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For new age touch-based embedded devices, Android is becoming a popular OS going beyond mobile phones. With its roots from Embedded Linux, Android framework offers benefits in terms of rich libraries, open-source and multi-device support. Emertxe’s hands-on Embedded Android Training Course is designed to customize, build and deploy custom Embedded OS on ARM target. Rich set of projects will make your learning complete.

Emertxe is the only institute in India offering Embedded Android courses. We have a pool of experts who bring in the combination of lower level firmware, Linux Kernel, Hardware Abstraction Layers (HAL) and Android application ecosystem. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to apply their learning in their real-time work environment. In order to meet the specific learning requirements for corporate, these Embedded Android System Development courses can customized and delivered thereby keeping a closed loop mechanism.


Embedded Systems & IoT Courses with Placements – Regular Classes

Embedded & IoT Weekend Courses – For Professionals

Emertxe Certified Embedded IoT Course
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Embedded Weekend Workshops – For Working Professionals

Learn and UpSkill on Weekends

Emertxe offers a suite of fast-track training programs for working professionals. Often working professionals face challenges which can be categorized as follows:

  • Current role is not offering enough growth, hence looking for a change
  • New roles requiring different skills but not having enough avenues to acquire them
  • Time constraints due to deadlines from current job
  • Not having experienced mentors who can help

If you are a working professional having any of the above mentioned challenges Emertxe’s weekend training programs for you. Custom designed by keeping working professionals in mind, our weekend workshops is aimed to upskill experienced engineers and enable them to take next successful step in their careers. In fact our mentors, with years of experience who themselves faced these challenges.

Develop Deep Expertise

Building deep technical expertise is very critical for working professionals to get ahead. This is mainly because you will be expected to solve real business problem with the help of technology. Emertxe weekend workshop topics and their coverage is given quite in-depth of the given topic. Our use-case driven delivery ensures you really understand what happens ‘under-the-hood’ of every technology.

Get Ahead in your Career

To make next leap in your career you should showcase your skills backed with a set of projects. Emertxe weekend workshops are bundled with a set of high quality projects. By working on them, after the workshop and getting it evaluated by our mentors will surely make your resume attractive and impress your potential employer.

Build Real-time Projects

It’s not only you know ‘what’ of every technology but also ‘how’ aspect of it. This means understanding debugging, optimization, best-practices, tools, techniques, processes etc. Our Emertxe workshops introduce you to latest on each one of them, which are hand-picked by our experts by careful analysis. This will not only help you to code but also make them real quality ones that works on production.

Online Intervention

We understand challenges you face in terms of doubt clearing and project implementation. Busy schedule and city travel conditions add additional constraints. Emertxe’s online intervention mechanism ensures you get continuous support from our mentors to ensure you are able to resolve these constraints and produce required output.

Our UpSkilling Success Stories

Name: Harish

Company Name: HCL

I was working as a faculty in engineering college. Wanted to get into Embedded development, which is been my area of interest. Tried a lot by myself by applying for companies but no luck. The main reason was academic world has made me more theory oriented, whereas industry was expecting practical skills. Thats when I realized the skill-gap and joined Emertxe’s Embedded Systems Course. Mentors understood my current challenge and my aspirations. They closely helped and guided me to close the gap in a systematic way. They provided me with excellent resources study and improve my skill-set. After some initial hiccups I landed in a job with HCL in core Embedded domain. This transition was not possible without Emertxe and their excellent mentors.

Name: Rohan N Patil

Company Name: Toshiba

Training provided at Emertxe is more about practical knowledge necessary to become ready for industry. Embedded Systems is field where candidate has to have hands on knowledge and strong basic knowledge of concepts. Practice sessions and assignments and projects involved in this course are well-designed to give candidate the edge over other job seekers in the market, leading to high chances of landing the job in embedded industry. Basics learned well in this course are truly helpful in achieving technical prowess throughout the career. I have worked on IoT, Linux drivers, Low level drivers, firmware, RTOS, currently working at Toshiba Softwares India.

Name: Pavankumar K Arakere

Company Name: AMD

Developing solutions on own and the belief in “Best return on investment is in improving self-skills” were the key motivating factors which made me reach Emertxe to help me advance diversified skills in Embedded domain. The Advance Embedded Systems & Linux Certification course has the supportive and knowledgeable faculties with industry background who delivered curriculum with commitment and enthusiasm. Most of the topics are realized in the classroom, which makes Emertxe stand out from crowd. Assignments & module-wise exams keeps oneself challenged every minute. I started giving interviews only at the end of the course and I had 5 offers in hand to make a choice. Emertxe certification has helped me fill gaps in Embedded software development career. Being open to learn from all possible corners is helping me win many success stories.

Name: Haripriya Nair

Company Name: HCL

I was working in non Embedded domain, wanted to get back into the core. Hence I quit my job and joined Emertxe’s

Embedded Systems course. I got help from mentors who helped me to get back into hands-on programming. Because of Helped to get job in an international company. Helped to get basics of embedded systems and build career in core domain.

FAQ & Contact Us

We are pretty sure you will have lot of questions before joining our courses. Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@emertxe.com

How do I get admission into your trainings?
Every course has a registration form which you need to submit by filling-up basic details. Along with that there is a enquiry form given below which you can fill as well. Our admission office executives will get in touch with you giving necessary steps to be followed to enroll for the course via email or phone. If you have any specific questions you can feel free to reach us at training@emertxe.com or call us at 809 555 7 333.
How can I enhance my career by doing Emertxe weekend workshops?

Working professionals face career challenges in their workplace due to following reasons:

  • Change in technology resulting in the need for upskilling
  • Looking for an internal / external job changes but not converting due to skill-gap
  • Not able to perform higher level technical responsibilities

Emertxe weekend workshops are designed to help professionals to face those challenges successfully. Custom designed for weekends, working professionals can get a quick grasp of latest technologies without compromising on their work expectations.

Weekend workshops also come with a set of projects that professionals can work on after completion of the course. By combining cutting edge learning backed with a set of projects will definitely make their resumes look better thereby enabling them to solve above mentioned challenges.

Do you offer placement assistance for online evening courses?

The answer is yes we provide placements to online evening course. There are some longer duration courses which offers placement assistance. For short term workshops placement support will NOT be provided.

I am interested in doing only projects and enhance my resume.Can Emertxe help?

Definitely. If you have necessary technical skills already we can offer industry standard projects which you can work and augment your resume. Please note our mentors will be conducting detailed assessment on the projects you work with us.

How having more projects in my resume helps my career enhancement?

Apart from technical skills, every hiring manager would like to see a testimony / proof that you indeed know them well. By adding good number of projects into your resume will definitely will place you better in the job market. During interviews if you are able to answer well for those project specific questions the probability of getting selected is high.

More Questions?

+91 809 555 7 332