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Online Embedded Course With Placements

Our Online Embedded Systems Course will enable you to become an industry-ready Embedded Systems Engineer. Our six months immersive Online Embedded Systems Course will take a practical approach by making you work on assignments and industry projects.  We are an affiliated training partner with the Government of India’s Skill India initiative. By enrolling for this course you will obtain Government of India’s certification for Embedded Software Engineer (ELE /Q3911) job role.


Our Online Embedded Systems Course is delivered as a combination of Live Virtual Classes and Structured Interventions. This unique combination ensures the effectiveness is same for both our online and offline courses. We have 1300+ placement companies that are part of our placements with 100+ placement companies coming every month. You will have 2 years of unlimited placement opportunities from us.


Online Embedded Systems Course - Features

Emertxe’s Online Embedded Systems Course with Placement is first of its kind in the Indian education ecosystem. This is a practical Online Embedded Systems Course that enables fresh engineers to get their first job. Our Online Embedded Systems Course is a 6 months intensive program. It includes Live virtual classes, Recorded videos for Self Learning, Intervention sessions after classes and individual online doubt clarification facility to make you learn from anywhere.


All students will be provided with access to our online Learning Management System (LMS). It has all required resources like Videos, Presentation Decks, Assignments and prep materials like Practice Exercises, Assignments and Projects.  Our placement department has an excellent clientele consisting of MNCs, Mid-sized companies and Start-ups. By combining these two, our online embedded systems course has become the most sought after course for freshers. If you want to get into a core job, this course will act as a launching pad.

embedded course

Course Duration

6 Months*

embedded course

Delivery Mode

Live Classes

embedded course

Daily Duration

4-5 Hours (Class & Labs)

embedded course


Simulators (PICSimLab)

embedded course

Industry Projects

Min 7-8 projects

embedded systems online course

DISHA Workshops

Resume & Interview Prep

embedded systems online course

Mock Interviews

Company & Topic Specific

embedded systems online course

Placement Support

2 years unlimited chances

* Please note that this program emphasizes on outcome. The duration might vary based on the class’s learning pace and progress.

Online Embedded Systems Course - Course Syllabus

Emertxe’s online embedded systems course syllabus and curriculum is systematically designed in sync with industry needs. It is affiliated and endorsed by Skill India / NSDC / ESSCI under Embedded Software Engineer [ELE/Q1501] which is a Level-5 job role. This course-ware will make you a complete hands-on embedded systems engineer, ready to be deployed in core embedded companies.


An overview of Online Embedded Systems Course Syllabus is provided here. Detailed syllabus can be downloaded from the link provided below. Our Embedded Systems syllabus starts with foundation skills like Linux Systems, Embedded C / C++ programming and Data Structures and Algorithms. It further deep dives into advanced topics like Linux Internals and TCP/IP Network Programming, PIC based Microcontroller programming and Embedded Linux running on an ARM target.


This Online Embedded Systems Course Syllabus will enable you to bring up hardware from scratch. Post bring-up it will enable you to interface with external peripherals, port an Embedded OS into it and create an Embedded Application.

Linux Systems

  • Linux Basics
  • Getting Started
  • CLI Usage
  • Shell Commands
  • Vim Editor
  • Dev Environment

Advanced C

  • Problem Solving
  • Basics of C
  • Arrays and Functions
  • Structures and Unions
  • Pointers Deep Dive
  • File Management

Data Structures

  • Algorithm Complexity
  • Abstract Data Types (ADT)
  • Stacks, Queues and Linked Lists
  • Trees, Recursion
  • Sorting Algorithms
  • Hashing

C++ Programming

  • OOPS Introduction
  • Objects and Classes
  • Member Functions
  • Constructor and & Destructor
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism and Virtual functions

Basic Electronics

  • Introduction
  • Passive Elements
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Semiconductor Basics
  • Transistors and Amplifiers
  • Oscillators

Micro Controllers

  • MC Basics
  • Interrupts
  • GPIOs and Analog I/Os
  • Memory and Interfacing
  • Timers and Counters
  • Communication protocols

Linux Internals

  • OS Basics
  • Components of Linux
  • POSIX Threads
  • Synchronization
  • Inter Process Communication
  • Socket Programming

Embedded Linux

  • Embedded IDE
  • Tool-chain Configuration
  • Boot loading
  • Kernel and File Systems
  • Device Driver Overview
  • Application Programming

DISHA Workshops

  • Industry Overview
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Facing
  • Mock Interviews
  • Tech Prep Sessions
  • Career Guidance

Online Embedded Systems Course - Placements

Emertxe Online Embedded Systems training and placement program attracts multiple companies to participate in placements – MNCs, mid-size companies and startups. Have a look into a snapshot of placement companies that are hiring our students.

