IoT skills to get employed

IoT Is HoT, Do You Have the Skills to Get Employed?

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    Top Four Skills to Get Employed with the Latest Buzz Called Internet-of-things (IoT)

    IoT generally refers to what some call the next-generation Internet, where physical objects are connected via the standard Internet Protocol (IP). Anything from cars to industrial machines to medical devices can be involved — even people and livestock


    Using an array of embedded sensors, actuators and a variety of other technologies, these loosely connected “things” can sense aspects of their environment and communicate that information over wired and wireless networks, without human intervention, for a variety of compelling use cases.


    The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the way companies are doing business. IoT affects everything in an organization from people to devices to data to processes. It is enabling businesses to do more than was ever possible and the benefits are numerous and real. 


    IoT is expected to get more business opportunities for the IT industry. More business means need for additional engineers with relevant skill sets. It should also be understood that IoT is not only about application software engineering, a large part also involves embedded software development.

    IoT skills to get employed
    Fig 1: Steps to start with IoT
    • According to market research firm Evans Data, 17 per cent of the world’s software developers are already working on IoT projects and 23 per cent are planning to start an IoT project within the next six months.
    • The industry will need professionals with highly diverse skills from hardware devices, embedded software and communication software to web applications and analytics.
    • Capabilities of system integration, design, validation and operational support will be in demand. IoT will also require a good understanding of security and safety.

    What Does It Mean to You as Engineer? Here Are the Four Key Areas Where You Need to Build Skills in Order to Become Employable or Enhance Your Career Opportunity with IoT.

    IoT skills to get employed
    Fig 2: Some Examples
    • Programming & Logic building: This is the bottom-line no matter what technology you do. In case of IoT Embedded area its super critical to have deep C programming skills
    • Embedded software: It is fast becoming a staple of all kinds of physical products. With IoT fast approaching there is no turning back, where you should be able to write a software that runs on a real hardware
    • Communications: There will be lot of protocols involved, unless we know communication well we cannot connect, hence network programming skills are necessary
    • Data & Security: Without this IoT cannot succeed, this is one of the critical aspect. How efficiently you will store and retrieve data using various Data structure constructs is crucial here

    At Emertxe you will able to get all the required knowledge to build skills for a vibrant career in the field of Internet of Things. Once you do well in this course there is no looking back as IoT is going to explode all over the world.


    Especially Emertxe’s embedded training program gives you entire knowledge starting from basic to advance so that you can build on IoT skills to get employed in your dream company.


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    People Aslo Ask (PAA)

    To secure employment in the exciting field of Internet of Things (IoT), you’ll need the following top skills:

    1. Strong Programming & Logic Building, especially in C.
    2. Proficiency in Embedded Software development.
    3. Understanding of various Communication Protocols (network programming).
    4. Knowledge of Data Structures and Security for efficient data handling and protection.
    • Programming and logic building are fundamental skills for entering the IoT job market, especially in embedded software.
    • They enable developers to create efficient, customized, and secure IoT devices while interfacing with hardware effectively.
    • These skills form the backbone of reliable and optimized IoT solutions.

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