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Embedded Systems Placements at Emertxe

Welcome to our Emertxe embedded systems training institute embedded systems placements reviews ratings page. Our placement cell has tied up with various companies for placements. They can be categorized as Embedded design service companies,MNC R&D centers,Small and Medium sized companies and Start-ups. To get regular updates on our institute’s embedded systems placements request you to check our social media channels.


Have a look into our impressive placement clientele list. With 18+ years of existence in the education industry makes Emertxe a trusted partner for 1300+ placement companies to hire our students.


Embedded Systems placements in Emertxe is executed in a well structured and transparent manner,which got seasoned over years.Our approach creates win-win-win proposition for students, companies and Emertxe.


Emertxe takes a longer term approach to placements. We have necessary components in terms of technology, mentors and processes for students to build a long term career in the industry.

Placement Record

Emertxe is one of the best embedded training placement institute in Bangalore since 2003. Our Training and placement program attracts multiple core embedded domain companies for placements. Below are some of the recently visited companies hiring our trained engineers who have completed our Embedded systems course. To get the latest views on job market and company expectations you may want to check out Emertxe blog site as well.

Company NameLogoPlacement Date
Company NameLogoPlacement Date

Here’s a snapshot of  1300+ esteemed clients till date, who have recruited our students since 2003. Here is the partial list of Embedded systems training placement companies for your reference. As you can clearly see it contains start-ups, mid-size companies and large scale MNCs.

In firm belief with the honest commitment, Emertxe offers to its customers and students, we believe any genuine appreciation is always a mixed basket of good and bad reviews. Hence we have kept an open and transparent ecosystem. Please view our Emertxe embedded institute rankings reviews directly from Google.