Schedule – Online Embedded Systems Course

Embedded Systems Courses with Placements for Students & Professionals

Course name Start date Duration Registration Status
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional - Advanced(Onsite /Classroom-based) 30/07/2024 6 Months* Register Now
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional(Online) 26/07/2024 6 Months* Register Now
Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Online) 02/08/2024 6 Months/Evening* Register Now

Embedded Systems Courses with Placements for Students & Professionals

Course name

Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional - Advanced(Onsite /Classroom-based)

Start date



6 Months*

Registration Status

Register Now

Course name

Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional(Online)

Start date



6 Months*

Registration Status

Register Now

Course name

Emertxe Certified Embedded Professional (Online)

Start date



6 Months/Evening*

Registration Status

Register Now

IoT Courses with Placements for Students and Professionals

Emertxe Certified Embedded IoT Course (Online) 13/06/2024 6 Months* Register Now
IoT Internship 12/06/2024 1 Month Register Now

IoT Courses with Placements for Students and Professionals


Emertxe Certified Embedded IoT Course (Online)




6 Months*


Register Now


IoT Internship




1 Month


Register Now

* Please note that this program emphasizes on outcome. The duration might vary based on the class’s learning pace and progress.

Online Embedded Systems Course - Delivery Structure

Emertxe’s Online Embedded Systems Course takes a systematic step-by-step approach towards transitioning you into an industry ready embedded engineer. Our course modules are designed in sync with industry needs. 


Each module is designed and delivered in a hands-on practical manner. Working on assignments and projects will enhance your skills and confidence. Such outcome based approach ensures you are ready for placement companies and crack the selection process with ease. 

  • Linux Intro

  • C / C++

  • DSA

  • Micro Controllers

  • Advanced Linux

What Placement Companies Say about our Trainings?

Learning Flow in Emertxe

For our Emertxe students, not even a single day goes without learning. With a proper mixture of theoretical learning, hands-on sessions, assignments and special sessions makes learning very engaging and effective. Have a look at how your learning flow  looks in Emertxe.


Live Virtual Classes

Mentors will be taking you through live virtual classes by explaining concepts and its real-time use-case demonstration. Interact and build a sound understanding of concepts on a daily basis.


Structured Interventions

Apply your learnings from Virtual Classes by creating assignments and projects on your own. This will be facilitated by structured online intervention sessions with our mentors which include assignment / project explainer and its expected output.

embedded systems course with placement 3

Unlimited Doubt clearing

This is where the rubber hits the road. When you actually start coding you will get stuck somewhere or get doubt in some place. Use our online learning platform to clarify your doubts from 9 AM to 9 PM with our lab mentors.

embedded systems course with placement 4


Every learning activity comes with a submission deadline. U are supposed to submit them to our mentors in order to kick-start your evaluation. The same happens for regular tests also

embedded systems course with placement 5


Mentors will get back with specific feedback on your work output and provide you with feedback and grades. This will help you to do retrospection and make continuous improvements.

embedded systems course with placement 6

Project Work

Start working on project implementation as per the requirements given by the mentor. There will be intermediate check-points which you need to complete and show your output.

embedded systems course with placement 7


There will be a bunch of actions happening under the DISHA umbrella. This includes resume preparation, interview facing tips, subject specific prep sessions to crack your interviews.

What Have Our Students Built ?

Our online embedded systems course students build on real-time projects that can add value to their resumes. Plus each of these projects will make them learn different aspects of building an Embedded system. By working on 7-8 projects they will be able to get a complete view of the system. Here is a snapshot of the project that they will be working on.

  • Project 01
  • Project 02
  • Project 03
  • Project 04
  • Project 05
Project 01
Project 02
Project 03
Project 04
Project 05

Emertxe Reviews in Google

Needless to say Google is number one when it comes to any reviews. Please take a look into a set of reviews provided by our students who have achieved their dream of getting into a core job due to our excellent training team and tireless support from the placement team. 


