts interact with our students in order to gain broad career perspectives. Wednesday session is planned as follows:

    Speaker: Mr. Clifford Joseph

    Current designation: Head – India operations, Bang the table software

    Topic: Attitude determines altitude – How ?

    Brief: How exhibiting right set of behaviors (team-work, positive mindset, customer focus, integrity) is key to becoming successful in career. How come people with extra ordinary technical skills are not able to become successful professionals by not having such softskills in the workplace, whereas vice-versa is true?

    Here is the rough list of topics that will be covered:

    1. Key behaviors
    2. How it influences businesses and eventually individual career?
    3. How to develop right set of behavior?
    4. Some real time examples, case-studies, etc.

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