Right Operating System for your next Embedded Design

Selecting the Right Operating System for Your next Embedded Design

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    From robots, cars, home appliances to calculators, thermostats, ATMs and mobile phones, embedded systems are everywhere. And at the heart of almost every embedded system is its operating system (OS), which plays a critical role in keeping the system alive and running.


    Therefore it is essential to choose the right OS at the very beginning of the design cycle itself. Embedded systems are meant to run for long, and sometimes these are unattended or non-up gradable. In any case, these should be robust, reliable and secure.

    Right Operating System for your next Embedded Design
    Fig 1: Design Cycle


    Electronics For You (EFY) February 2015 magazine published an article about choosing right OS for Embedded systems, where our technology head Mr. Mubeen Jukaku has contributed by sharing his insights about choosing the right one. Here is the URL to download the complete article:



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