We maintain very high standards when it comes to Google reviews getting rated at 4.8 overall.

I graduated with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Government Engineering College Palakkad in 2023. After graduation, I joined Emertxe, where I learned bash scripting, C, C++, data structures and algorithms, and microcontroller programming.The mentors at Emertxe were incredibly supportive, assisting us from the beginning to the end of the course. They conducted module-wise exams, mock interviews, and placement preparation sessions.Now, I am placed in the reputed company American Megatrends in Chennai. Emertxe played a significant role in helping me secure this placement
Ashitha Suresh
Ashitha Suresh
15:26 12 Jul 24
Hello everyone I am Ankit keshriI did my graduation in B. Tech in ECE from Aravali institute of Technical studies, Udaipur in 2019.Todays it is not easy to get a job after a 4 year of carrer gap but Emertxe make this possible and build my confidence.I came banglore by travelling 39 hours, now only i can say very proudly my efforts is become successful because of you Emertxe.I think Emertxe Institute is one of the best institute for Embedded system training for not only for current passout but it is a very good platform for those student who have huge carrer gap.All mentors are very much supportive and consistently put efforts on students so that every students must have a crystal clear on every concepts. You can ask douts one to one anytime,or by whatsapp msg.They teach 5 module which act as a 5 pillars -1. Linux system 2. C programming 3. Data structure 4. C++ 5. Microcontroller 6. Linux internals along with interview preparation. They evaluate every students with the help assignment, Test, mock interview to build confidence. They help to make a good number of projects so that our resume very much strong compare to other.Recently I placed in Ammunic systems with the help Emertxe. I will say thank you to all mentor who put efforts on me consistently and help me to get a job. I will never forget you people.Thank you Emertxe 😊
ankit keshri
ankit keshri
13:37 12 Jul 24
As an Emertxeian, I had a great experience at Emertxe Technologies in Bangalore. The training was hands-on and very practical, which helped me understand the real-world applications of what I was learning. The instructors were knowledgeable and always willing to help. The facilities were top-notch, and the support for students was great.One important thing I learned was the value of patience. Mastering new skills takes time, and there were moments when I had to be patient and persistent. But in the end, all the hard work paid off.A special mention goes to the teaching team and placement support team. They were incredibly supportive and proactive in helping students secure jobs. Their guidance, resources, and constant encouragement played a crucial role in my job search.Thanks to the skills I learned at Emertxe and the support from the placement team, I was able to get a job at a premium company called Microchip. When I informed my parents about this, they were overjoyed. My mother became very emotional, and it made me very happy to see how proud they were. I'm really thankful for my time at Emertxe.
09:23 12 Jul 24
I am a 2021 pass out from TKM College of Engineering, Kerala, and got selected in Digital Shark Technology pvt ltd, Bangalore through Emertxe. I took the Advanced Embedded System course from Emertxe. The classes are good and easy to understand. Mentors are always ready to clear your doubts and a lot of companies come to Emertxe for placements.
Amal S
Amal S
16:30 11 Jul 24
Personal ExperienceI am Coming from Government Engineering College, Ramanagara, I had a solid technical foundation, but Emertxe's training program took my skills to the next level. The training I received offline at Emertxe was instrumental in securing my placement at Synergetic Software, Bangalore. The journey was challenging but rewarding, and I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by Emertxe throughout the process.The blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and robust placement support makes Emertxe an excellent choice for anyone looking to enter embedded field. I would highly recommend Emertxe to aspiring embedded systems professionals.
Naveen kumar M
Naveen kumar M
05:45 11 Jul 24
Hi I am Suneel Kataraki I completed B.E from Angadi Institute of Technology and Management,Belagavi after that I have joined Emertxe for Embedded system course in which there are several modules which are important to get into the field of embedded field and I have placed in Synergetic Software Engineering and Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd., Bengaluru.I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated, mentors, and the efficient placement team for their unwavering support throughout my journey.
Suneel Kataraki
Suneel Kataraki
14:47 10 Jul 24
As a graduate In Electronics and communication engineering from Vignan's lara institute of technology & science Guntur, I'm interested in my core domain so enrolled offline mode in Emertxe Institute for training with the aim of securing a position in Embedded companies. The training at Emertxe was comprehensive and structured, covering essential concepts in embedded systems.Linux , Advance C, Data structures ,C++ , microcontroller and Linux internals modules were covered in the course .The mentors provided valuable support throughout the course, offering clear explanations and guidance whenever needed and at all time available to clear the queries.The learning provides hands-on projects and assessments to track progress. The practical approach helped to apply theoretical knowledge and develop problem-solving skills, which helped a lot during placements.Regarding placements, Emertxe provided extensive support, Interview preparation sessions, and mock interviews. This support played a role in my successful placement at Synergetic Software, Bangalore.Thank you Emertxe team for the wonderful opportunity !
14:17 10 Jul 24
In the current job market, securing a job isn't easy. I tried numerous ways to break into the industry. As a 2022 graduate with less than a year of experience in a different domain, Emertxe's help was instrumental in getting a job and shifting my career to the embedded domain.While completing my B.Tech in EEE from GECT in 2022, I received a job offer through campus placement. After graduation, I joined the respective company, which was touted as a core company. However, over the months, I realized that the job did not meet my expectations.I've always had a keen interest in embedded systems, so I researched reputable institutes in Bangalore and discovered Emertxe. After speaking with seniors and friends, I found that many Emertxe alumni secured good jobs in the embedded domain. I enrolled in Emertxe's online batch while still working. The mentors and course materials were comprehensive and deepened my knowledge in the field. After two months, I quit my job to focus full-time on Emertxe and a few days ago, I was thrilled to be selected by American Megatrends International.The immense support from Emertxe was crucial for this career change and new job. Upon completing the course, they provided extensive training sessions for placement drives. The mentors supported me through various projects and assignments, and the placement support team promptly addressed all my queries and doubts.Thank you, Emertxe team, for helping and guiding me to this opportunity.
Gokul Krishna
Gokul Krishna
13:54 10 Jul 24
I am Venkata Sai Lahari from Andhra Pradesh, I choose Emertxe myself to train on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS.I had done my bachelors degree in the stream of ECE from Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology,after that I was interested on the domain Embedded systems and I joined Offline -ECEP course at emertxe where they are providing placements as well,after completion of classes I applied for the companies and the placement team at emertxe supports the students and encourage all trainees to get placed by conducting preparation sessions and practice tests for each and every company we have applied.By seeking their help I got placed in Synergetic Software from emetxe.Thank you emertxe staff,student support,placement team for helping me to achieve my first job
I completed my engineering at KLE College of Engineering and Technology, Chikodi, and I am placed at Aarohin Technologies as part of the offline batch.In 2023, I was laid off from a software company. Following a friend's suggestion, I joined Exmertxe, which turned out to be the best decision for me.Despite the challenging times, the mentors and the placement cell at Exmertxe worked tirelessly to prepare me for interviews and for my placement. Their support and training programs played a crucial role in my successful placement.
Sandesh Pawar
Sandesh Pawar
12:41 10 Jul 24

