Emertxe at Electronics Rocks 2014

Electronics Rocks 2014


Emertxe at Electronics Rocks 2014, on October 10th, Electronics for you (EFY) hosted their Electronics Rocks conference in NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore. Business conferences give leaders of industry a chance to get together and discuss the changes that are going on in their field.


On the first day of the event, Emertxe participated in the event. As we understand the phrase “Connect, Share and Empower ” drew together many of the key themes by delegates. The event was wide ranging and featured a wide array of speakers and attendees from numerous industries.

Emertxe at Electronics Rocks 2014
Fig 1 : Electronics 2014

The Organizers were excited to see 3450 + delegates joined at the conference. It was particularly proud of the attention of their attendees till the end of the session. Many attendees raised their queries and doubts been clarified in a healthy way. Emertxe is one of the community partner of Electronics Rocks and proud to join hands at the conference.

Emertxe at Electronics Rocks 2014
Fig 2: Company delegates

Mr. Jayakumar, Director of Emertxe Information Technologies (P) Ltd presented a good speech at the conference. He focussed on “Design Challenges faced in building products for IOT”. This discussion session was really good and the attendees paid their attention on speakers presentations in conference programs. Mr.Maaz MD of Emertxe was present in the event connecting with various electronics ecosystem partners by sharing his perspectives.


Finally, the Conference closed with a great thinkers panel and once again thanks for all of your wonderful support who made this session a goal oriented. Emertxe at Electronics Rocks 2014 was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to contribute more in similar events by sharing our knowledge and experience. The slide-deck presented at the event is shared below.


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