Embedded System Training and Placement and Recent Companies

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    Engineering college statistics are alarming! According to HRD ministry there are 6214 engineering colleges in India with 2.9 million students enrolling every year. Around 1.5 million engineers come into job market every year looking for job opportunities. Not obtaining jobs as a part of campus placements.


    On the other hand, technology is growing and changing faster than expected so as the hiring company expectations. In this scenario the word placements plays a very important role for every student. It is a new phase of student’s life.


    Today’s passed out engineers go through lot of stress and confusion. In this scenario we at Emertxe emerged on a mission to solve this problem by technically upskilling and coaching engineers to become industry ready. Now let’s read Embedded System training, placement and recent companies.

    Industry / Placement Company Expectations:

    Talking about the expectations from the companies from students, most of our 366+ hiring companies have the following common expectations. While there are few company with specific expectations. Which can vary between one to other, larger set of them remain the same.

    1. Technical Expectations:

    They mainly expect good foundational skills which you can apply in a real-time project. It can be further broken into:


    • Hands-on programming skill in any one programming language (ex: C or Python)
    • Good problem solving and analytical skill
    • Good in core engineering (ex: Digital Electronics / Microprocessors / Operating System)
    Fig 1: Digital Medium

    While the main goal of engineering curriculum in colleges try to achieve the above mentioned skills. Most of them fail to meet the expectation due to lack of practicality. Students look good on their papers and certificates but they fail big time in applying them to solve real-time problems.

    2. Ownership and Responsibility:

    • Ownership and responsibility are crucial when life presents challenges.
    • Entry level engineers must take ownership, show commitment, and deliver results.
    • Overcoming challenges and bridging gaps require effort and dedication.
    • Classroom learning may not cover fundamental attributes, but mentoring can help.
    • Coaching brings awareness and reinforces the basics for career success.

    3. Behavioral Expectations:

    The ownership and responsibility can be further expanded into a larger bucket of behavioural expectations from placement companies. Some of the behavioral expectations from placement companies are:


    • Aligned with organizational goals and policies
    • Positive mental attitude
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Being flexible in terms of taking up assignments
    • Long term commitment to the organization
    • Cooperative with senior colleagues
    Fig 2 : Together work

    As mentioned above, this requires constant coaching and mentoring to bring into the top of everybody’s mind. Sometimes this extends to 1:1 counseling as well. In summary we can say companies look into 360 degree of an every engineering graduate before hiring them for their team. Hence a comprehensive approach need to be taken in order to address industry academia gap.

    Emertxe’s Placement Training Philosophy:

    We at Emertxe, follow training philosophy to solve this challenge by enabling individuals with hands – on technical training. We understand the company’s expectation and train our students accordingly. By doing this we bridge the industry academia gap.


    We have expertise mentors who help our students out. Much of their efforts are put in this process. As a result our students crack the interviews in the most minimal chances! Our team, Emertxe is really proud to say that! 

    Emertxe’s Placement Review:

    Recent Placement Companies:

    Emertxe’s placement department is working to put out its best always. We have set a new record by having 43 placement companies visiting Emertxe in the month of January 2019 alone! Our students get placed in various type of core companies. We have three main types of companies visiting us, they are:


    1. Start-ups:

    A startup is a company launched by an individual founder or entrepreneurs to hunt for a repeatable and scalable business model. It offers unique benefits for an individual who works in startup environment. Startups always provides engineers with faster growth opportunity in terms of learning and responsibilities as the organization is smaller.


    There many not be big hierarchy which exists in bigger organizations. Which means junior members need to take up higher responsibilities. In Emertxe we have a bunch of Embedded and IoT startups hiring our students. Some of them are mentioned below.

    Fig 3 : Startup companies

    2. Mid-sized Companies:

    Mid sized companies are the companies whose business falls under a limited number. You will have a great exposure in a mid sized company. The benefits and facilities of an employee differs from company to company.


    The company mainly focus on delivering limited products. Most importantly we get an exposure to both startups and MNCs. Midsized is a mixture of both startups and MNCs. Hence for a person working in Mid-sized companies the rate of exposure is very high.

    Fig 4: Mid sized companies

    3. MNCs / Indian Big Companies:

    Our students are given opportunities to attend MNCs placements. A multinational company is headquartered in some other country and it has it’s branches in other countries as well. The company is usually very big in size. Such companies have many facilities and assets worth billions of dollars.


    These companies follow a specific process and methodologies. They go according to their plan because its a huge organization.  The main advantage of a person working in MNCs is they get global exposure. They get to see various culture around the world!   

    Fig 5 : MNC's / Big Companies


    As a result of reading the embedded system training, placement and recent companies we got to know that , placements is a new phase of students life. It must be given ultimate importance, where having right skills plays a major role.


    Having a job in hand makes an individual independent and makes a positive impact on his / her immediate circle of people. However becoming independent requires an individual to work towards it. Especially in the competitive world.


    Emertxe has the complete ecosystem of courses. Mentors and placement companies that enables individuals to achieve that goal. Emertxe always stands with you and helps you to be the best. Are you ready for your best?

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    People Also Ask (PAA)

    Emertxe’s trainings and placement division has direct contacts with more than 1327+ companies. These companies are hiring for Embedded Systems jobs for freshers in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune.


    In our placement portfolio we have organizations of various types (MNCs, Mid-size organizations, Start-ups). With more than 18 year of existence companies are aware of Emertxe course syllabus, training methodology and industry expertise of our mentors. Every month minimum 100+ placement companies participate in hiring our students. Emertxe students get Unlimited placement opportunities up to two year after course completion.


    On the technical delivery side Emertxe training programs are rigorous and practical in nature. Students go through immersive hands-on learning experience. This means every session, every day is a learning day. Students are continuously working and up-skilling their practical skills in Embedded Systems design and programming. As a proof of output, students will be producing average of 40 assignments / module and 7 to 8 Embedded projects in their resume by the end of the course.


    Emertxe mentors are both well qualified and experienced in the subject they are handling. For each subject a specific set of class and lab mentors are available who has complete view of the subject they are handling. We have a very strict internal quality policy which ensures irrespective of mentors the content and quality of deliverable remains the same.

    Emertxe guarantees 100% placement support through our dedicated placement department. This means we will provide you with numerous placement opportunities. However, securing a job offer depends on your performance during the selection process.


    Based on our 18+ years of experience, we have noticed that students who regularly attend classes, complete assignments and projects on time, are more likely to succeed in the selection process and receive job offers. We haven’t encountered difficulties in attracting participating companies for our placements; the challenge lies in students clearing the selection process.


    Our team is here to offer placement opportunities and guide you throughout the process. However, the final outcome depends entirely on your hard work and dedication.

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