Emertxe Reviews on Facebook

Social media platforms provide a handy platform for students when it comes to choosing the right institute or platform. Here is the snapshot of reviews provided by our students on the Facebook platform. 


On Facebook also we consistently maintain very high ratings as it is filled with success stories of our students.

One of the best training institutes i have ever encountered in my life. Thank you to the whole team of EMERTXE for the wonderful experience.
Adil Khan
Adil Khan
14:30 21 Aug 21
Emertxe Is an amazing platform for learnings and hands-on experience under complete guidance. So I recommend Emertxe to everyone who wants to learn and do something in the core Embedded system domain.
Trupti Deore
Trupti Deore
17:29 20 Aug 21
Emertxe provides Hands on practice, Interactive sessions and continuous support so I recommend Emertxe for those who want to be in core Embedded Domain.
Rushi Gunjal
Rushi Gunjal
17:23 20 Aug 21
Hi all,I have completed my degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.Inorder to start my career in Embedded System I joined Emertxe.It is one of the best place to learn and develop our skill in Embedded Software domain.All the teachers and mentors were really helpful. This is the right place to boost your skill. Even during the covid19 pandemic the training were very good through online portal. After the training I got placed in Intime Tec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd.
Thank you Emertxe for giving this opportunity even during this challenging situation.
Adithyan Nair
Adithyan Nair
15:49 08 Jan 21
I m lipsita Behera from Balasore ,Odisha .I have completed my in Balasore College of engineering n technology. I got placed in intimetec visionsoft Pvt ltd. I joined emertxe in the pic of pandemic time where emertxe has given a hope of job. But in emertxe , the quality of study is so high..The mentor always supported us throughout the course. Only thing I did is , I just followed the path they have shown. Now my course is also not completed till now.
Thank you emertxe...
Lipsita Behera
Lipsita Behera
05:54 24 Oct 20
An perfect institute to get your first job. Well supported by mentors like friends and good placement managers guide to get placed in good company.
Shaik Ghouse
Shaik Ghouse
10:32 23 Oct 20
Very good training institute in the Embedded domain..
Every module is very nicely designed and we get to solve a lot of assignments, quizzes and practice tests. The placement cell too helps a lot and always supports the students. During COVID-19 pandemic as well, they offered right guidance, online revision classes and necessary interview preparation methods. All the teachers and mentors are extremely helpful. They shape you as a programmer and push you further if you are working sincerely. I am pleased to get placed in InTimeTec VisionSoft as a first step of my career.

