M.Tech Internship in Bangalore

M.Tech Internship in Bangalore – Emertxe

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    M.Tech Internship in Bangalore – Emertxe

    Emertxe has recently completed M.Tech internship in Bangalore for final year students. It was a unique combination of training & internship followed by providing assessments as per the university norms.


    One of the key challenges M.Tech students face (after specialization in a particular field like Embedded / Digital Electronics / Telecom) is getting a job in core embedded system.

    Fig 1: M.Tech Internship

    That’s where we see taking a multi-phased approach is very important. Here is the four phase approach we have taken with our M.Tech students:

    Phase -1 (Skill YOURSELF)

    The first item is to up-skill M.Tech students by building on hands-on programming skills & Linux. As a part of first phase M.Tech internship in Bangalore will make students spend time in undergoing training with rigorous assignments, projects, hands-on sessions guided by our mentoring team.


    In this phase Linux Systems, Embedded C & Data Structure skills were built which are fundamental blocks in building an embedded system.

    Phase - 2 (Internship Project)

    Upon completing phase-1 they were provided with an internship project that is based on live use-case scenario. This will be primarily based on Embedded C which will really exercise programming & logic building skills. Some of the project areas we explored:

    • Image steganography – Security domain project
    • MP3 tag reader – Media domain project
    • Lexical analyzer – Compiler domain project
    • Line editor implementation – Common command line function in Embedded system
    • Text indexer – Efficient search & locate function for embedded databases

    After they completed these projects, their university (In this case, Visvesvaraya Technological University) had some norms. This required these internship output need to be presented to college & Emertxe mentors need to provided assessment to their work output, which will be integrated with their semester marks.


    It was provided as per the university norms, received a very positive feedback. After completion of the internship students are now continuing with phase-3 of the overall program.

    Phase - 3 (Final year M.Tech Project)

    During this time M.Tech internship gets over and students resume final year semester as a part of our university guideline. During this time they will be visiting our center 2-3 days a week to work on projects in the following areas:

    • Internet-Of-Things (IoT) – Devices & Machine-To-Machine (M2M) based projects
    • Systems projects – Linux based projects in device drivers, networking and Embedded Linux
    • Open Source – Work as a part of our open source community and contribute directly to open source projects

    Phase - 4 (Placements)

    During this phase students would have completed your M.Tech final semester. After your completion they will complete pending skill modules Linux Internals, Embedded Linux, Linux device drivers.


    With almost one year of work with us backed by projects, they will be provided opportunities with placement companies that are working on core embedded systems.


    In summary we strongly believe by having such comprehensive approach, M.Tech students will not only utilize their final year by up-skilling themselves but also increase their probability of getting into core embedded system job.


    This is a new model we have discovered to address the industry-academia gap, going forward we will be collaborating with more universities & colleges.

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    People Also Ask(PAA)

    M.Tech students aiming for core embedded systems jobs often encounter various obstacles. Emertxe tackles these challenges through a holistic learning process, outlined in a four-phase approach for its M.Tech internship in Bangalore

    • Phase-1 (Skill YOURSELF): The initial phase focuses on upskilling students in programming languages.
    • Phase-2 (Internship project): In this phase, students work on real-world internship projects based on live use-case scenarios.
    • Phase-3 (Final year M.Tech project): During this phase, students continue their final year semester while working on IoT, Linux-based, and open-source projects at Emertxe.
    • Phase-4 (Placements):  students undergo additional skill modules. Backed by almost a year of hands-on work and projects.

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