Drones in Aerial Imagery



31 Dec 2023 7PM to 9PM


Career Building in AI

25th November 2023


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Home Webinar Unlocking the Potential of Drones : A visual Revolution in Aerial Imaging

Drones in Aerial Imagery

Drones are one of the complex pieces of device, which includes Embedded Systems, Mechanical Systems and AI / ML enabled intelligent software. Such a unique combination makes drones to be applied in broad set Applications  which includes the Renewable Energy Management. 


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) forms one of the prominent renewable energy sources for a sustainable future. With billions of dollars invested in this domain, it is important how advanced technologies can ensure efficient and reliable operations of these large assets. 

Drones and manned Aircraft have proven the potential of diagnosing these assets by minimum of 80% reduction in both time and economics. In this session we will be exploring the problems faced, conventional methods of maintenance, and how Dronebase is using AI based intelligent imagery techniques for a better future of the solar industry


In this webinar you will learn:


About The Speaker

Mr. Kaustubh Karnataki

Director - Operations & Analytics, Dronebase.

Kaustubh Karnataki, currently serving as the Director APAC at Dronebase. He is a seasoned professional with a diverse and impressive background. His passion for new technologies starts from his college days. He obtained a master’s degree in Electrical Power Engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. 


Kaustubh’s extensive experience, coupled with his educational background, positions him as a dynamic speaker capable of providing valuable insights into the intersection of technology, business, and innovation.

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This live webinar is already over. However team Emertxe don’t want you to miss out the recorded videos and materials shared by our speaker Mr. Kaustubh Karnataki.


Do check out the links given below.

Drones in Aerial Imagery - Webinar Resources

We had a lively and interactive session on May 7th, 2022. Our speaker Mr. Kaustubh Karnataki’s presentation sparked a flurry of questions from participants, creating a dynamic atmosphere. The audience left with a comprehensive understanding, gaining insights into getting started and building careers, with a specific focus on the captivating topic of Drones in Aerial Imagery.


Please find the materials here. In case of any questions feel free to reach team Emertxe by emailing to edtech_events_manager@emertxe.com

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