I am going to remember all the teachers and mentors forever. It was an exciting and joyful journey all together.

Thanks so much to Team Emertxe!!!
Sachin Vaze
Sachin Vaze
13:32 21 Oct 20
I completed my graduation in ECE at Dr Ambedkar Institute of technology Bangalore. After that I want decide to join core companies. So I choose Emertxe. Emertxe is one of Best Embedded system course.Mentors and facilities was so good in Emertxe. They gave hands on practice while doing projects and Assignments.During this pandemic peroid also they gave online classes, Interview preparation classes etc.
And they also provide very good placement opportunities. Finally I got placed in Intime Tec Visionsoft Pvt Ltd and I would like to thank to the whole Emertxe team.
Sangeetha C M
Sangeetha C M
08:26 20 Oct 20
After completing my engineering in ECE department from VSM's SRKIT Nippani collage in 2019, as i interested in embedded flied so joined Emertxe, its help to improve my skill in embedded domain , before joining emertxe i don't know any thing about embedded, but teacher regularly telling do this project and assignments, its help to me alot, after completing my course i got placed in melange system pvt ltd, tq all teacher for your support, emertxe is good platform for fresher to start carrier in embedded filed, once again tq emertxe....
Amol Kharade
Amol Kharade
16:49 03 Jun 20
I remember when I joined emertxe all mentor says forget about job till course get completed after that you will definitely get.
At the results I got placed Melange Systems Pvt Ltd after my course compilation.

If you think about job then you may not able to get any job if focus more about to enhance your skills then definitely in your 1st attempt you will get job.