I am Shivanagouda got placed in SI-GPT through Emertxe. Best place to learn embedded systems good hands on experience in projects
Shivu Patil
Shivu Patil
I'm thrilled to share my experience with Emertxe, where I recently got placed in Invendis Technologies. After completing my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering from K S School of Engineering and Management, Bangalore, I attended an offline course at Emertxe. It's one of the best institutes providing excellent knowledge on embedded roles and placement opportunities. The assignments, classworks, projects, and mock interviews were incredibly helpful in preparing me for interviews. I gained practical knowledge and guidance, and every aspect of their program was geared towards ensuring our success. The placement assistance provided by the institute led me to secure a position in my desired company. I highly recommend Emertxe to anyone aspiring for a fulfilling career trajectory.I would like to thank the entire team of Emertxe, including the placement team and mentors, for providing me with such wonderful career opportunities.
Teja Manam
Teja Manam
I am very thrilled to announce that i have been selected as a campus ambassadar for emertxe information technology and it is a very excited feeling to be a part of emertxe. Emertxe Information Technology is a institution to nuture the future engineers.It is one of the best platform to acquire knowledge on both theoritical and as well as practical because of best trainers are available at Emertxe Information Techonology.And I have never seen such a dedicated and positive mind trainers who shares their entire knowledge to the students and clear their doubts i know because am a part of past free Embedded internship student where i gained my skills on my core back ground.As a Campus Ambassador i received a beautiful campus ambassdar goodies kit .Thank you so much #Emertxe for giving me such a beautiful opportunity ars a campus ambassadorThank You#Emertxe Information Techonolgy
S Thasmiya
S Thasmiya
Emertxe's campus ambassador program has been an exceptionally enriching journey for me. The meticulously crafted curriculum not only deepened my technical understanding but also fostered a collaborative and supportive learning environment. The hands-on approach to learning and the guidance from experienced mentors truly set this program apart.One of the program's highlights is its commitment to holistic development. Beyond the technical aspects, Emertxe's campus ambassador program places a strong emphasis on soft skills, communication, and teamwork. These aspects have been instrumental in preparing me for the professional world, providing a well-rounded skill set that goes beyond just technical expertise.Moreover, the program's structure allows for ample networking opportunities. Interactions with industry professionals, guest lectures, and workshops have broadened my perspective and facilitated valuable connections. The program's proactive approach in organizing events and activities has enhanced my overall learning experience, making it not just educational but also enjoyable.I appreciate the continuous support from the dedicated team at Emertxe, who have been instrumental in guiding and mentoring throughout the program. The campus ambassador program has not only equipped me with technical proficiency but has also instilled confidence in my ability to navigate the challenges of the tech industry.In conclusion, I highly recommend Emertxe's campus ambassador program for anyone seeking a comprehensive and impactful learning experience that extends beyond the confines of traditional education. It has been a privilege to be a part of this program and contribute to its vibrant community.
Kartik Sisodiya
Kartik Sisodiya
I graduated from the Jain institute of technology, Davangere in 2023, and I'm thrilled to share that I've recently been offered a position at the prestigious Honeywell Technology Solutions in Madurai. This achievement follows my completion of an intensive Embedded system course at Emertxe Information Technologies in Bangalore. The course structure is exceptionally comprehensive, and the support provided by both the class mentors and lab mentors was invaluable in mastering both theoretical concepts and practical skills. Furthermore, the placement assistance provided by the faculty was instrumental in securing my position at Honeywell. I highly recommend Emertxe information Technologies to anyone looking to embark on a career in embedded systems.I would like to thank the entire team of Emertxe placement and mentors for providing me with such a wonderful career opportunity.
Santhosh Bunny
Santhosh Bunny
I have graduated in 2023 from KLECET , joined emertxe's ECEP offline course after completion of my engineering and these below are my views on emertxe,Very well structured course. Regular quiz sessions and weekly test help students very much. And whenever you have any doubt you can ask your mentors anytime.In emertxe , if you are following the things consistently then definitely you are going to create a value for yourself.Coming to placements, you should not worry if you followed the course consistently.Now a days the competition is very high, so you have to work consistently to get a placement in a good company.Recently I got my first job in Honeywell madurai after 8 months of ECEP course.Keep working consistently...
Sagar Umarane
Sagar Umarane
♦ I'm excited to express my interest in becoming a Campus Ambassador for Emertxe Information Technologies and being a part of your awesome team.In my view, Emertxe Information Technologies is an amazing organization because of its outstanding team. From what I've seen personally, each member is not only knowledgeable but also really very supportive. What makes Emertxe Information Technologies special is the emphasis on encouragement and recognition. The team has a unique ability to motivate and uplift students, making sure that any kind of work, big or small, is acknowledged and celebrated, fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment.📌 The team's commitment to student success is clear in how they go the extra mile to ensure everyone has the skills and confidence to do well. It's not just about sharing knowledge but also about making every student feel accomplished and self-assured.➡ What's truly inspiring is the team's unwavering commitment to their work. The passion and drive at Emertxe Information Technologies are noticeable, creating an environment that's great for learning and growth. This dedication shows how much the organization values excellence. After experiencing firsthand the positive and empowering environment at Emertxe Information Technologies, I'm genuinely excited about the chance to contribute as a #CampusAmbassador. I believe my enthusiasm for this organization, along with my dedication and communication skills, will help me effectively share the values and opportunities Emertxe offers with other students.🚀 Emertxe Information Technologies will receive thousands of applications, and their selection process is truly remarkable.The Emertxe Information Technologies team demonstrates a clear and insightful approach in choosing the most deserving candidates for the role. I trust in their ability to identify the right potential person who will contribute effectively to the organization's goals.I'm proud to be a part of the Emertxe Information Technologies family and contribute to the amazing work they do.
I had a great learning experience at Emertxe.I got placed in SI-GPT.The curriculum is well structured and the concepts were covered in depth.I would like to thank the mentors for their unwavering support and guidance.
Supritha Raj
Supritha Raj
Hello everyone,I'm Dishant Sathwane, I graduated from the Government College of Engineering in Maharashtra! . I recently secured my dream job in the embedded systems domain at Honeywell Technology, Madurai. It was a fantastic experience during the training. In my opinion, Emertxe is the best institute for gaining theoretical and practical knowledge in the embedded domain. All the mentors are highly professional, knowledgeable, and experienced, and the support staff and mentors are always ready to assist you. Emertxe not only provides excellent theoretical and practical training but also offers numerous placement opportunities.I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team at Emertxe for providing me with such a wonderful career opportunity.
