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    It always feels great to see our alumni’s accomplishment in the field of technology. One of our recent alumnus from embedded systems training Mr. Lokesh Jaliminche has published a  paper in IEEE conference. Details are provided below. Team Emertxe congratulates this accomplishment and wish him all the best for future achievements.


    The abstract and IEEE URL is provided below, will share the full version of the paper shortly.


    Design and implementation of test harness for device drivers in SOC on mobile platforms


    customized components, relevant to the targeted application. Testing external peripherals is easy, but testing embedded peripherals in SOC is challenging task. In order to efficiently carry out design verification of peripheral cores, it is necessary to evaluate device under test with functional coverage metrics.


    The overall process can be divided in to two closely correlated phases mainly module configuration and module operation. The first one configures the peripheral on the different operation modes, the second one is responsible for exciting the whole device and observing its behavior.


    In the current work, we propose to develop a test harness for DMA controller and High Speed Synchronous Serial Interface. This proposed test harness can be used for stimulating the distinct functionalities of device under test as well as used for behavioral analysis.


    IEEE reference URL:



    We have developed test drivers which can be exploited for testing by adding suitable observability features. Experimental results are provided with suitable functional test coverage to evaluate effectiveness of this test harness.

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