The Emertxe’s Q1 2023 Placement Report : Strong Results Despite Recession

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    The 2022 placement season at Emertxe, a premier institution for Embedded systems and IoT training, witnessed remarkable success with over 1300+ companies actively participating in the recruitment drive. This extraordinary number of company visits demonstrates the growing recognition and trust in Emertxe as a premier institution for technical/core talent.


    The season concluded with an impressive number of 2183 students being placed, reflecting the effectiveness of Emertxe’s training programs, including their Embedded systems and IoT training, and the strong industry demand for their graduates.


    A notable aspect of the placement season was the emphasis on core companies, which played an important role in shaping the careers of the students who underwent the online Embedded and IoT course.


    Despite a challenging economic landscape marked by a recession, Emertxe’s placement projections, including their online Embedded Systems and IoT training placement opportunities, remained intact, highlighting the resilience and strength of its placement ecosystem.


    Emertxe’s 2023 Placement Season

    The ongoing placement season at Emertxe, known for its expertise in Embedded Systems and IoT training and placement, continues to be highly successful. One remarkable aspect is that more than 100 companies visit the institution each month on a regular basis, demonstrating the strong industry interest in Emertxe’s skilled graduates and its reputation as a premier institution.


    Emertxe has recently welcomed several premium companies in the core Embedded domain, reinforcing its focus on providing industry-relevant training. Renowned companies such as NXP Semiconductors, Boat Lifestyle, ABB India, Microchip, Ather Energy, Ingersoll Rand, and Infineon Technologies actively recruit from Emertxe, offering attractive job roles.



    These companies specialize in sectors such as semiconductors, conductors, IoT, robotics, and electric vehicles, aligning with Emertxe’s core skills training. By securing placements in these companies, Emertxe empowers its students to work on cutting-edge technologies and projects in the Embedded domain.

    Placement Company’s Expectations

    Shift in Job Market : Skills Over Academic Records

    • The demand for hands-on skills and practical experience has become more important than academic records and year of passing.
    • Around 60% of companies prioritize skills over academic qualifications or the specific branch of engineering.

    Providing Opportunities for Engineers from Different Branches

    • At Emertxe, we have seen students from Mechanical engineering, production engineering, material science, and civil engineering students have taken our course and secured core embedded systems or IoT jobs.
    • By providing opportunities to diverse engineering backgrounds, doors have opened for students from various branches to thrive in the industry.
    • At Emertxe, the Embedded Systems & IoT training is offered to students from all engineering branches.

    Continuous Skill Enhancement and Practical Experience

    • Students are encouraged to enhance their skills through Embedded Systems training programs.
    • Staying updated with industry advancements and seeking practical experience through internships and projects is emphasized.

    Factors Contributing to Emertxe’s Success

     1) Practical Training Approach:

    • Emertxe prioritizes hands-on learning experiences.
    • Practical emphasis prepares students to tackle real-world challenges.

    2) Alignment with Industry Requirements:

    • Emertxe maintains strong connections with leading companies.
    • Constant evaluation of industry needs and curriculum incorporation.
    • Students acquire relevant and sought-after skills for enhanced employability.

    3) Comprehensive Curriculum Coverage:

    • Training programs cover a wide range of topics, including embedded systems, IoT, and programming languages like C Programming and Data Structures.
    • Students gain a well-rounded understanding of industry technologies and tools.

    4) Development of Soft Skills:

    • Emertxe recognizes the significance of soft skills in career advancement.
    • Integration of soft skill development through DISHA workshops.
    • Training in teamwork, problem-solving, effective communication, and professionalism.
    how to prepare for full stack developer interview

    Emertxe’s Support System

    To enhance student’s interview skills and overall employability, Emertxe conducts DISHA Workshops. By simulating real-world interview scenarios, Emertxe equips students with the confidence and competence required to excel in interviews.


    Emertxe’s dedicated placement team plays an important role in providing personalized guidance and support throughout the placement process. They work closely with students, offering individual attention and assistance in identifying suitable job opportunities, arranging campus drives, and facilitating interactions with top-tier companies. This hands-on approach ensures that students receive the necessary guidance and support to secure the right job that aligns with their skills and career aspirations.


    The success stories of Emertxe’s alumni further validate the institution’s credibility and the effectiveness of its embedded systems and IoT training programs. Graduates have secured positions in renowned companies such as NXP Semiconductors, Boat Lifestyle, ABB India, Microchip, Ather Energy, Ingersoll Rand, Infineon Technologies, Vitesco Technologies, and Qualcomm. These achievements serve as inspirations for current students, highlighting the potential career paths and opportunities that await them upon graduation.


    Here are a few examples of students who have completed our course and secured placements in prestigious companies with premium salary packages :



    Emertxe has achieved impressive placement results, with over 1300+ companies visiting the institution during the 2022 placement season and 2183 students successfully placed. The institution’s success can be attributed to its focus on hands-on training and real-world projects, ensuring that students acquire practical skills to excel in their careers.


    Emertxe’s training programs are designed to meet industry needs, providing students with the technical expertise required by employers. The institution also emphasizes the development of soft skills and communication skills, preparing students for success in the professional world.


    Emertxe supports students throughout the placement process, offering resume building assistance, DISHA Workshops for interview preparation, and personalized career guidance. Readers are encouraged to consider Emertxe for their education and career goals, as the institution’s commitment to hands-on training, soft skills development, and career support sets it apart in preparing students for a successful and fulfilling professional journey.


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    People Also Ask (PAA)

    Emertxe mentors are both well qualified and experienced in the subject they are handling. For each subject a specific set of class and lab mentors are available who has complete view of the subject they are handling. We have a very strict internal quality policy which ensures irrespective of mentors the content and quality of deliverable remains the same.

    Emertxe guarantees 100% placement support through our dedicated placement department. This means we will provide you with numerous placement opportunities. However, securing a job offer depends on your performance during the selection process.


    Based on our 18+ years of experience, we have noticed that students who regularly attend classes, complete assignments and projects on time, are more likely to succeed in the selection process and receive job offers. We haven’t encountered difficulties in attracting participating companies for our placements; the challenge lies in students clearing the selection process.


    Our team is here to offer placement opportunities and guide you throughout the process. However, the final outcome depends entirely on your hard work and dedication.

    When you join the online embedded courses, In order to give maximum benefit to our students with respect to placements, you will be able to apply to any number of companies up to two years after your course completion. There are no restrictions on how many companies you are applying and how many interviews you are attending.


    Please note shortlisting of your candidature will purely depend on the placement company.While our placement department puts our best effort to get maximum shortlisting for each and every student.

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