Emertxe is the powerhouse that assists in enhancing skills and attaining desired employment in the embedded systems domain. Choosing to enroll in this institute has been one of the most beneficial decisions I've made thus far. As a 2023 graduate in ECE from Kongu Engineering College, I completed Emertxe's course online and secured a position at Honeywell.
Ashwin Raj K
Ashwin Raj K
I graduated from the Government College of Engineering, Bargur in 2023, and I'm thrilled to share that I've recently been offered a position at the prestigious Honeywell Technology Solutions in Madurai. This achievement follows my completion of an intensive Embedded Systems course at Emetrxe Information Technologies in Bangalore. The course structure is exceptionally comprehensive, and the support provided by both the class mentors and lab mentors was invaluable in mastering both theoretical concepts and practical skills. Furthermore, the placement assistance provided by the faculty was instrumental in securing my position at Honeywell. I highly recommend Emetrxe Information Technologies to anyone looking to embark on a career in embedded systems.I would like to thank the entire team of Emertxe placement and mentors for providing me with such a wonderful career opportunity.
Santhoshkumar R
Santhoshkumar R
Iam Sanchana, a B.E graduate from PSG institute of technology and Applied Research Coimbatore. I joined Emertxe in June 2023 to do offline Embedded system course to improve my Embedded skills and recently got placed in Honeywell , Madurai.The mentors in Emertxe were very supportive and knowledgeable. They guided me whenever i need support. I have gained hands-on experience by doing the projects. The assignments , tests practicals provided by them really helped me to improve my skills and knowledge. The offered continuous support throughout this course.The placement support is really exceptional. For placement they conducted mock interview and interview preparation test which helped to secure a excellent job opportunity in core domain. I highly recommend that Emertxe will provide strong foundation for your career.I would like to thank entire Emertxe team for giving me an excellent career opportunity.
Being a campus ambassador of emertxe, i learnt a lot. It gives tremendous opportunities for all the ambassadors to connect with each other and improve themselves. I personally feel it's the best platform for Learn, earn and explore for a campus ambassador.It gives you a status in your campus and make u unique among your classmates and friends.It helps to learn public speaking, management, also a very good professional career
I have joined here in month of June 2023.By joining here I have learned the skills required for an embedded engineer. It is the best place to suggest for an any batch passed out. Here you will learn in depth of c programming. It helped me a lot to crack the interview. Our mentors was superb thanks a lot for all my mentors from my bottom of my heart.
I can't say enough good things about my experience at Emertxe Institute. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I knew I was in for something special. The curriculum is exceptionally well-structured, covering all aspects of embedded systems with a perfect blend of theory and hands-on practicals.What sets Emertxe apart is its outstanding faculty. Each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the classroom, making every lesson engaging and insightful. Their dedication to our success is evident in the personalized attention and guidance they provide, always going above and beyond to ensure we understand the concepts thoroughly.The hands-on projects at Emertxe are where the real magic happens. These projects not only reinforce what we learn in class but also challenge us to think creatively and problem-solve like industry professionals. The support we receive throughout these projects, from brainstorming ideas to troubleshooting issues, is unparalleled.But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Emertxe is its supportive environment. The camaraderie among students, faculty, and staff creates a sense of belonging that is truly inspiring. Whether it's collaborating on a project or seeking advice on career paths, there's always someone willing to lend a helping hand.Yesterday, I got placed at WINDRIVER, and I owe a huge part of this success to Emertxe. The skills and confidence I've gained here have opened doors to opportunities I never thought possible. I am immensely grateful to everyone at Emertxe for believing in me.If you're passionate about embedded systems and looking for a place to kickstart your career in core embedded domain, look no further than Emertxe Institute. It's not just an institute; it's a community of passionate learners and dedicated mentors committed to excellence. I highly recommend Emertxe to anyone aspiring to excel in the field of embedded systems.
Shivam Kumar O
Shivam Kumar O
After an amazing tenure as a student ambassador for Emertxe, I'm overflowing with gratitude for the experiences and connections this role has brought into my life. Being able to inspire and support fellow students, represent the institution with pride, and contribute to its growth has been truly fulfilling. Thank you, Emertxe, for this incredible opportunity! Here's to the memories made and the lessons learned.
Khushal Bansal
Khushal Bansal
As a campus ambassador for Emertxe, I'm excited to share my experience. Emertxe is a top-notch institute for Embedded Systems, Linux, and IoT training. Their courses are practical and industry-focused, catering to all skill levels. With experienced faculty and a supportive learning environment, I highly recommend Emertxe for anyone looking to excel in embedded technology.
My name is kavya. I comleted offlineEmbedded course in Emertxe.I done my graduation at mother theresa institution of Engineering and technology in palamaner. I placed exaleap semiconductor.I highly suggest who want to work on there skills and want to get a job in embedded field.This institution is excellent platform to learn Embedde systems.
Kavya GR
Kavya GR
Recently I got a opportunity to work with emertxe as a campus ambassador and by this program my communication skills, campaign skills and networking skills as improved alot and emertxe is also helping people with free internships which can help them land there dream job and they are also helping with campus placement assistance.
If you are looking to kick-start career in embedded core domain then emertxe is the place.Im from sapthagiri college after completing BE I joined emertxe where I got to learn many things mentors were very friendly and approachable always.Ive secured a job in a premium core company WINDRVR Bangalore and I would like to thank emertxe for all the guidance they've given me to achieve this..
Sanjay K
Sanjay K
Emertxe is indeed a transformative institute, guiding individuals like me from student life to professional success. After completing my engineering at Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru, I embarked on a journey with Emertxe's skill development program. Their comprehensive curriculum and expert mentorship equipped me with invaluable skills in C programming, embedded systems, and core subjects. Thanks to Emertxe's guidance, I am now proud to be placed in a renowned multinational corporation, WNDRVR, Bengaluru. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Emertxe for their unwavering support and mentorship.Thank you, Emertxe.
Sachin M P
Sachin M P
Hi myself razik, iam from Bengaluru I joined emertxe for internship during my final year for 2 months of course, after completing my internship later I decided to join emerxe to gain skills I took ECEP course which is completely online and after getting joined I gained hands on coding experience on embedded C and c++ programming language. I successfully completed the course with the help of emertxe staff , the teachers are very supportive always there to clear the doubts. Recently I got placed as embedded software developer in IAST software solutions. Thank you emertxe.If your are really want to start your carrer in Embedded domain emertxe is the best platform to start your carrer.
Mg Razik
Mg Razik
Emertxe is a leading institute in transforming an individual from a student to professional.I completed my engineering at JSSATE, Bengaluru.After the graduation I joined Emertxe's skill development programme.Emertxe helped me in lot of things for developing skill sets in C, Embedded systems & Core subjects.With the guidings and mentorship of Emertxe faculties I got placed in a top premium MNC - WNDRVR, Bengaluru.Thank you Emertxe.
Pavan Gowda
Pavan Gowda
Student NameCompany NameSalary Package
Student NameCompany NameSalary Package

