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31 Dec 2023 7PM to 9PM


Career Building in AI

25th November 2023


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Home Webinar Ace Your Core Interview : Expert Strategies for Engineering Graduates

Cracking Interviews and Growing in Core Companies

Discover the possibilities of the Embedded Systems domain, navigating the dynamic landscape and the amazing opportunities it offers for aspiring professionals. Deep dive into the pivotal role of Embedded Software in making everyday devices intelligent and gain insights into effective job interview preparation – a crucial element for success in this ever-evolving field.

As a part of our vision to give insights for budding engineers, we bring you distinguished alumni speakers who share their real-time experiences, drawing parallels with their learning journey at Emertxe. This unique alumni webinar series aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, offering a firsthand perspective on challenges and opportunities, including tips on acing job interviews.

Explore the industry end-to-end and be inspired to take proactive steps in building a rewarding career in Embedded Systems. What more joy than to bring two brothers, both of them being Emertxe Alumni, to come and share their experience among budding engineers, particularly their strategies for successful job interviews.

In this webinar, you will learn:

job interviews

About The Speaker

1. Sri Harsha S

Chief Technology Officer - Robonoid

Harsha is the Chief Technology Officer at Robonoid Technologies, is a seasoned professional with a background in Electronics and Communication Engineering. As CTO, he specializes in building scalable software solutions in IoT, EV Mobility, and Charging Infrastructure. 


Harsha’s focus extends to providing Product Engineering services for Embedded System design and Industrial automation. Proficient in programming languages such as C, C++, and JS, he architects robust and secure end-to-end software solutions for IoT products.

About The Speaker

2. Abhilash S

Senior Lead Engineer - Qualcomm

Abhilash is currently working as a Senior Lead Engineer at Qualcomm. He is a passionate programmer considering it a delightful experience to witness machines operate precisely as envisioned and designed. 


With a background in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, he excels in design and risk analysis, flaw identification, and possesses strong skills in C programming, system programming, and debugging.

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This live webinar is already over. However team Emertxe don’t want you to miss out the recorded videos and materials shared by our speakers Harsha S and Abhilash S.


Do check out the links given below.

Cracking Interviews and Growing in Core Companies - Webinar Resources

We had a very interactive webinar on 09th September 2023. Our speakers Harsha and Abhilash not only addressed career initiation but also delved into the broader context of uncovering successful job interviews strategies and fostering growth within core companies.  The comprehensive session left the audience well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of core companies and thrive in their professional journeys.

Please find the materials here. In case of any questions feel free to reach team Emertxe by emailing to

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