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SDLC – workshop

SDLC - Workshop

Learn Structured SDLC Development

Deliver high quality software on-time

Campus to Corporate

Case Study Driven

Workshop Model


Gain real-time understanding of SDLC and apply to projects


Target audience:

Fresh engineers or entry level engineers who are about to be deployed into projects



16 hours



  • Understand connect between quality, project delivery and life-cycle
  • Real-time case study based approach
  • Choose and apply life-cycle suitable for your project
  • Get idea about creating quality plan for your project



  • Check out our training calendar
  • Call us at +91 809 555 7 333 and enroll (or)
  • Logistics details (duration, location, travel etc..) are worked out
  • Simply send us an email training@emertxe.com


Course Features

  • Course duration 5 week
  • Daily Duration 8 hours (Class & labs)
  • Assessments Assignments | Projects | Regular Tests
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Mode Classroom delivery (30%) Practical labs (70%)
  • Tools Latest open source tools
  • Advanced Embedded Systems Course Number of projects 5
  • Support mode Class based


  • Laying fundamentals – Quality, schedule, requirement management
  • Case studies and success stories
  • SDLC phases and details
  • Case study workout-1
  • Various life-cycles and details
  • Case study workout-2
  • System Engineering and modelling
  • Requirement Engineering

Click here to download the detailed syllabus


The Emertxe Technical Resource Library (TRL) is an initiative by our team of mentors to share the entire course material online. Here you will find course contents, slide-ware, sample code, assignments and a bunch of industry projects. Along with that we are in the process of adding Embedded interview preparation materials so that you can brush up your basics before showing up for an interviews.

All these materials are open and free for any engineer who is interested in having a career in core Embedded Systems domain. Click the button provided below to access the library.

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  • Lesson 1 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 2 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 3 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 4 – Sample Text
  • Lesson 5 – Sample Text

FAQ – SDLC Workshop

Here are the frequently asked questions for your reference. In case you still have anything specific write to us at training@emertxe.com


What do you mean by case study workout?

Subjects like SDLC is quite theoretical by nature, often perceived as not-so-interesting topic among engineers. However from project delivery perspective it plays a critical role. In order to bridge this cap and to make learning effective case study oriented approach is followed. Participants will work out case studies based on real-time examples by group discussion thereby getting real time connect with the subject.

How experienced engineers can get benefited from this workshop?

Experienced engineers will benefit in terms of choosing appropriate life cycle for projects. They will also gain knowledge about defining important engineering activities from the scratch. By getting equipped with this knowledge they will be able to create quality systems for new projects.

Who are the faculty for this workshop?

Our faculties for this workshop are senior professionals who have executed real time projects in the industry. They have played roles like project management, project leadership and program management roles across various types of projects. The complete course material and case study is designed based on their real time project learning experience thereby making it highly relevant with industry.

How this workshop is different from others?
  • Helps participants to connect quality with engineering activities
  • Real-time, case study based learning
  • High relevance and importance on applied learning

Workshop Enrolment – FAQ

I have a customized workshop requirement. How to take it forward?
In order to do customized corporate training, please send your requirements (high level table-of-contents) by emailing it to training@emertxe.com Our admission office will contact you and connect with our subject matter experts to take it forward.
What approach do you take in customizing contents?

Once you send your high-level table-of-contents, our expert team will get in touch with you and understand following aspects:

  • Outcome to be achieved by the end of the training
  • Target Audience and their current level of experience & expertise
  • Depth of coverage required for each section / sub-topic
  • Demonstration environment

After understanding detailed section level break-down will be given upfront and ensure expectations are set from both ends. Contents will be customized accordingly after this steps.

In summary, when it comes to corporate training we don’t take ‘One-size-fits-for-all’ approach, rather carefully design & deliver our programs.

How to contact your admission team?

Please get in touch with our admin team in any of the following channels. They will share further details.

Phone: +91 809 555 7 332 / +91 809 555 7 333

Online Enquiry: Contact us Form

Email: training@emertxe.com

What is your track record with corporate on-boarding programs?

We have delivered multiple corporate on-boarding programs with excellent outcomes. In our 18+ years of existence we have delivered multiple customized programs for mid-size to large scale MNCs. We will be glad to share our track record, please send an email totraining@emertxe.com

More Questions?

+91 809 555 7332


More Questions?

+91 809 555 7333


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