These are Emertxe embedded systems placements hiring statistics – Overall statistical highlights of total placed students in the past with some of our star recruiters, at Emertxe. There are much more adding to these names. Also check other tabs for other latest placement relevant news and details from Emertxe.

Company NameLogo UrlNo Of Placed Student
Company NameLogo UrlNo Of Placed Student

Shape your career

DISHA ecosystem for YOU

Become a industry-ready professional
Resume building

Learn how to build a professional quality resume that impresses placement companies.

Interview workshops

Our mentors will season you in how to face technical and HR interviews.

Placement coaching

Groom yourself in company specific technical workshops on specific topics


Reach out to our pool of mentors for your career related queries and take the right decision.

Placement Process

Embedded Systems placements at Emertxe begins once our students complete Foundational modules (Advanced C & Data Structures), While our recommendation is to start applying post Micro-controllers and Linux internals & Network programming modules as well, since these skills are essential for a fresh engineer to differentiate himself / herself as an Embedded systems engineer.

Placement Eligibility

Embedded Systems placements at Emertxe are ensured to all students enrolled, Below parameters are essentials for eligibility:

  • Aggregate >61% in B.E / B.Tech or M.E / M.Tech
  • 50% or above Placement eligibility test
  • 70% of assignments completion
  • Qualifying the technical mock interviews

Course Admission

Obtain Emertxe course admission and start your skill development journey. Build sound fundamentals and applied learning by working hands-on in sample programs, assignments and projects.

Complete core modules

Placement process begins after eligible students complete their core modules and complete minimum number of projects.This is essential to differentiate students in the market compared to any other fresh engineers.

DISHA workshops

Post completion of core modules,our mentors will organize a series of DISHA workshops that consist of resume building,interview facing and subject specific coaching sessions.This will ensure you are ready to face the selection process.

Get notification via internal job group

Students are constantly notified via our internal job group with clear information about the company and their expectations. Emertxe embedded systems placements gets all the information that student needs (ex: salary) to apply for the job.

Apply for job

Students have a very simple-to-use interface using which they can apply for the job that they are interested in.However they should meet internal and external eligibility criteria that is previously set.

Shortlisting & Interview

Students and companies are promptly notified about status of the selection process.This approach keep the E2E process very transparent,fast and easy. Emertxe embedded systems placements department takes the complete placement co-ordination responsibility.

Selection & Joining

Depending on the company’s selection process students are notified about their selection and joining. Appropriate supporting documents (ex: certificate) are provided to students to ensure they have smooth joining on first day with the company.

Snapshot Of Placement Companies

Our ready-to-deploy students are sought after by industry majors.Here is our partial client list that hire our students on a regular basis. Our Emertxe embedded systems training institute placement reviews ratings is a testimony of the transformation we are able to achieve in our students.

Our Placement Statistics