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Self Learning Devices : How to Choose Mine?

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    Self learning Devices:

    The self learning devices aka Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is all about having your own device / gadget that helps in self learning. It is a good tool one can carry all the time. We cant get any happier than learning things on our own.


    It would definitely serve as your best guide and torch bearer that gives entry to new things and improves your cognizance.The advantage of self learning is diversifying and exploring different ways of thinking which is quintessential to face new challenges and getting on well with the new concepts. 


    The self learning device can bring in new technology to class rooms. Here students can take responsibility for their own learning and translate it into action. The learning can be in class, at home, or anywhere in the world for all ages of people. As you can see (image below) self learning already forms a good chunk among given set of learners.

    self learning devices
    Fig 1: Self Learning among Users

    Choosing Your Device:

    But one must be cautious and judicious in choosing the device. Self learning can be fun but at the same time, it should be user friendly. People can go gaga over self learning provided it ensures that the devices are easy to use. The primary thing to look out in self learning device is it should be easy to install or it should be compatible with all devices. 


    For instance Raspberry Pi which acts like a mini computer and is used to learn various programming languages has a multi USB port and SD card slot in it that can offer appreciable compatibility and storage.

    self learning devices
    Fig 2: Raspberry Pi

    Self learning devices need to work for better part of the day at any place, so it should be portable and less power consuming as well with enough battery backup. Also self learning device should have multiple uses as in Pi wherein having the storage on an SD card makes it easy to swap with other SD cards running other GNU/Linux distributions to quickly and easily change the functionality of the Pi.


    Self learning devices should be easy to use for all generations and should  emit less radiation. Also they should be noise free. For instance, Kindle has been instrumental in luring all the bookworms by ensuring there is absolutely no strain in the eyes and also helping them with additional features of instant meanings and highlighting eye- catchy lines , helping them write reviews etc. It has brought books of all sorts available globally in front of them. “Duo-lingo” that can help you learn any  new language does come under this category.


    Self learning devices can work the best for students. These should be highly portable replacing the heavy weight textbook load and should have expandable memory and a good processor providing good platform for all the school learning. Good internet connectivity and sharing mode will be the most sought after features for the students.

    self learning devices
    Fig 3: Internet Connectivity

    Finally self learning devices should provide a good bang for the buck by getting all the best features at the minimal cost. The “Active Expression” self learning device attracts  students who are financially unsound by making it very affordable.


    This device should prove its worth by enabling them learn new concepts and lessons from the scratch and providing them with good levels of exercises and worksheets and helping students identify their strengths and weakness by themselves without the aid of a mentor.

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