So moral of the reviews is emertxe is gives you the direction but you are the actor at the end you have to perform not emertxe will perform for you.
Tapan Kumar Das
Tapan Kumar Das
14:33 13 May 20
Hai Myself karthik.T and i had completed M.Sc Electronics from Manglore University.I was very much interested in Linux embedded system software development, When i attend the interview at initial days, i came to know my siklls are not up to the industrial expectations.Then i came to know about emertxe and there training methodology from some of past emertxe students. After that i joined emertxe, from initial days i started to give more effective in getting trained from very well experience mentors and lab mentors. As i was from M.Sc electronics , i had less chance of getting the interview but the mentors and lab mentors helped me by giving individual attention. As i was performing well in traing , i got placed in Digitalit360 with lots of hands of experience in embedded system programming and knowledge given by the Emertxe.I real want to thank all the mentors,lab mentors and our emertxe team for supporting in achieve my goals and real recommend emertxe for all those who are very much interested in embedded system domain to join emertxe.
Karthik T
Karthik T
16:51 25 Oct 18
Good training and job assistance for those who are looking for electronics core jobs and and embedded system programming.
I got job in athinio data systems bangalore.
12:47 17 Oct 18
I have started new Startup " In-Rays Technologies " . we are into CAD/CAE Training and Outsourcing company
I saw you website and your orientation is very impressive for engineers to build there career.
Coming Days if any Business opportunity for INRAYSTECH to work with Emertxe, i am very happy to discuss with stake holders to build & Grab opportunities.
Sangamnath M P
Sangamnath M P
18:57 08 Jul 17
I am running a startup called AapkaPainter, from Bangalore.Being a technology enabled service company,I was looking for mobile app developers to work on one of our product features.I connected with Emertxe to work on our mobile app development.
Emertxe's mobile app developers were really sharp,skilled and professional.They completed the tasks assigned on time and within my budget,which was very important to us being a self-sustained,bootstrapped startup.Performance of Emertxe developers and their keenness towards execution and details, is highly appreciable.
I will definitely recommend Emertxe across my network.
Anupam Singh
Anupam Singh
07:24 28 Nov 16
I attended Embedded systems training from Emertxe as a fresher (2015 pass-out).I was able to learn programming skills very well.Through their placement department I got placed in Zilogic systems Chennai, which is into embedded development.Good institute for freshers.
Rudhra Amul
Rudhra Amul
03:49 05 Jun 16
Do you'll know that Indian Police is Known as heart of India can u guess y? its becoz it "beats, beats, & beats........" In the same manner I call Emertxe Team as Mother of Knowldge who "feeds, feeds, and feeds the knowledge not only related to subuject but for beging a well prof. in life..They support you till you get through with the call letter in your hand....
thank you to all my mentors to support me and lead me a good prof. life....
Mrunali Bhalerao
Mrunali Bhalerao
17:44 15 Apr 15
Concrete contents,Hands on practice,Interactive sessions and Structured training program made the training program so effective ..thanks EMERTXE TEAM...
Vignesh Vasudevan
Vignesh Vasudevan
16:37 21 Feb 15
I joined Emertxe (October 2014) with one intension. To become an Embedded Design Engineer, and I achieved it. Their way of teaching is advnced and outstanding. I'd call it a "TRAINING" rather than just teaching. They maintain a Professional ecosystem. I recommend/request anyone who wants to become a Embedded Engineer to join here. The knowledge earned here is of great value. As far as the placements are concerned, its very good. I got placed in Bydesign India Pvt Ltd. So Thank you, Emertxe. Thanks a ton.
Ananth Cg
Ananth Cg
13:38 11 Feb 15
Its so nicely done with ignore them and technology that will help us click here first places where they started out with me sara Lee said
Om Prakash Martin
Om Prakash Martin
16:54 31 Dec 14

Emertxe Student Reviews

There is nothing more happier for our team than to see our students getting placed. Here is the set of videos demonstrating success stories of our students over the years. Ranging from start-ups to MNCs, our students are working on various organizations and growing well. YOUR success story could be the NEXT.


  • 2024
  • 2023
  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018

Quora Discussion About Emertxe

Quora is a popular conversational platform where the tech community keeps discussing about Emertxe. Here is a set of t threads where multiple students have given their viewpoints about Emertxe. Take a look!

Get Skill India - NSDC - ESSCI Certified

Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) is a Not-for-Profit Organization. It is supported by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). ESSCI’s focus is on establishing an effective and efficient ecosystem for developing and imparting outcome-oriented skills for the Electronics Systems, Design and Manufacturing Industry (ESDM). 


We from Emertxe are one of the Training Partners (TP) with ESSCI. Our course is aligned with the Embedded Software Engineer (ELE /Q3911) job role. It is a Level-5 job role that comes with a certification. Students need to attend an evaluation process by ESSCI. Upon successfully clearing, you will be provided with this Government Of India (Under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) recognized certificate.

embedded systems online course

Recognized Certification

ESSCI certification is recognized certification. Leverage it for your long term career benefits.

embedded systems online course

Grade Points with College

Some of the colleges recognize certification. Leverage them as Grade Points in your College.

embedded systems online course

Global Possibilities

This certification comes in handy while applying for higher studies or work outside India.

embedded systems online course

DISHA - Soft Skills & Interview Prep Workshops

DISHA means Direction in Hindi. We strongly believe you as a student require close guidance to achieve your goal of skilling and placements. Hence under the umbrella of DISHA, multiple workshops and sessions are planned to make you realize your goals. 


embedded systems course with placement

Resume Prep Workshop

Learn how to build an impressive resume which can help to ace your interviews. Get expert tips about DOs and DON’T in a resume.


embedded systems course with placement

Interview Prep Workshop

Interview facing is an art and science. Understand the different personalities of interviewers and learn how to crack them with ease.

embedded systems course with placement

Mock Interviews

Regular mock interviews are conducted by mentors and feedback is shared. This will act as a mirror and help you prepare well.

embedded systems course with placement

Company Specific Preps

More than 80% of companies are repeat recruiters. We know what companies ask for. Attending and practicing will increase your selection probability. 

embedded systems course with placement

Competitive Programming

Top companies would expect you to be good at competitive programming. Our mentor driven coding challenges to sharpen your coding acumen.

embedded systems course with placement

Experience Sharing

Our internal experience sharing ecosystem will make students share their interview experience. This will help others to prepare well for the process.

embedded systems course with placement


There could be some factors which may become a barrier and affect your motivation. Take up 1:1 counseling sessions and fuel your career forward.

embedded systems course with placement

Career Guidance

You could be at a career crossroads where you need to make some decisions to move on. Our team will guide you to take the right decisions.

embedded systems course with placement

Awareness Programs

There will be multiple webinars and sessions for our students. They will open up your minds and give better awareness towards the industry.

Schedule a call with our Technical Counselor

Skilling yourself is THE right step for YOU to have a high-flying career in Core Embedded Systems. Please share your details below, Our Career counselors will reach out to you and help you to make the right decision.


Next Batch starts on : 26th July 2024

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    Advanced Embedded Systems Course

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Additional Benefits and Support

In Emertxe we believe in knowledge sharing and spreading a word of positivity. Here are the various ways using which you can get additional benefits and support from our team. 


iot courses with placement

Technical Resource Library

In Emertxe we believe in sharing all our resources. Here is our online digital library where you will find all our course materials for free.

iot courses with placement

Ask us Anything

We have a pool of experts who can clarify your career related questions and doubts. Feel free to reach out and get your queries answered. 

iot courses with placement

Free Webinars

Our Webinars bring in industry and career guidance. Access all our webinar resources and make the right decision for your career.

FAQ - Online Embedded Systems Course

We are pretty sure you will have a lot of questions before joining our Online Embedded Systems Course. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at or visit our Master FAQ Page.

best online course for front end development

The Emertxe Embedded systems course with placements lays very stress on improving skills. The key differentiation is to showcase differentiating skill-sets to companies. Typically Placements for our Embedded Systems students at Emertxe start in after the 4th month onward. Students have to obtain first level Linux and programming languages skills (Linux Systems and C & Data Structure modules) in order to start applying for placements.


However placements will continue remaining part of the course and up to two years after course completion.

Emertxe is one of the best Embedded Institutes with Placements. Students are provided with an ample number of placement opportunities. During the time of admission we provide a written commitment to every student. It will clearly mention Placement opportunities in Embedded Systems for Freshers in core Embedded Systems companies. This is more than enough to convert it into a job.


Every student goes through rigorous training in all the Embedded systems course modules with continuous assessment. As long as students regularly follow the classes, assignments and mini-projects, they will not face any issue in getting a job. Our placement department will do the rest of the job. As per our statistics, every student who has completed their course assignments and their assigned projects in Embedded Systems gets placed by their 3rd to 4th interview.


In our classroom based embedded systems courses, you are meeting and interacting with the mentor face to face thereby naturally building the engagement.This applies to any classroom based training programs on any topic. In Emertxe it is divided into classroom sessions followed by lab sessions. In the classroom session mentors will be providing you with conceptual understanding followed by hands-on demonstrations.In the lab sessions our lab mentors will guide you to complete assignments. 


In the Online Embedded program, the same experience is replicated using our digital ecosystem which includes Online Virtual classrooms, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Chat tools, Forums etc. Here also classes are divided into virtual classroom and structured interventions instead of lab sessions. In Fact, the online support and intervention provided in Online training is unlimited, just that the delivery mechanism is digital and 100% effective as well.


In both modes of deliveries our team of mentors ensure that there is no compromise with respect to the overall quality and effectiveness of the program. It is up to the individual to follow the instructions provided by the mentors and have the maximum take away.

As called out above, an online classroom cannot 100% substitute for a physical classroom because real people are not present. Apparently, Emertxe has put together a digital ecosystem backed by a strong structured intervention model. This ensures an end-to-end learning process which includes conceptual understanding, hands-on exercises, assignment explainers, doubt clearing, evaluation, regular tests, interview preparation sessions without any compromise on the overall effectiveness of delivery.

Please get in touch with our team of counselors in the coordinates given below. They will help you with further steps. 


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